CBI to sell gold bullion to dealers, investors and segments of Iraqi society

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

By khabaar khaba

Decided to CBI, on Thursday, “coined a variety of gold bullion” to sell gold to dealers, investors and segments of Iraqi society, as he emphasized that “this action represents Tools monetary policy of the Bank.”

According to a statement of the Central Bank of Iraq has received the Agency for News News (et) a copy of it, he was “for the purpose of diversification means savings to the public and to provide large quantities of gold from Mnashye sober sold to dealers in gold, investors and society Bdinaralaraca decided the bank’s board in consultation with the Committee on Economic Affairs seeks a variety of gold bullion weights ranging between (5 g and 1000 g). “

The statement added that “the Bank began contracting procedures for gold bullion imported and then sold through the banking system,” noting that “this action represents a monetary policy tools of the central bank.”

In the view of economists that the entry to the World Gold Iraq is a positive case for the revitalization of the gold market deal in Iraq, especially as the gold market was not affected by the Iraqi gold to enter the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

The Iraqi Central Bank revealed in (September 22, 2013) announced the arrival of its reserves of foreign currency and gold to about 80 billion dollars, while attributed to an increase in global oil prices, the reserve is expected to increase over the coming months.



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