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10/19/2013 – 11:25

Central Bank of Iraq, on Saturday, on his quest to find a balanced ratio of gold with hard currency reserves, considering that whenever the reserve size increases less than the contribution of other components.

The governor of the central bank and agency Abdul Basit Abdul Samad said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “The Bank seeks to balanced ratio of gold compared to reserves of hard currency from the currency,” noting that “the high bank reserves of hard currency leads to low gold and we are working to increase procurement to maintain a balanced ratio of gold. ” (more…)


May 11, 2013, 1:43 pm
Economic expert called on behalf of Jamil Antoine, on Saturday, the central bank to adopt oil and gas Kkhozan the reserves instead of gold and the dollar, stressing that the value of oil exports during the year twice all the gold reserves in the country. (more…)

The central bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, for what he described as “an error in statistical data on Baanaatih of gold made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been corrected.”

Confirming the presence of systematic targeting of its performance, and that it will not tolerate the targeting.

The bank said in a press statement, said that “the source of discrepancies in the data related with the Central Bank of gold reserves to the International Monetary Fund is wrong statistical exchange in the data submitted to the International Monetary Fund initially, and was corrected in the second report of the Fund,” noting that ” There were no treatment to buy or sell at this stage. ” (more…)

Published on Friday, 01 February / February 2013 11:00

CBI revealed Friday that its gold reserves at 29.790 tons, denying a decrease in that amount during the past few months, indicating that these reserves have seen stable in recent months.

The bank said in a statement obtained by “obelisk”, a copy of it, that “the central gold reserves witnessed stable over the past months and now stands at 29.790 tons.” (more…)

Date: Sunday 01/27/2013 08:08 pm

Data from the International Monetary Fund that Iraq reduce its holdings of gold by a quarter to 9.29 tonnes last November, after efforts to strengthen reserves in recent weeks.

According to a report statistics monthly issued by the Fund and seen by “Twilight News”, has increased holdings 6.9 tons in September and October, bringing the total to 4.39 tonnes before falling back in November, and retraction came just months after a significant increase in holdings Iraq is the first since years. (more…)