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Kuwait warned its citizens on Monday that model “welfare state” adopted by the Kuwaitis care from the cradle to the grave unsustainable It is time to change it.

Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah, through the provision of his government’s program for the next four years to the parliament, “The truth that everyone should mindful, is that the current welfare state which she is accustomed Kuwaitis are not viable.” (more…)

16/09/2013 12:00 AM

Committee expected economic parliamentary approval of the general budget for 2014 in early this year compared to budgets in previous years.

Committee member Rep. Nora Bijari said in a statement (morning) that the draft budget next year be found at the Ministry of Finance a budget large, as amounting to nearly 146 trillion dinars, and the ministry will send a copy of the budget to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of voting on them. (more…)

PostDateIconSunday, 01 September / September 2013 12:43

Finance Minister Ali Yusuf agency Shukri completeness of the federal budget for the year 2014. (more…)

Finance Committee: budget 2014 “election” .. Baghdad and Erbil to resolve their differences before reaching the Parliament
Range – 08/20/2013 – 2:03 pm

Warned the deputies and members of the Finance Committee, the parliamentary repeat the scenario of political debates which they are subject budget at the end of each year, and drew out that the differences that existed in last year’s budget between Baghdad and Erbil special allocations oil companies operating in the region and the allocation of the Peshmerga and the share of the regions of the budget subject to repeat this year not to hold the committees formed between the two parties any meeting so far, and accused the government of covering up the final accounts for the last four budgets. (more…)

08/20/2013 12:00 AM

Increase the volume of investment expenditures for the years coming three
Baghdad Farah pumice

The government placed the greatest attention within the strategy budgets of the next three years to revive the national economy of Iraq, expected to double revenues country to reach nearly 143 trillion dinars in the budget next year 2014 amounting to more than 157 trillion dinars, and the size of export oil up to 3.5 million barrels per day. (more…)

Attorney General will likely approve budget Al-yassiri (2014) the end of the year

07-08-2013 01:41 PM
Baghdad (newsletter). Outweighed the Financial Committee member MP//Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri, the adoption of the general budget (2014) the end of the year, the House of representatives began early in the discussion and adoption of some budgets to avoid the errors that occurred earlier that led to delay adoption of the general budget. (more…)

Expert: the Ministry of finance is required to start up the balancing act (2014) to avoid errors of the past years
28-06-2013 12:04 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). The Economist called Muhammad Ahmed Al-Hasani, the Ministry of finance should start budgeting year (2014) to avoid errors that occurred during the past years, which led to the delay in approving the budget. (more…)

07 April, 2013 04:34:00

Announced the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, said the council decided at its second regular session held on 02.04.2013 approving the Implementing Regulations of the federal budget for fiscal year 2013.

And between the Office of Information and government communication, quoting the Department of Cabinet Affairs said the decision No. 128 was based on the provisions of Article (30) of the federal budget law No. (7) for the year 2013. (more…)

The House voted today on the federal budget law for fiscal year 2013, which was calculated its revenue from export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of $ (90) dollars per barrel.

Resolution No. ()

Building “on what passed the House in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (I) of Article (61) and item (iii) of Article (73) of the Constitution
President of the Republic decided on / / 2013
Issuing the following law: (more…)


BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Economic Commission parliamentary government restored federal budget of the Parliament four days ago.

said committee member Iraqi List MP Qusay Abadi’s / JD /: The government returned the budget to parliament four days before the Tusit them. (more…)

01/03/2013 (23:00 pm)
Economic parliamentary expects delayed the adoption of the budget until next March

Parliamentary Economic Committee revealed errors in the budget year figures may be spontaneous or deliberate government, unexpected delay in the adoption of the budget until next March. (more…)

Baghdad (newsletter) … The Economist called a Quraishi, the need to speed up the adoption of the general budget (2013) this month to Exchange starts at the beginning of the financial year POPs, delaying approval will affect the growth of the national economy.

Quraishi said (News News Agency): to delay adoption of the general budget would adversely affect the implementation of SOA projects and investment in the country, and provincial ministries work baffle because they have annual investment action plan starts with the beginning of the year. (more…)

Cabinet decided to re amounts retained from the budget for fiscal year 2012 to the budget next year 2013.

The Minister of Planning Ali Shukri during his visit to the city of Karbala, said that “the Council of Ministers decided to return all the amounts retained in the current year budget 2012 to the next year’s budget allocated for the same projects in various areas that had been earmarked in the current year. ” (more…)

Note article was published originally on Sept 17, 2012.  Nevertheless the article is interesting.

Announced a short time ago and closely the implementation of the decision to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years.

Daylight / Economic Section announced a short time ago near the implementation of the decision to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years. (more…)

BAGHDAD / obelisk: The Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, not to cancel the restructuring of the Iraqi currency project goal by deleting three zeros, indicating that the project is still in place, and that the bank agreed with the government to postpone the implementation of the project at the moment.


Central Bank ruled out a draft action to delete the zeros in 2013 because he needs time
Wednesday, 03 October 1 / Okrudolf 2012 11:35

Ruled the Central Bank of Iraq working draft deleted three zeros from the Iraqi currency in 2013, because it takes time and a new fiscal year.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where] today, that “the proposed deletion of zeros from the currency needs time, pointing out that” there is a decision of the Council of Ministers to linger on this project. ” (more…)

I am pleased to present our 34thQuarterly Report to the U.S. Congress and the Secretaries of State and Defense.

On July 23, attacks occurring in most of Iraq’s major cities killed more than 100 people in what was reportedly the deadliest single day of violence in Iraq since 2010. hese attacks came during a period marked by political uncertainty. his quarter, a loose coalition of Iraqi political leaders, led by Kurdistan Regional Government

President Massoud Barzani and former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, spearheaded eforts to remove Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from oice. heir eforts stalled when Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr backed away from supporting them—at least for now.


03/04/2012 0:00

said the President Office of the Presidency of the Republic Naseer al-Ani, the federal budget law No. 22 for fiscal year 2012 was published in the Official Gazette of Iraq. (more…)

On: Saturday 03/03/2012 20:43

Revealed the decision of the Iraqi parliament, on Saturday, that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives will be on Tuesday during a session of parliament, re-vote on the law of armored vehicles, noting that the vote will be on keeping the law or not.

Dedicated the House of Representatives within the budget year 2012 amount, arrived at the 60 billion dinars to buy 350 vehicles armored to members of the House of Representatives, which irritated a number of political blocs, as well as demonstrated in dozens of citizens, demanding the cancellation of this paragraph and the allocation of these funds for services. (more…)

Date: Thursday, 23/02/2012 22:15

Baghdad (news) .. House of Representatives voted by a majority vote to approve the budget year 2012, $ 117 trillion dinars and by deficit of 14 trillion.

A reporter Agency (news) of the House of Representatives: The Board approved a majority of members to the budget year 2012, $ 117 trillion dinars and by the inability of 14 trillion.

Thursday, February 23, 2012 15:58

Congress voted on a financial budget for the current year within the budget bill in 2012.

According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] said Thursday that “members of the House of Representatives voted to approve the financial budget allocated to the Parliament for the current year and included in the budget bill for fiscal 2012.”

The House of Representatives held its regular day and voting on the budget bill for fiscal 2012.

Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:58

Select the House of Representatives the evening session for the day of the vote on the draft budget for fiscal year 2012.

According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] the day that “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to vote on the budget for fiscal 2012 in its evening of this day.”

The Council of Representatives to its regular Thursday and is expected to see its vote on the budget bill for fiscal 2012.

The Council of Representatives, on Wednesday, its the 24 of the second legislative term of the year the second legislative, headed by Speaker Osama Najafi and the presence of 221 deputies, with parliamentary source that the meeting will read the report of the Finance Committee on the Law of the budget year 2012, and first reading and the second of eight laws.

The source said, “The session will see the first reading of the bill the third amendment to the law of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control, and the second reading of the law setting aside of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council No. 196 of 1999, and the law amending the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, a bill exempting farmers and peasants borrowers of the benefits of resulting from previous loans discharged. ” (more…)

02/22/2012 0:00

MP denies reproach the league, that is to vote on the budget of the country this week, because of what he described as “the existence of significant gaps as well as the non-arrival of the final accounts.”

The League in contact with (the future of Iraq) after a meeting of the Finance Committee on Tuesday at the Rashid Hotel, “The budget has a lot of gaps, especially in the final accounts as well as a sagging large where, the fact that the budget operating more than an investment.”

And confirmed the league that “There is no vote on the budget 2012 this week.”

announced the decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi, Monday, that the Parliament will vote during its meeting of 23 to be held next Monday, the Law on the financial budget for the year 2012.

said Muhammad Al-Khalidi in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “the Presidency of the Parliament decided to determine the Session 23 of the second legislative term of the year the second legislative session next Monday, (27 February now), to vote on the law of the financial budget for the current year 2012. ” said Khalidi that “the decision came after the completion of the Finance Committee to discuss the budget law.” (more…)

Sunday, February 19, 2012 15:38

MP on the mass of the citizens continued to inch the House of Representatives held its meetings until the completion of the approved budget for fiscal year 2012.

He said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] said Sunday that “the House of Representatives will continue to discuss the financial budget until next Thursday to be voted on without the usual leaves and gives its members scheduled for next Tuesday.” (more…)

House of Representatives and the Minister of Finance is hosting next Saturday
16/02/2012 19:59

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: the President of the House of Representatives for hosting Osama Najafi Council to the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and a number of officials on Saturday to answer questions about the public budget for the current year. (more…)

said Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, said Thursday that next Monday will vote on the budget for the current year 2012, stressing that the delay adoption of the budget has caused significant damage in the areas of investment.

Nujaifi said during a session of the House of Representatives today, “Today we must complete all of our discussions on the general budget for the current year 2012 and resolve all differences which even called us the command to move the session to late at night in order to preserve the interests of the citizens related to the budget, “asserting that” next Monday will vote against it. ” (more…)

Sunday, February 12, 2012
Euphrates the House resumes its meetings Tuesday to continue discussing the federal budget for the fiscal year.

According to a parliamentary source told the News} {Euphrates, “The Council will continue discussing the budget, in addition to the second reading of the draft law to conclude treaties submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations, which includes 34 articles.”

The House of Representatives lifted its meeting had been scheduled to take place on Monday of last week but was postponed to Tuesday because of a lack of quorum

On: Tue 1/24/2012 8:53

Baghdad (news) .. the parliamentary Committee confirmed that the previous years which saw the recognition on the federal budget has been through the deals that resulted in passing key legislation at the expense of the approval to pass the budget, indicating that the current year budget is not clear which, if anything about what will be through pass important laws or not.

A member of the Finance Committee MP Faleh force (of the Agency news): The past years have seen the approval of the federal budget but through deals to pass several laws, including the amnesty law and the law of the provincial councils, noting that only the previous year’s budget did not pass laws which deal. (more…)