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He said experts and specialists in regard the country’s financial The implementation of the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi dinar will increase the strength against the U.S. dollar, in addition to facilitating the drawing political price in the country, as demanded a parliamentary committee by clicking on the government, “which disrupted the project” to force it to be implemented through texts Constitutional which allows the printing of a new currency, pointing out that the country’s exit from Chapter VII, and to achieve the balance of Iraq’s 76 billion dollars in international banks catalysts to delete the zeros. (more…)

– FEBRUARY 17, 2014
Private banks will proceed to implement the instructions of the Central

The head of the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and the Agency Abdel Basset Turki a meeting of general managers in the bank and a number of departments, private banks, as well as members of the Association of Banks in non-governmental organizations in Iraq. (more…)

January 19, 2014

Greg McCoach, the president of Amerigold, controversially predicts that Iraq will be an opportunity for investors this year. Mr. McCoach discusses Iraq near the 7:00 minute mark.

Monday, February 17, 2014 12:49

A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Qusay Ebadi that the issue of lifting of the zeroes of the process has been postponed to another slogan because there are fears the government of money laundering and fraud.

According to al-Abadi told all of Iraq [where] today that “the Iraqi Central Bank expressed its readiness over a year ago to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency, noting that the laws and the Constitution did not specify the cause of lifting of the zeroes and there is no legal impediment, but there are concerns by the government that There are forging process and the washing process will accompany the lifting of the zeroes. ” (more…)


“There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.”

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2014/02/12 09: 31 Member of the Economic Committee accuses Central Bank actions intended to hit the local currency

The Central Bank’s decision to compel banks to deposit all their money at the Central Bank as a condition for its entry in the auction Exchange, has led to the rise of the dollar is suspicious ”

Member of parliamentary Committee for economy and investment Deputy Aziz Sharif al-mayahi, said Wednesday the Central Bank actions intended for the demolition of the domestic economy, warning of the East Bowl Mayor Abdel Basset Turki to Parliament if that policy. (more…)

Published on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 15:49

Deputy former central bank governor, on Wednesday, said the central bank intervention in the market to maintain the stability of the Iraqi dinar and maintain purchasing power.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told the “time”, that “the Iraqi dinar is protected range is strong, and the cover of foreign currency is very high unless they are used for the purposes of reserves dedicated to the support of the Iraqi dinar.” (more…)

MP for the coalition of national white-Kadhim al-Shammari said that “measures the CBI in connection with setting conditions on banks entering the market to buy the currency is correct and will have important consequences for the stability of the currency and the market in the long run.” (more…)

Parliamentary economy: postpone the deletion of zeros from the currency to avoid a scheme to replace counterfeit currency
11/2/2014 2:08 p.m.

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} A member of the Committee on the economy and investment representative, Amer winner, said the project to delete the zeros from the national currency still exists, but it is in order for commercial reasons, in addition to the receipt of intelligence information for the creation of counterfeit currency for the purpose of replacing the new currency.

He said the winner told the News} {Euphrates on Tuesday that “the project is still in place and everything in it that he delayed not only, we want to apply the law in 01/01/2013, but he asked later postponed for economic reasons, as it leads to a disruption in the commercial market and the general situation does not help, he asked to postpone the work in it. “

and “The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers may linger in the project, in order to the country’s economy internal,” noting that “we have agreed with the central bank in order not to make a fuss in the market through the implementation of the project, and because the old currency will not fall but will continue to work out as well as the new currency for a period of two years, for example, goods are priced in the new currency specified in the old fixed as well, and for a period of two years, the old currency intervention by the Central Bank gradually and will not leave until implemented from the market. ”

said the winner “as he may been wait-implementation of the project, to the receipt of intelligence information indicating that there is a coin forged many abroad in neighboring countries, and even some of them inside Iraq, prepared for the purpose of replacing the new currency, considering that the old currency will damage, so it has to implement in order to develop a mechanism to control this issue, and control at border crossing points. ”

It is noteworthy that the central bank announced earlier that the project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency will transfer the country from a country trillions to billions.

confirms economists importance of deletion of zeros from the currency current, which applies to reduce inflation and achieve a breakthrough in the economy currency of the country a few new banknotes and coins sober mimic the rest of the world. was the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced in April 2012, for a patient in the application process to delete the zeros from the currency.

Hamid Rahim al-Rubaie, this is the tool of the important means (that were not the most important) among other tools (the discount rate, the statutory reserve) followed by central banks to control the money supply for the economics of the free. The main open market operations the process of buying and selling government bonds (public debt), ie the State to borrow from banks or public versus specific repayment period and interest rate.

The resort has a central bank if they wanted to make a change in the size of the money supply process shall IPO (bond issue) and it is part of the withdrawal of liquidity if they wanted a reduction in mass and the cash to buy these bonds if they wanted to pump cash into the economy. (more…)

Wednesday February 12, 2014 15:41

The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, Wednesday, for a rise in annual inflation index by 4%, indicating that inflation month of January last also rose by 1.4%. said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in an interview for “Alsumaria News “,” (more…)

BAGHDAD – A New World
Sunday February 9, 2014
Saw Analyst economic Australian, on Saturday, that Iraq needs to “long list” of projects for development, as well as projects that are needed for reconstruction, stressing that Iraq has the largest percentage of growth for countries that increase the budget over 50 billion dollars, while the IMF warned of that Iraq would face if inflation dish the spending plans for the year 2014, he explained that the infrastructure provided for the production and export of oil impede the construction process in Iraq. (more…)


09-02-2014 02:26 PM

Baghdad (news) .. Search and Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt with the President of the World Bank mission in Iraq, Mary Helen ways of activating the strategic partnership permanent access to the banking system overall in the country.

According to a statement of the ministry received the Agency (news) copy of it: that the Ministry of Finance emphasizes the importance of cooperation with the World International because of its important role in the formulation of strategies and the integration of Iraq in the international financial system. , (more…)


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February 4, 2014 in economic

Baghdad / Iraq News Network – The United States of America, on Tuesday, its commitment to support Iraq, indicating that it is working to promote the growth and development of a diversified economy that would create jobs for the labor force is growing.

Said U.S. embassy statement today: “The Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs at the Embassy USA Robin Mattewman participated with senior Iraqi officials and international experts at the opening of a series of “meetings Ttawaijah” for two days to discuss ways to attract private sector investment in Iraq. “the statement added that” the meeting was opened with a letter from Deputy Prime Minister Rosh Nuri Shaways, followed by remarks from Vice Chairman of the Economic and Investment in the House of Representatives Mohammed Salman al-Saadi and head of the Advisory Council to the Prime Minister Thamer Ghadban and Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Sami al-Araji. (more…)

Baghdad confirmed analyst economical Australian, said on Saturday that Iraq needs a “long list” of projects for its development as well as projects that are needed for reconstruction, and while confirming that Iraq possessed the largest percentage of growth for countries that increase the budget over 50 billion dollars, while the IMF warned that Iraq will face inflation if dish plans “spending power” for the year 2014, he explained that “feet”, the infrastructure for the production and export of oil impede the process of construction in Iraq. (more…)

Under the statement issued by the Central Bank of Iraq and for the purpose of diversification means savings to the public and to provide large quantities of gold from the origins of prudent central bank will CREATION ingots of pure gold and we would like to comment on this subject, including the following:

that the central bank handles gold cash (which is gold held by central banks ) and not the gold trade (which is handled by the market). The main objective of central banks from owning gold is to strengthen and diversify cash reserves and add an element of confidence to this reserve. Has resorted to the old administration in August 2012. It is not the duty of the Central Bank that provides gold trade to the public, but it is possible that the basic coins. (more…)

February 5, 2014

Baghdad / Iraq News Network announced in the capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday, announced the opening of its first office of the Stock Exchange world in Baghdad, the first of its kind in the history of Iraq, and among Msoalon in the office getting a leave of absence from the Iraqi government and its association with the London Stock Exchange world,

experts called Financial Institutions Finance and ministries to put its shares in the Office of the global stock market development Iraqi economic and Director of the Office international exchange in Baghdad, Osama