Kurdistan: Iraq’s passing of the budget is a deliberate step to create crisis with Erbil and postponement of elections

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics


Twilight News / saw the Kurdistan Coalition, Wednesday, the Council of Ministers to pass the budget bill, the center of Deputies rejected the Kurds and their withdrawal as a step intended to turn the crisis to the Kurdistan Region.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers passed a law on the general budget for the current year 2014, despite the refusal by the Vice President of the Council example, has typically Minister Nuri Shaways and Kurds.

A member of the Kurdistan Alliance Mahma Khalil in an interview with “Twilight News”, that “Iraq Aithml more crisis and what happened today a deliberate attempt to turn the crisis of Anbar to the Kurdistan even Atemrr budget in the House of Representatives and Atjra elections.”

Khelil said, “This procedure is incorrect and will lead to hasty and more cramping between Baghdad and Erbil.”

It is scheduled to be the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani at the head of a government delegation visited Baghdad today or tomorrow at the latest to discuss the differences between Baghdad and Erbil on the budget bill and the export of oil from the region to Turkey via a new pipeline.



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