United States working to promote the growth of Iraq’s economy

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

February 4, 2014 in economic

Baghdad / Iraq News Network – The United States of America, on Tuesday, its commitment to support Iraq, indicating that it is working to promote the growth and development of a diversified economy that would create jobs for the labor force is growing.

Said U.S. embassy statement today: “The Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs at the Embassy USA Robin Mattewman participated with senior Iraqi officials and international experts at the opening of a series of “meetings Ttawaijah” for two days to discuss ways to attract private sector investment in Iraq. “the statement added that” the meeting was opened with a letter from Deputy Prime Minister Rosh Nuri Shaways, followed by remarks from Vice Chairman of the Economic and Investment in the House of Representatives Mohammed Salman al-Saadi and head of the Advisory Council to the Prime Minister Thamer Ghadban and Chairman of the National Investment Commission, Sami al-Araji.

“for its part, said Mattewman in her speech at the opening session that” the United States is committed to supporting Iraq, as it works to promote the growth and development diversified economy that would create jobs for the workforce growing, “indicating that” Iraq is facing enormous challenges, but we see every day that the Iraqi government and the community are trying to overcome these challenges and move the country forward. ”

She continued,” We know that you’ve huge efforts work on Astratejtm on investment, and a partnership of the public sector and private sector, and contracts, and housing, and calls for the National Development Plan in Iraq projects private sector investment in the amount of 75 billion dollars, and the key to achieving this goal is to create an environment that allows private investors – from local and foreign – to respond to opportunities the market. “Mattewman concluded her speech saying,” We hope that these meetings will help Iraq achieve its objectives through harnessing the power of the market economy. ”


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