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59624c79cf4b8e4779fc1993fd87b008Baghdad, Washington / Orr News

Revealed an Iraqi diplomat in Washington that the U.S. administration strongly rejects Iraq’s decision Ptsfir currency, or stop the daily auction of foreign currency, which is organized by the CBI.

The Iraqi diplomat said that “the United States is the primary beneficiary of the auction currency in Iraq, and the survival of the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar is weak, compared to the price of currencies in the region, especially the poor ones, which are suffering from economic problems large like Egypt.” And showed that “the Iraqi currency, have been added zeros at the time of the former regime, and now is no longer an existential value, but the Americans are blocking efforts to zeroing damaged their economy and their companies from that. ” (more…)

BAGHDAD / JD /. Economic Commission predicted high sale price of the dollar, due to the delay in approving the budget, while suggesting that the long delay will lead to disruption of the pay of retirees, and install the grades

A member of the Economic Commission MP Albjara told Nora / JD / that the issue of the budget has become a political issue more than it is the subject of state-building economic cares, expressing the regret of the government to pursue the introduction of political file in each ÇáăćÖíÚ. (more…)

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry of Commerce announced on the opening near the Iraqi Council – the U.S. Trade and Investment in Washington, while confirming that the high-level delegation will participate in the inaugural meeting.

The ministry said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: that a delegation representing Iraq will visit Washington, DC during the period of 3-7 this month to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Council of Iraq – U.S. Trade Investment. (more…)