Economic Commission Member rules out Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization in 2014

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

01/09/2014 12:48:00

BAGHDAD / Nina / ruled by the parliamentary Economic Committee National Alliance MP Salman al-Moussawi, Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization this year returned him a long-term project.

He told the National Iraqi News / Nina /, “The World Trade Organization Organization mission includes countries have a long tradition in the global economy and to join them requires possession of all the rules and the laws of economics,” stressing that “Iraq does not have all the rules and the laws of economics and the consumer rather than a source “.

He pointed out that “most of the laws of economics / law protect the product and the consumer protection law and the law of the local market prices fixed / and activation of the customs tariff law by partial /, is wide open, which caused the exclusion of Iraq to join the World Trade Organization.”

He said al-Moussawi, said that “Iraq is currently an observer member in the World Trade Organization,” and called for “efforts to activate all economic laws and encourage local industry and reduce import external to achieve self-sufficiency and Neil join the World Trade Organization.”

The WTO is an international organization, whose primary mission is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly as possible and convenience and freedom, which is the only global organization relevant international laws on trade between the nations. The WTO has 159 member countries of the world.

==Article from 5/14/2013===

Ministry of Trade: Iraq will complete the procedures to join the “WTO” in 2016


Revealed the Ministry of Commerce said 2016 will see the completion of procedures for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization “WTO”, as expected economists to be for this step positive effects will stimulate trade in Iraq.
said Director of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Ministry Hashim Mohammed Hatem said negotiations with the World Trade Organization are going well, to complete the conditions of accession to this international institution.
added Hatem in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that Iraq was planning to end the file of accession to the WTO during the year 2016.
Meanwhile, head of the Center for Economic Information Dargham Muhammad Ali to enter Iraq Trade Organization Global will have many benefits, most notably considered from countries that apply international standards for trade.
calls on the Iraqi government to take serious steps to support the Iraqi private sector and local industries and the transition to a free market economy before entering the World Trade Organization.
indicated that Iraq holds and since 2004 member observer status in the World Trade Organization.


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