UN Security Council condemns terrorism against Iraq

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U.S. Senate agrees to sell Baghdad Apache helicopters
Baghdad the morning
after the statement issued by the UN Security Council condemning the terrorism against Iraq and announced his support for the government in its military campaign against «Daash» and terrorism, which promise to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki «the issue of the presence» in light of the growing terrorism eerily throughout the region, and the Senate approved the U.S. yesterday on the sale and leasing of aircraft, Apache to Iraq after persuading chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Robert Menéndez this, to be the arrival of the first aircraft between the end of March and beginning of April next.

, and called upon the Iraqi government to develop a comprehensive plan to tighten the noose activity «terrorist» expressed thanks to the position of the international support for Iraq in the face of «terrorism».

spite of the great efforts of the armed forces in defeating terrorism, WWDC Okarh, however, that some of those promised those steps as an action «communal» This raised eyebrows two mediums political and popular to those charges, which demanded Prime Minister owners «realization that terrorism does not belong to a certain range and did not exempt one from his evil».

While praised political circles on the breadth of the volume of international support, which culminated with the apparent support by the UN Security Council for military operations carried out by the armed forces to hunt down terrorists In Anbar, stressed parliamentarians on the need for community interaction more broadly with the security forces in order to achieve the highest levels of stability in the country, warning at the same time the risk of being dragged behind efforts aimed at undermining the unity of the people of Iraq, has indicated it is the most prominent goals of the organization «Daash» and terrorist groups enrolled him.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, during a speech while attending the annual festival of the seventh for the coalition to fulfill the Iraqi and coalition forces of the uprising, which was held on Saturday, attacked the accusers Iraqi army b «communal», urging them need to realize that terrorism does not belong to a certain range and did not exclude one of evil.

drew Maliki that «what is happening today is not a political issue or sectarian, because terrorism did not exclude a party to Iraq nor a component of its components, nor can we accept the voice of those who oppose the army, and we must not delude ourselves and listen to the propaganda by these and standing behind them ». In the meantime, Iraq has expressed his thanks and appreciation big for the position of international support for efforts to counter terrorism, and embodied in the recent statement of the President of the UN Security Council.

According to a statement quoted by the official website of the Prime Minister, that the Iraqi government and people commend the positions of large council president , and Secretary General of the UN, and his Special Representative in Iraq, and all the member states who supported the efforts of Iraq in the face of terrorism, stressing that this international consensus pro-Iraq against terrorism able to enhance the unity of Iraqis and increases their determination, especially the armed forces and security agencies to fight terrorism and causing defeat him.

called on all States to combine their efforts and cooperate with each other to develop a comprehensive plan that will clamp down on terrorist activity in all the world, and uproot and eliminate it.
, it met with UN Security Council resolution to support the Iraqi government in its fight against al «Daash» in Anbar wide acclaim by MPs and politicians.

promised these MPs and politicians in exclusives “morning”, «this matter positively and supported Iraq in its war against terrorism, and shows the importance of the battle in Anbar».

center of that picture, resulted in military operations led by the army and the Anbar tribes to prosecute the organization «Daash» terrorist, for more achievements, of the elimination of many of the strongholds of this organization, and re-control of the areas seized by in the past few days, which have been achieved thanks to the bravery of large made ​​by members of the armed forces, backed by Arab tribes that rose up overall terrorism.
reported a security source in Anbar province, yesterday, that the security forces burned three boats and destroyed two camps for the organization «Daash» West province.

source said in a press statement, said that «the strength of the leadership of the island and the desert has been able to burn three boats and destroyed two camps for the organization« Daash » After clashes with elements of the organization in the area of Abu presser in the district-based western Anbar ».
was a counter-terrorism has announced, on Friday, editing building Old Security in Ramadi after killing all «terrorists» Who’s in it.

also said a security source told «Center Brief Media Network Iraqi », that the security forces have arrested the so-called Minister of Finance in gangs« Daash »terrorist downtown Ramadi.
, the source added, that «the four wanted men were arrested, including Abu fineness of Damascus, a Syrian nationality and holds a task called the Minister of Finance in gangs« Daash »terrorist». On the international level, the Senate approved the U.S. to sell and lease aircraft, Apache to Iraq after persuading chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Robert Menéndez so, that will be the arrival of the first aircraft between the end of March and beginning of April next.
U.S. source familiar said “morning” that Washington will provide Iraq with sophisticated devices used to prosecute terrorists, including listening devices and the prosecution in addition to missiles with a unique technology and is first processed by the state in the Middle East.
According to the source, the weapons provided by Washington of Iraq far outweigh what he got free army which is weapons to deter more than offensive.
Details expanded ….
received UN Security Council resolution to support the Iraqi government in its fight against al “Daash” in Anbar wide acclaim by MPs and politicians. He said these MPs and politicians in exclusives “morning”, “This is a positive and supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism, and shows the importance of the battle in Anbar.”
MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, praised the importance of Security Council statement of supporting the Iraqi government in its war against terrorism, stressing that this statement is evidence of the support of all of Iraq in its war against terrorism.
Bayati said in a statement the “morning”: that “it is through this statement make sure we form a global front petition in the face of terrorist organizations,” noting that “this statement is not only a statement supporting, but evidence on the size of the danger that touches the international community of the existence of the organization, “Daash”, he also evidence of the importance of the battle in Anbar against these organizations. ”
He continued that this “statement is declared the risk of these regulations and the need for parking on all sides to by Iraq in this battle, and it has formed a global front stand on our side, and that Iraq was able to demonstrate to the world public opinion and the international community that the battle of Anbar is a battle against “Daash”, and these as what they were victorious which will threaten the Middle East and the interests of the major powers.
called Bayati everyone to invest position the Security Council who voted on this statement to gain more support and sympathy for Iraq either through information or logistical support, stressing the need to take the neighboring countries issue seriously because the risk Daash not only to Iraq, but on the neighboring countries as well. He said, “The United Nations plays a pivotal role and centrally by providing advice and counseling and submit reports to reflect the objective reality of the fact the conflict, and therefore everyone has and it relates to information clear and precise that what is happening in Anbar is not a sectarian conflict, but it is a conflict with” Daash “, and the most prominent example so entrenched clans jealous in Anbar, with our armed forces and the local police, which gave a clear message that the people of Anbar are not with these organizations, not with terrorism.
For his part, welcomed the MP for mass citizen Furat al-Shara made ​​a statement in the UN Security Council, which supported Iraq in its war with terrorism, pointing that this statement will unite the Iraqi people between them.
Shara said in an interview for the “morning”: that “this statement step sound and important in the right direction by the United Nations and the Security Council has stated in difficult circumstances as a result of what Iraq faces the big challenge in war with terrorism, “noting that the Iraqi people receive this statement magnanimously.
“The House of Representatives during its meeting yesterday, he read a statement about the Security Council statement said the positive aspects that will help the Iraqi government to follow up on the power of terrorism by the Iraqi army and tribal support him.”
He Shara said: “The parking United States with Iraq and supporting us is important in our fight, especially we need to positions of sound from neighboring countries, which will contribute to the benefit of the Iraqi people and the region.”
In turn, the MP said the coalition of state law on Falh: The message of the United Nations by the Security Council to the world has become a clear and evident to the eye, and it was necessary for everyone to understand from this message that: “I do not dispute the homeland.”
and said in a statement the “morning”, “It was the first on who gave the impression that they are with terrorism show another position, but they expose the presidential statement of international standing with the Iraqi forces in the campaign against terrorism. ”

and pointed out that “the Iraqi army is fighting terrorism on behalf of, and defend the world in this war led by the Iraqi army, and our guide to this is the statement Aalaalmi issued by the UN Security Council to support the Iraqi army, “noting that” the strategy of military forces going professionally, and there is an attempt to separate the armed forces and the people and not to create any overlap, and it did not intervene directly involved with the people because the army is keen to parents because they are the sons of the homeland. “MP for National Alliance Awad al-Awadi, has pointed out that the Universal Declaration of supporting the Iraqi army against terrorism was a good message that the Iraqi army is an army to fight against global terrorism and obscurantist who are leading the campaign of terrorism against humanity. “said Al-Awadi said in a statement the” morning “:” All Iraqis including politicians and VIPs, national and religious references that support the army to its full potential. “


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