Parliament next Tuesday to discuss the budget and the vote on the pension law

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

A parliamentary source announced that the next meeting of the Council of Representatives will be held on Tuesday of next week.

And failed in the House of Representatives held its last Thursday for lack of quorum in spite of receiving the budget bill for the fiscal year of 2014.

The source told all of Iraq [where] on Thursday that “Parliament will hold its meeting next Tuesday and the agenda of the meeting will include a discussion of the budget law.”

The most likely source of Representatives that “the vote on the pension law will be unified in the parliament sessions next week.”

The decision of the House of Representatives MP Mohammed al-Khalidi, had announced last Thursday for an agreement in the Finance Committee, the law on public pension uniform, and he will be presented to future meetings of the Council for the purpose of voting on it, “noting that” the budget bill will be delayed passed the House of Representatives, because of the problems about budget items “.


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