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18-12-2013 10:53 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Committee for economy and investment/Kurdish Alliance MP Jassim shankali, counterfeit currency would affect the Iraqi economy, and losing the confidence of citizens in dealing with the Iraqi dinar. (more…)


Baghdad-Iraq-12 August: the CBI acknowledged the existence of counterfeit banknotes in the commercial market, and the banks are all uncles take necessary. (more…)

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Amplified the spread of counterfeit currency in the country in different categories of the local currency and the U.S. dollar and other foreign currencies in the absence of control of the security services on fraud and with the increasing spread of the financial problems which provided an opportunity for third parties leaking false hard currency. (more…)

It seems that the counterfeiting of currency is a lucrative business with the outlaws, which appear from time to time cases of counterfeiting Iraqi currency with five groups of thousands and ten thousand dinars.

The number of citizens complained in the governorates of Baghdad and Dhi Qar and Babil and Salaheddin the spread of counterfeit currency and dramatically in the market, pushing them to resort to buying dollars to keep their money. (more…)

14-03-2013 10:18 AM

According to a police source in the province of Dhi Qar, Thursday, that the security forces seized a printing press for the Counterfeiting of currency and deposits of local currency counterfeit downtown Nasiriyah.

The source, who asked not to be named in a press statement that ‘the power of the police this morning raided a house in the neighborhood of Sumer downtown Nasiriyah and seized a printing press for counterfeit currency and nearly two million dinars from counterfeit currency and arrested the owner of the printing press’. (more…)

14-03-2013 12:37 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). Caution the decision of the Commission on economy and investment Deputy/Kurdistan blocs Coalition/mehma Khalil, from the proliferation of counterfeit currency in different categories of the dollar in the market because it would adversely affect the economy, calling on security forces to intensify their efforts to control and prevent the spread of fraud.

He said Khalil (News Agency): the primary responsibility for maintaining the Iraqi currency and not the manipulation of solvent people by weak souls lies with the Federal Government and security agencies, to monitor processes that have an impact and damage to the national economy. (more…)

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary and white Iraqi MP Aziz Sharif Mayahi, Saturday, and the presence of large quantities of counterfeit coins of five-and ten thousand dinars, are currently traded in the country. (more…)

21/10/2012 02:54:00By NAWZAD MAHMOOD

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region—The head of the Bank of Kurdistan says that the Central Bank of Iraq has warned all branches across the country of the circulation of counterfeit Iraqi banknotes in the market.

“We are always concerned about the spread of counterfeit money in the market,” says Dilshad Abdulmajid, the head of the Sulaimani branch of the Bank of Kurdistan. (more…)

Date: 2012-09-18 12: 06: 38 Tuesday

Babylon (News)//report … Foreshadowing the growing proliferation of counterfeit currency in Babil province by disadvantages many will strike chords remote level national economy, with people standing idly who controls destinies and undermine their money.

Babylon University economics professor Dr. Jawad Al-Bakri said (to news agency news): the phenomenon of the proliferation of counterfeit currency with significant negative effects on the national economy, they raise the rates of inflation and loss of confidence in the local currency for foreign currencies, particularly the US dollar. (more…)

The emergence of counterfeit currency in Babylon increased the loss of the owners of shops and banking small shopkeepers. While Some argue that these currencies come from government banks, government accuses bankers deployed in the province.

At Alaolh glance Many people may think that this banking shop owner speaks about daily profit but the truth is otherwise The amounts mentioned are the losses he and others started from a lot of owners profession Petkbdha through the last period in Babylon and why counterfeit currency bankers say the source of government banks. (more…)

CBI: we will hold the banks that we have the counterfeit currency when you switch the new currency

BAGHDAD -The Central Bank of Iraq that it will hold any bank found in his possession counterfeit currency during the process of switching the currency when you delete the zeros of the three of them. (more…)

Date: Monday 05/07/2012 7:15

Witnessed the emergence of local markets, specialized gangs replacing foreign currency in the country, Iraqi currency counterfeit.
And warned the circles of parliamentary and other economic expert (of the Agency news) from the exploitation of neighboring countries, unstable political situation in Iraq enter the counterfeit currency and replace it with hard currency “dollar” to their advantage. (more…)

Bankers described the return of Iraqi counterfeit currency to the domestic market as a major plot aimed at the Iraqi economy, stressing that there are parties within and outside the country involved in this conspiracy, Mhpehin Iraq’s economy healthy living body between patients with infectious diseases and in force.

The sources informed that the counterfeit currency rings back strongly from the new prices arent taking advantage of the Iraqi dinar compared to the U.S. dollar, while the central bank confirms that the counterfeit currency “controlled.” (more…)


Promote the security services to reduce them

Information leaked by some traders showed that the counterfeit currency from a five and ten thousand dinars circulated by some of the promoters to buy the U.S. dollar, as revealed another section of the existence of local gangs purpose of wealth you print those currencies in secret places, and then replace the original currency (money laundering), But some brokers banking non-official has confirmed that the sources of counterfeit currency is not internal and is purchased from abroad for the purpose of profiting from the sales and promotion within the country, at a time in which it denied the competent organs of economic crimes tuned to any Press-handed process of counterfeiting, and the fact of the matter is that the group Imithnon promote people were arrested and others, some of them being chased. (more…)

Baghdad, March 11 / March (Rn) – The Iraqi government said Sunday it began to look on the counterfeit currency and last month they seized 55 million dinars false.

Jumaily said Fahd member of the government to follow up the currency and reduce the phenomenon of counterfeiting, told the Kurdish news agency (Akanus) that “a specialized committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance, Interior, and the central bank to adjust the counterfeit currency.” (more…)

The Central Bank of Iraq, confirmed that the “ statistics and data do not indicate any impact of counterfeit currency trading.

Central Bank Governor Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi, in a television interview from the official Iraqi channel, Thursday ” when talking about counterfeit currency, you need to see the impact of those counterfeit currency trading … He said, “ our stats do not indicate any impact of counterfeit currency in this context ”. (more…)

Sunday, March 04 / March 2012 11:22

Description of the Deputy for the Liberal parliamentary bloc central bank policy in money orders to “monopolistic.”

The MP said the governor Zamili told all of Iraq [where] that “the political central bank in the inventory of remittances to and from outside Iraq for banking companies is the policy of limited monopolies are contrary to the political practice in the banking world.” (more…)

On: Saturday 03/03/2012 10:11

Approved the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi the presence of counterfeit currency in Iraq are being traded at rates limited, calling for the House of Representatives to pass a law to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar and replace the currency of more sedate difficult to falsify. Saw the Iraqi provinces several, including Karbala, Najaf, Babil, Wasit, Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad,

In recent months, adjust the amounts of counterfeit currency, and detained by local authorities in these provinces specialized gangs forged currency, promotion and fraud on the citizens. (more…)

Saturday, 03 March / March 2012 11:00

Said the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the phenomenon of dealing in riba (counterfeit currency) has become a threat to the internal economy of Iraq has not been paying attention in advance by any party

Saleh said Iraq told every [where] that “the phenomenon of usury, a year in Iraq up to 86%, which is very serious,” calling “the competent authorities to consider the matter and put an end to that.” (more…)

Posted 28/02/2012

Detect Iraqi Central Bank Governor of the Bank during the coming period to cancel the zeros of the Iraqi currency in order to absorb the inflation of the Iraqi market as well as reducing the size of the Iraqi currency currently in circulation is an existing project will see the light in the coming days.

after the completion of it, pointing out that there is an integrated study on the matter and in the final stages of discussions, the decision was taken and must be submitted to the relevant authorities for the purpose of legislation by the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers.

Dr. Shabibi in an exclusive interview with (the people) shall be published later that the removal of zeros from the Iraqi currency at the moment was inevitable and will contribute to facilitate the work of the government and Atathirat real current economic situation, stressing that it will be canceled three zeros from the current currency will be printed six to seven categories of a new Iraqi cash.



The Commission on economy and investment representative, Tuesday, that the counterfeit currency in circulation in Iraq is “the least” compared to the proportions existing in the countries of the world, pointing out that the central bank “failed” the measures taken to reduce the price of hard currency in front of the Iraqi dinar.

A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment Abdul Hussein Abtan in an interview with “Twilight News” that his committee “reviewed the details of the issue of counterfeit currency, and found that the ratio existing in the country is much lower than the rest of the world,” stressing that “no country is free from counterfeit currency, but with varying proportions. ” (more…)

Announced that the Economic Commission for parliamentary [in] agreement with the Central Bank of Iraq to begin the process of removing zeros from the local currency in September.

The central bank announced earlier that he is considering the requirements of the project to delete the zeros of the local currency with the Council of Ministers in terms of need process for the enactment of the organized or not.

A member of the Economic Commission Abdul-Hussein Abtan told the Kurdish news agency said that «the Economic Commission agreed with the Central Bank to begin the process of changing the local currency in September next». (more…)

Diyala, February 20 (AKnews) – The number of shop owners in Diyala banking concern about the spread of counterfeit currency in the domestic market and multiple categories, prompting some to non-trading department from them, which damaged a large trading markets in the province.

He and Sam Tai (45 years), the owner of one shop owners banking in Baquba, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the counterfeit currency is one of the categories (five thousand and ten thousand) only and it can be distinguished easily in case of audit detail well. (more…)

On: Sun 02/19/2012 11:31

Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. Called for a number of parliamentarians and economists need to take stringent action against those who they trade much counterfeit currency in the country, as it will lead to major problems in the national economy in terms of high

prices in local markets and increase the purchasing power of more than planned, confirming through their talk (of the Agency news news) on the importance of a careful plan for the withdrawal of counterfeit currency markets to limit the danger, in addition to activating the work of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control on the Iraqi border to prevent the entry of goods inferior or counterfeit currency to reduce the phenomenon of money laundering or the depletion of foreign exchange. (more…)

Sunday, February 19, 2012 06:55

Denied the parliamentary Finance Committee member from the Kurdistan Alliance Najiba Najib Committee recognizes any formal request by the Central Bank to take action on counterfeit currency in the markets.

And called on Najib told all of Iraq [where] the government today to stand in front of this phenomenon and come to their sources because that would impact on the economy of Iraq. ” (more…)

Saladin February 18 (Rn) – reduced the Finance Committee and Administrative Council in Salahuddin province on Saturday, the size of the spread of counterfeit currency in the province and confined to banking offices, while affirming that they follow closely Thread to guard against any forms may occur.

And entered the Iraqi market in recent times large quantities of counterfeit currency into the category of 10 thousand dinars, which led to the reservation of many shopkeepers to handle them. (more…)

Currency spread fraud in Iraq .. Accusations directed at Tehran and central reassured as minor

is almost the heart of Riyadh burns he describes how he set twice before banking offices, which paid about half of the $ Hwalth dollars forged, and how that when he went to receive the transfer other Iraqi currency was falling into the same!. , says the citizen Riyadh Khalifa, 40 years old, which receives from time to time a sum of money from his brother, who live outside Iraq, “Alsumaria News”, “For me, I am a victim of fraud twice,” explains that a banking offices paid him the amount of transfer of $ 500, and later found to be $ 200, including a forged , he said, “With this office declined to banking compensatory amount counterfeiter.”

and follow the Khalifa “This was the first time that the fall in which a victim of the promotion of counterfeit currency, and for this I decided to receive the amount transferred from my brother in local currency, and was surprised later that the currency were not free from fraud is, too, “and stresses, stressing,” I still have two papers Mzortin of class 10 thousand dinars. ” (more…)

06/02/2012 14:36

Baghdad / Orr News
Baghdad was particularly Sadr City district of Baghdad Alaptaoyen in the sale and exchange of counterfeit currency. He revealed that currency traders in the “Million sold counterfeit dinars of € 350 000 and 10 thousand dollars of $ 4.5 million dinars.”

While the First Deputy Governor of Baghdad and head of the money smuggled Mohammed Al Shammari form a committee to adjust the money smuggled and prohibited currency circulation and include cash and in kind, the central bank reduced the size of the fake money. They noted that “most of who are dealing currency forged using false names and that there are people who have knowledge in regulatory agencies informing them of any case of inspection for Rasha large pay them”, to arguing that “people who take this money trying valued in many ways, including through the purchase of goods or old in order to make it easier to process Tmsheetha citizens. ” They said that the “fraud includes all categories except for small groups to” arguing that “the money to visit in two areas of Baghdad is a city in the chest and Husseiniya houses no one knows its place knowing that the currency exchange places are determined by the phone.” (more…)

02/03/2012 12:28:19

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Economy Bank for Investment and Finance to tighten control over border crossings and the Iranian banks to combat smuggling and counterfeiting of currency, stressing the need for a definition of the Iraqi citizen specifications of the official currency prevent the incidence victim of fraud by counterfeiters.

The economist said Husam Obeid that the process of smuggling currency out and the introduction of counterfeit currency into the country have a significant adverse impact on the Iraqi economy through the risks to the Iraqi currency of the fight against severe, leading to the lower exchange rate. said: Iran has advanced in the matter of printing and currency counterfeiting especially as the dollar fake it comes from Iran during the Iran-Iraq war as well as during the siege imposed on Iraq in the nineties of the last century, and today the issue has become inverted, as Iran is exposed to an economic blockade, which means that the smuggling of money and counterfeit currency will be active today, which could lead to confusion for the work of relevant departments such as the Central Bank and the Rafidain , and this will lead to negative results, we hope not to happen. (more…)

31/01/2012 10:31:00

The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Baghdad / p. … G said a member of the National Alliance MP Hussein Al-Muraabi

. The General Directorate of issuing and cupboards are responsible for the control of counterfeit currency in the country . And hosted at the House of Representatives will reveal the fact whether there was a fake currency in the country or not to take such steps, if any. (more…)