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Auction number HY43 of government debt securities was a uniform price auction for IQD 100,000,000,000 par value of bills which  concluded on 13-08-2012.

Total public  IQD 121,500,000,000 Valid competitive bids totaled IQD 120,000,000,000 and valid non competitive bids totaled IQD 1,500,000,000 and The cut off yield (the highest yield of a successful bidder) determined by auction was 5.00%. (more…)


The auction No. C52 for Central Bank of Iraq bills based on a uniform price auction for IQD 150’000’000’000 par value was concluded on the 14-2-2012.

The total public bidding is IQD 426’000’000’000 and the cut-off yield (the highest yield of the  successful bidder) determined by the auction was 5.30%. (more…)