Finance Minister discusses with World Bank representative ways of assistance provided by the Bank intends to Iraq

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

01/08/2014 12:46:00

BAGHDAD / Nina / R & D Finance Minister. Zia net debt with the World Bank representative in Baghdad, Mr. Emmanuel aid mechanism which intends World Bank submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

During the meeting the net with a representative of the World Bank to discuss technical assistance that intends to World Bank submitted to the Ministry of Finance in the areas pertaining to the work of the ministry.

presented net thanks the efforts made ​​by the World Bank team in Iraq. , and the World Bank is one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations in dealing with development.

Has started its activities to assist in the reconstruction of Europe after World War II and to provide assistance to developing countries, Arab and European

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