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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said his government made ​​strides in the development of the agricultural sector and support workers in this field, and was able to get closer to achieving self-sufficiency through the cultivation and harvesting of some of the major crops in the country.

Maliki said in a speech during the opening of the union laborers and agricultural cooperative Arabs held in Baghdad that “Iraq, which was exported agricultural products turned into the first importer of all kinds of crops.” (more…)

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He stressed that contrary to the rate of inflation
Baghdad – Farah pumice counting an economist that the rate of per capita income of the value of gross domestic product, well compared to neighboring countries, but he stressed that he does not constitute a satisfactory ratio in the community because of the high rates of inflation in recent years. indicated that the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani said at the Fourth Scientific Conference of the statisticians Arabs held in Baghdad that the per capita GDP went up to 6000 dollars a year after it was a thousand dollars. (more…)

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Cairo – Isra Khalifa
with the participation of Iraq start of the Arab Committee concerned to follow-up and preparation for the tops of the Arab economic and social development of its second meeting on Thursday at the level of senior officials to discuss several important economic issues. (more…)

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During the conference statisticians Arab

said the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani said Iraq stands by the aspirations of the Arab peoples in the field of development and economic growth, as explained Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords that the level of Arab representation in the Arab statisticians fourth is the first After the Arab summit in Baghdad.

Shahristani said during the opening of the statisticians Arabs in Baghdad yesterday and attended by “morning” that Iraq stands by the Arab nations in the fields of development and economic progress, noting that the government is ready to cooperate with the Arab countries in all fields, because of its of the possibilities of the material and human. (more…)

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counting Economists investment agreements and economic signed by Iraq with the countries of the world one of the important steps that pave the way for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization because it is considered a first step towards collective bargaining.

Economist and academic, Dr. Acer Yassin said in a statement (morning): The “hold these agreements to the benefit of both sides through the exchange of experiences and attract investments and allow foreign investors and the Arabs.”

said Yassin said the Iraqi investment law gives the group guarantees and benefits for foreign investors, especially in the field of construction and reconstruction, these benefits have not benefited Arab investor in the past few years, as it did not try to invest in Iraq and the trend towards the Iraqi economy because of security conditions, so it must attract Arab investors to be construction projects pilot. (more…)

wtoMinistry of Commerce: Iraq is approaching to fulfill its obligations to join the World Trade Organization (WTO)

16/09/2013 13:18

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Ministry of Commerce announced on Monday that Iraq was nearing the fulfillment of all the requirements to join the World Trade Organization and the validity of all agreements it as a member state.


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Cairo – Isra Khalifa
called on Iraq to expedite the ratification of the Convention on the transmission of Arab capital and approved by the Doha summit last March to make it easier for Arab businessmen to invest in the Arab countries.

Abdullah said Bandar advisor at the General Authority for Investment: that Iraq was first called to this Agreement has been approved by the Commission and we are serious to facilitate the movement of capital to Iraq without the complexity for investors and Arab businessmen pointing out that there are a large number of Arab investors are acting big in Iraq. (more…)

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Inferred from a study published by the site Americans known to Labhat Strategy, is the site of “Project Sindikaat” New York-based, that Iraq is the most Thaaa to achieve greater growth rates in the region, in the remaining years of this decade, if it succeeded in doubling its oil production, and taking him to 6 million barrel, at least, in the year 2020. (more…)

The signing of 80 of the Convention and 55 of the Commission for the development of economic relations

08/19/2013 12:00 AM

Taan: activating the work of the committees to achieve economic integration with the countries

Iraq seeks to promote economic and trade relations with different countries to achieve economic integration, including the achievement of mutual benefit and development of the economic reality and promotion through the signing of 80 agreement with the Arab and foreign countries are different as well the formation of 55 joint committee with various countries of the world. (more…)

Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee MP Ahmed Faizullah, Most likely enhancing the contribution of local banks with the investment in the Arab and developing the economy of the country after Iraq’s participation in the Arab Banking Summit after a long absence for two decades. (more…)

He said, “Wadih Nuri Handal,” Bank Chairman “Assyria” Private International in Iraq, that the financial and economic situation in his country very solid, where beyond the country’s budget of $ 120 billion, for a country with a population of up to 30 million, noting that there are large reserves the Central Bank of Iraq, more than $ 70 billion.

He explained, “Handal,” in an interview he conducted with the Anatolia correspondent in Istanbul, on the sidelines of the Turkish-Arab Economic Forum, that “Iraqi private banks sober, and enjoying a high financial solvency, but these things need to manage real, to manage the economic rudder.” (more…)

Iraq’s accession to regional financial organizations supporting banking sector

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Baghdad/follow us: economic expert asserted that Iraq’s accession smeisim peace for regional economic and financial organizations would support the financial and banking sector. (more…)

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Baghdad (AIN) –The Spokesperson of the Iraqiya Slate, Haider al-Mulla, stated that Iraq lost 509 IQD Billions in the auction of the Central Bank of Iraq in the last three months.

In a press conference held at the parliament building on Thursday, he said “The CBI has lost 509 IQD Billions from the last three months in its auction which means when the current head of the Financial Observation Divan, Abdul Basit Turki, received the chairmanship of the Divan.” (more…)

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Raised Faouri, Director General of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development

Participates CBI in the conference (leadership in times of disaster and crisis) which is organized by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development in collaboration with the Manchester College of Business Administration University of Manchester and sponsored by the secretary-general of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby for the period from February 17 to 18, 2013 with the participation of delegations from the (Iraq – Egypt – Libya – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – Algeria – Sudan – Bahrain – Palestine – Kuwait – Tunisia) in addition to the World Bank and the Regional Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction. (more…)

Iraq will and a joint working paper at the Economic Summit
Published on Sunday, December 20 2 / January 2013

Detection Vice President Khudair Khuzaie, Sunday, that Iraq will be put and a joint working paper in Economic and Development Summit emanating from the Arab League, which kicks off the work of its third version on Monday in the Saudi capital Riyadh. (more…)

19/01/2013 17:46:00
Baghdad / NINA /–Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zibari headed the Iraqi ministerial delegation to the socioeconomic development Arab summit at the ministerial level which holds its third session, in Riyadh capital of Saudi Arabia today. (more…)

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economic expert said Saif Hilfi importance of amending Article 28 of the General Banking Act to support investment in the Iraqi banking sector, calling for the need to strengthen relations with Arab banks for the advancement of local banks.

Hilfi said in a press statement yesterday, said that private banks could play a major role in the economic development through the establishment of a fund for lending to private investment projects in the country, because it has a high potential and helps capital. (more…)

on Monday, January 14, 2013
Initiated Union of Arab Banks activities planned in 2013 to enter the banking market of the Iraqi door wide, surpassing all the security risks inherent in this country in order to support the Iraqi banking sector promising, and therefore mobilize energies broad economic and available in this country and put them in the service of Arab economies. (more…)

Date: 13/01/14 10: 32: 43 Monday

Baghdad (newsletter) … Economic expert Andrew sword, the importance of the amendment of article 28 of the General Banking Act to support investment in the Iraqi banking sector, calling for the need to strengthen relations with Arabic banks to promote the reality of local banks.

He said Andrew (News News Agency): that private banks could play a significant role in economic development through the creation of a fund to lend to private investment in the country, that have high potential werasmal help.

13-01-2013 11:00 AM

Predicted Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki to achieve economic growth rates in the country within nine percent, coinciding with increased rates of oil production and exports, which rose late last year to around three million barrels per day, likely touching Iraq’s financial reserves of 110 billion dollars. (more…)

Baghdad Economic Forum recommended banking and the development of the retail payments system through the adoption of the latest information technology systems and electronic payments. ”

He’s recommendations in his closing statement today, today, “the importance of activating Mrkzaltdreb banking within the central bank’s plan to develop the Iraqi monetary policy in Iraq and raise the level of banking culture and diversification of banking services in cooperation with the Union of Arab Banks and the Union of Iraqi banks. ” (more…)

Published on Friday, 07 January 1 / December 2012

BAGHDAD / obelisk: launched in the Egyptian capital works Unified Arab Economic Council under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.

The head of the Iraqi delegation Hashim Mohammed Hatem for “obelisk” “The Council aims to develop joint mechanism of action of the Arab economy and financial unify the procedures of dealing between the Arab countries.” (more…)

Date: 2012/12/07 15: 54: 30 Friday

Baghdad (newsletter) … FAO global transparency index corruption for 2012 for 176 countries across the world, including 10 Arab countries occupied outposts among the most corrupt countries.

Somalia has been the bottom of the list where it had languished at no. 174, with 8 degrees only, that is the world’s most corrupt followed by Sudan, which ranked 173, globally and regionally, as more States second havoc, followed by Iraq, stationing in the fourth Arab order. (more…)

09-08-2012 10:25 AM
Solve Iraq ranked the fifth in the order of the Arab countries, as the unemployment rate, said data from the International Monetary Fund and the ‘CIA’ The Djibouti solved the first prize in the unemployment rate among the Arab countries, where it reached 59% , with the dissolved Yemen secondly unemployment rate reached 35%, followed by Mauritania and Sudan at a rate of 30% and 18.7%. (more…)


Baghdad / follow-up JD / .. solve Iraq IV at the level of net private capital flows to the outside during the last 11 years $ 6.9 billion.

annual report to the investment climate in Arab countries for 2011 issued by the Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation and Export Credit “guarantee”: The “Kuwait was ranked first, with a total value amounted to 209.8 billion dollars, followed by Libya valued at 27.6 billion dollars, followed by Bahrain valued at 7.3 billion dollars, Iraq is $ 6.9 billion, then Palestine $ 1.4 billion dollars.” (more…)

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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq, with its democratic system is capable of solving all the problems and overcome all challenges to his way. (more…)


Baghdad: JD said the World Bank prepared a plan for the next four years with regard to economic affairs of Iraq, and will identify areas of cooperation according to the priorities of the Iraqi government.

This came during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Nouri Shaways Roژ in Baghdad today / Tuesday, Mr. Hadi Arab Regional Director of the World Bank and the delegation accompanying him. (more…)

On: Tuesday 22/05/2012 15:43

Baghdad (news) .. The Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways with the Regional Director of the World Bank Hadi Arab areas of joint cooperation between the ministries and Iraqi governmental institutions and the World Bank in the service sectors, financial and economic. (more…)

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Babinaoz (Reuters) – Arab Organization expected to ensure that export credit and investment to achieve the economy of Iraq during the 2012 growth rate exceeding 12%, is the first Arab, while likely to exceed the average annual income for the Iraqi people the $ 3000.

The organization said in a report that “the rate of economic growth is expected to Iraq in 2012 would be about 12.6%, the first Arab,” indicating that “Qatar is expected to come in second place with growth of around 6%.” (more…)

I expected, “the Arab Organization for Investment Guarantee and Export Credit,” the Arab GDP growth during the current year by $ 110 billion, to two billion and 380 billion dollars. (more…)