Source: Iraqi Elections could be delayed if security conditions continue

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Elections in Iraq will be postponed because of the conditions of Anbar, the source admits the impossibility of conducting in Anbar and Mosul

01/28/2014 AD
Admitted block “united” with difficulty holding of parliamentary elections in Anbar province, on schedule, stressing that the situation on the ground “makes it imperative for all political blocs forced to accept some of the solutions proposed by the United Nations or the Electoral Commission.”
The large number of MPs indicated that the security operations in Anbar by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to postpone the elections because he chose this particular time in order to postpone the elections.

It is scheduled to be held parliamentary elections in all governorates of Iraq, on the thirtieth of April next. But a senior source in the Interior Ministry, said that “the Commission on the management of security during the April elections, see the impossibility of conducting in Anbar and Mosul, at this time,” because of the poor security situation in these two provinces.

The MP for the province of Anbar, and a member bloc united, Ashour Karbouli, “The crisis of Anbar is not just about electoral advertising, but rather the ability of the election commission on affairs in order and enter the teams to the province to hold elections,” stressing that “the Commission can not now be operating in Fallujah Easily. ”

Karbouli and see that “the election campaign will be unequal in the province,” but he pointed out that “the inability of the candidates to carry out propaganda campaigns do not hinder the elections in the province as much as hampered by the inability of the Commission to enter into tense areas.”

He continued, “We are waiting for solutions Commission, but what can you do Electoral Commission in an unstable security situation, such as the development of Fallujah?”.

For his part, stressed the head of the electoral district in the Electoral Commission for elections, Miqdad Sharifi, a national parliamentary elections as scheduled in April next, pointing out that the Electoral Assistance Office of the UN Resident Commissioner “shows great optimism to hold elections on schedule in Fallujah and other areas of Anbar. ”

In spite of the recognition Sharifi that “the security situation affect our business in the province,” but he stressed the seriousness of the Commission “in holding the elections on schedule.”

Said Sharifi, “There is absolutely no speculation about the postponement of the elections, not from the United Nations nor the other,” stressing “the continuation of our meetings with the Office of the UN Resident our Electoral Assistance Office, and they do not show any concerns,” about the possibility of postponing the elections, which performed for the first time in the absence of U.S. forces.

A source close to one of the major political blocs, said that “the UN and the Electoral Commission for elections agreed not to postpone the elections in any way.”

But the source noted the need to find alternatives to manage the voting process in the event of continuing tense security situation in Anbar. He said that this issue “needs to be alternative solutions in the event of continued security crisis in several areas of Anbar.”

The source expected that the security situation is getting worse “after the storming of Fallujah by the Awakening and the security forces,” adding that this “affects the preparations for the elections significantly.”

The Interior Ministry, for its part confirmed its willingness to provide appropriate security cover in Anbar during the polling. A senior official in the Interior Ministry, who asked not to be named, was not authorized to declare to the media, said his ministry is ready to provide security protection for the teams of the Electoral Commission “to secure the land appropriate for their work, in collaboration with the district police and the security services in them.” And on press reports that may raise concerns among international organizations involved, including help desk Iraq, the UN, the possibility of postponing the elections in some provinces experiencing a deterioration in security, said an official at the Interior “[We] do not assess the security situation in Mosul and Anbar based on media media, but also on data and field situations. ”

He added that the interior is ready for “securing all requirements of the Electoral Commission,” pointing to “coordinate being in this regard.”

It is believed a source close to one of the major political blocs in an interview with “the world” there were “several proposals some of which needs to be a political endorsements.”

The source said that “the most prominent possible solutions are proposed to postpone the elections in the province until the stability of the security situation and the entry of teams UNHCR and the UN and the Arab and international organizations and local communities”, to monitor the voting process.

The other solution, says the source, is represented as “the transfer of electoral registers to the provinces or areas near [Anbar] to provide an opportunity for citizens to vote”, as well as coupling the measure as “polling stations mobile floating around the pool areas displaced from Ramadi and Fallujah.”

But the source expressed the belief that “this would not be the solution to the admissibility of the political fragmentation of the possibility of the vote, and does not win the political blocs enough time for the start of the election campaign, as in the rest of the provinces.”

He added that this solution “would be calculated as a sectarian solution to central and southern provinces and in the capital Baghdad and the provinces of Kurdistan, the political blocs will have sufficient time to organize its propaganda and election campaigns.”

And other possible solutions, source confirmed that “the United Nations, which insists on holding the elections on time, you see that the issue of electoral centers phones in the areas of immigrants, and the transfer of electoral registers of the hot spots to shelters and pool areas displaced, needs to extend the period of the election for a few days.” .

The source believed that “this may open the door to objections blocks for fear of fraud, or the like.”


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