CBI: Its Time Implement Instructions on the Sale of New and Foreign Currencies

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

“Time to” get on the instructions of the Central Bank for the sale of new and foreign currency

Published on Monday, 27 December / 2 January 2014 15:23
Issues special instructions to sell and buy foreign currencies, considering previous instructions issued in this regard void.

And got “time” on the documentation for the instructions issued by the central bank, which included “17” paragraph identified mechanisms of buying and selling and the proportion of intermediaries.

The central bank said in the instruction book that carried the No. 03.09.21, dated January 26 current, it is instructed in a separate book bears the number 09/03/19 dated January 26 and considered the current window from the date of 16 this month.

The face of the central bank these instructions to banks licensed profession of all banking and money transfer companies approved, companies and broker in the sale and purchase of foreign currency all, stressing published in a prominent place and to inform customers need to abide by them.

And was based in the central issuance of these instructions to the provisions of its law number 56 of 2004, as amended, indicating that these instructions came to meet a real market need of foreign exchange and money laundering.



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