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big_checkmark pollInflux of voters in Baghdad and the provinces to the polling stations to cast their votes in parliamentary elections.

A reporter channel Euphrates today that “the masses of voters flocked morning at the polling stations to cast their votes in the parliamentary elections.” (more…)

Made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Wednesday morning vote in the legislative elections.

A reporter Euphrates channel today, “al-Maliki voted in Baghdad after the opening of the polling stations since seven o’clock this morning to the citizens.”

And the start of Wednesday morning, the public vote for the parliamentary elections in the country amid extensive security measures where the number of voters covered by the vote of {20} million and {437} thousand and {712} voters with the number of candidates of political entities and coalitions {9031} them {6424} man and {2707} {woman vying for 328 parliamentary seats}. ” (more…)

Approval of the money transfer companies to open accounts directly with the Central Bank

Baghdad (newsletter). The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq held Sunday to approve the conversion of the financial companies to open accounts directly with the Central Bank of Iraq ‘ in Iraqi dinar and the dollar ‘. (more…)

Wednesday, April 30 / April 2014 11:50

Counting the head of the citizen Bayan Jabr elections today an important milestone in the history of Iraq and will draw people to the panel different from the previous plates.

He said al-Zubaidi, after casting his vote at the Rashid Hotel in the Green Zone, “Today is the turning point in the history of Iraq, noting that” the Iraqi people will draw a new panel in order to be members of the House of Representatives to the responsibility and tend the political process a new turn down Iraq to the ranges of the developed countries. ” (more…)

Central Bank: the new currency to help the blind know

April 8, 2014

BAGHDAD ((eighth day))
CBI re-printed banknotes with pictures of the Iraqi new and more protection, and at the time, who pointed out that the current will continue to be traded currencies.

The bank said in a statement received by the agency ((eighth day)), a copy of it, he was “re-print the new series of banknotes of Iraq and the currently circulating pictures of new and superior protection,

using a good quality of printing paper, with the inclusion of the two dates Hijri and Gregorian and the signing of the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency Abdul Basit Turki Saeed, with the addition of some signs of security. (more…)

Sell ​​gold to the public strengthens the dinar

8/4/2014 0:00

Baidhani described monetary policy successful
Baghdad – Mostafa Hashemi said the academic economic Dr Majid Baidhani that a central bank to activate the monetary policy tools and the willingness to sell gold to the public would be granted dinar greater strength as well as it reduces the dollarization phenomenon experienced by the economy.

added Baidhani in a statement (morning): The adoption of this measure requires increasing the Central Bank reserves of gold as a cover for the currency, and the promotion requires finding a basket of currencies to assess the economy vulnerable to prices, the dollar downwards or upwards. (more…)

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The government is taking action to protect Iraqi funds abroad

8/4/2014 0:00
government has taken after consultation with international experts swift measures to protect Iraq’s money abroad.

comes at a time announced by the Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt to install 20 000 component of the gainfully employed daily within Charge of the Knights in 2008 on the permanent staffing and approve the transfer of services of employees of the Ministry of Interior of the holders of BA degree from the military to the wire civil. (more…)

The Ministry of Commerce held a meeting with representatives of the World Trade Organization in Baghdad to continue the ongoing negotiations between the parties to Iraq’s accession to the WTO, and discussed at the meeting, which was held yesterday a set of laws and legislation of an economic nature that Iraq must approve in the coming period.

They discussed the subject of updated Memorandum of Iraq’s foreign policy presented in 2004 to the Secretariat of the Organization and to identify the ministries and agencies responsible for the update as well as updated files SPS TBT and file of government support for agriculture ACC4. (more…)

after the passage of months out of Iraq from Chapter VII, is preparing the central bank eventually to raise U.S. protection imposed on the Iraqi funds deposited in the United States, step has been welcomed and raised fears at the same time about the possibility of achieving a quantum leap in the process of construction or damage the money of the Iraqi Foreign Will it be the money to the summit, “easy prey” for some actors, under the pretext of debt?.

in (22 May 2014), will raise U.S. protection for Iraqi funds deposited in the “Development Fund for Iraq,” and will receive a responsibility CBI directly, after exit Iraq from Chapter VII in the (June 27, 2013), but there are fears of an asylum some countries and traders who “Wiesel their saliva” on those funds, according to observers, to bring claims in international courts for debt, claiming it owed ​​to the former regime. (more…)

wtoNational Committee No. 31 to discuss Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization

02-04-2014 02:11 PM
Baghdad (newsletter) … Held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce of the 31st meeting of the National Committee for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, headed by the Deputy Chairman of the National Committee, the Director General of the foreign economic relations Department of the Commerce Ministry Hashim Mohammed Hatem and membership representatives from all Iraqi ministries.

The most important were reviewed in specialized workshop, held in Geneva from 17 to 21 March 2014. (more…)

04/04/2014 2:18 p.m.
Revealed the CBI, on Wednesday, announced the opening of 15 branches of the Arab banks or foreign country during the last three months of 2014, the current, as a result of his policy of openness to the world, noting that pulling off one branch of the Arab bank for violating the conditions laid down in the laws. (more…)

The Iraqi Central Bank, disclosed Thursday, the arrival of up to 90 tons of gold to support the value of the Iraqi dinar, stating that it contributes to the strengthening of the national economy.

The Central Bank said in a statement (term), “to buy 60 tonnes of pure gold from around the world over the past two months in order to support the national currency, dinar,” Noting that “the amount of gold reserves which currently has reached 90 tonnes. (more…)