Editorial about Iraqi Currency: Need a Quarter (Difficult Translation)

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Need (a quarter)

By: Kazem Sami Faraj – 21-01-2014
After nearly two years of deliberating the Iraqi currency current taking yelling here and there on the deletion of zeros it Once confirms central bank that year (sic) will be the year deleted and a month after we come out of one of the members of the parliamentary finance committee to refute what it says spokesman Central and labor currency (with zeros) Continuous Bde (what was revealed by God for them) and then nationally one expert money to divest part of its parliamentary Helms and the reasons cited by the zero on the north and monetary situation Sistqrbmejrd delete the zeros and ..

And .. Etc. and then followed this Allaqahat period of silence could be lengthened or shortened to remember one of the speakers from the central bank that the zeros Stlvd last breath and he (ie the central bank) will knock the final nail Benachha and thus re-serial insists someone in parliament (zeroes) the duration of God in the old remains and the reconstruction of its enemies Kassar ..

And .. and and although we heard and we saw from the stakeholders on the benefits that will result from the process of deleting the zeros of these, but these benefits apparently will not permeated the people, but will be limited to owners (blocks) in accordance with the principle of good (money) What Say Waddell Therefore, billionth without zeros will be smaller and less weight to the process (for Aftha) will be a easy than if they were of zeros ..!

It is important in all of this, my gentlemen valued according to what it claims Jnabkm that the citizen is the Gaitkm first and last in every step and every decision Ttakdhuh Whether Atafqatm to delete the zeros Awachtfattm on deleting the citizen Dear Sirs deletion of zeros since the time without using his welcome Flo tried them (Maaaz God) visits Nazeltm into the street and you will see with your own eyes and hear how it promotes fill your ears (and traders Arabaan .. Albesttiyat) for their wares .. Need .. Dinar .. Need the text .. Need a quarter ..!!



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