Parliament member confirms the validity of CBI’s measures on banks and calls for support to maintain market stability

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

MP for the coalition of national white-Kadhim al-Shammari said that “measures the CBI in connection with setting conditions on banks entering the market to buy the currency is correct and will have important consequences for the stability of the currency and the market in the long run.”

He said in a press statement to his press office has received and Euphrates News Agency {} that “talking about the high price of the dollar against the local currency due to the central bank’s measures obliging banks put their assets in the Central Bank as a condition for entering the market to buy the currency is the inevitable result of unexpected and will continue being a reaction of speculators and banks weak to force the central bank to reverse his decision. ”

and added that “a central bank is to hold true professional and will have returns of large positive on the economy by ending the influence of speculators and banks is discreet and reduce their influence, which stretched the market and make it hostage Bnzoathm and maintain the effectiveness of the banks strong with reliability and security that works to serve the local economy. ”

He Shammari “the need to support the central bank’s measures to prevent re-currency traders of the beneficiaries of the pulse market prices and who make a living on the introduction of the domestic market in crises successive between time to time to serve their assets, which was built on the shoulders of the poor citizen “.

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