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Economic parliamentary decision for “time”: the budget up to the House of Representatives next week

Monday, December 30 1 / December 2013 15:03

Decision likely parliamentary Economic Committee, on Monday, the arrival of the federal budget bill to the House of Representatives next week, while pointing out that the political differences around will contribute to the delay in approval. (more…)

December 31, 2013

Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt to “budget for fiscal 2014 will begin shortly and close normally despite the withdrawal of coalition MPs are united from the political process.” (more…)

12/12/2013 12:55
BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: confirmed member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Magda al-Tamimi, on Thursday, the International Monetary Fund drew a report on the budget for Iraq in 2014 to the Ministry of Finance and a copy of it to the House and the Finance Committee he refers to the balance of 2014 to be discussed now before the Council of Ministers adopted on very optimistic assumptions about oil revenues. (more…)

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Iraq, on Monday, said the council will discuss on Tuesday in its regular budget bill for next year.

The secretary general of the Council of Ministers Ali Mohsen Ismail in a press statement received “obelisk” a copy of which, “The Council will discuss at its meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3 budget bill for the year 2014.” (more…)

08/20/2013 12:00 AM

Increase the volume of investment expenditures for the years coming three
Baghdad Farah pumice

The government placed the greatest attention within the strategy budgets of the next three years to revive the national economy of Iraq, expected to double revenues country to reach nearly 143 trillion dinars in the budget next year 2014 amounting to more than 157 trillion dinars, and the size of export oil up to 3.5 million barrels per day. (more…)

Attorney General will likely approve budget Al-yassiri (2014) the end of the year

07-08-2013 01:41 PM
Baghdad (newsletter). Outweighed the Financial Committee member MP//Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri, the adoption of the general budget (2014) the end of the year, the House of representatives began early in the discussion and adoption of some budgets to avoid the errors that occurred earlier that led to delay adoption of the general budget. (more…)

07 April, 2013 04:34:00

Announced the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, said the council decided at its second regular session held on 02.04.2013 approving the Implementing Regulations of the federal budget for fiscal year 2013.

And between the Office of Information and government communication, quoting the Department of Cabinet Affairs said the decision No. 128 was based on the provisions of Article (30) of the federal budget law No. (7) for the year 2013. (more…)

Saturday, 30 March 2013 15: 15

The Finance Ministry on Saturday announced the launch of Exchange federal budget allocations to ministries and provinces.

The Finance Minister said the Agency in a statement, Al-Shukri received both in Iraq “have been released without the public budget of the ministries and provinces”, adding that “the Exchange will begin as of today.” (more…)

Parliamentary Finance: Exchange public budget allocations beginning next April
Date: Sunday 03/24/2013 06:47 pm

A member of the Finance Committee MP Amin Hadi Abbas, the date of exchange public budget allocations to the provinces and provincial ministries in the beginning of April next, likely to witness this year economic growth of some sectors. (more…)

24/03/2013 14:04:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Presidency of the republic announced the ratification of the Federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for 2013.

A statement by the Office of the Vice President of the Republic, Khodair al al-Khuzaie said that al-Khuzaie approved the federal budget for the Republic of Iraq for the year 2013, according to the powers granted to him under Article 75 / 2 of the Constitution.” (more…)

Date: Thursday, 21/03/2013 06:04 pm

Jalal Talabani rejected President of the Republic of Iraq to authorize his deputy Khudair Khuzaie to ratify the budget law for 2013,

A source in the presidency spoke to the reporter site Jakoj that Talabani rejected in a text message to authorize his deputy Khudair Khuzaie to approve the budget bill for the country in 2013, (more…)

Planning launches projects 2013 immediately after the publication of the budget in the Official Gazette
TUESDAY, MARCH 12 / MARCH 2013 08:24

The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, Tuesday, announced the launch of federal budget funds directly after approval by the Presidency and the deployment of the budget law in the Official Gazette, stressing that there is a delay in many projects.

The ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in an interview for “Twilight News”, “The Ministry of Planning pending completion of the legal proceedings and budget of the approval of the presidency of the republic and published in the Official Gazette of the projects will be launched immediately after the completion of legal proceedings.” (more…)

Published February 10th, 2013 – 12:27

Iraq’s Finance Committee discussed at its meeting chaired by Haider Abadi, head of the Parliamentary Committee of Finance, recent amendments to 2013’s budget bill.

A statement of the information department of the House of Representatives issued today, 10 Feb said: “The meeting saw the discussion of many paragraphs included in the bill and the changes, modifications and transfers of some of its paragraphs that would serve the Iraqi citizen. (more…)

The parliamentary Finance Committee, said that the federal budget will be voted on this weekend.

A member of the committee, Mustafa Shoresh, in a press statement that “there are proposals submitted by the political blocs and parliamentary committees and some members of the House of Representatives, and most of these suggestions and observations taken into consideration by our committee and we have made in the proposal to amend the budget,” adding that “in the final This week Parliament will vote on the budget. ”

Haider Ali Jawad – 01/30/2013

The parliamentary Finance Committee announced the existence of an agreement between the political blocs to allocate 25 per cent of the surplus sale and distribution of oil and between citizens.

A member of the Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri said “there is a consensus within the Finance Committee on the introduction of a proposed Liberal bloc to allocate funds within the budget surplus distributed to the people,” noting that “the Finance Committee is considering the request now and Stdmenh in the draft budget.” (more…)

Published on Monday, January 21 2 / January 2013 16:31
BAGHDAD / obelisk: likely a member of the Knesset Finance Committee Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, Monday, that is the ratification of the federal budget for the current year in the next week, stressing that the budget between the Knesset Finance Committee and the House of Representatives. (more…)

Iraq, December 17, 2012
MP Majida al-Temimi claimed members of the Parliament to speed up the endorsement of 2013 Federal State Budget before the end of this year.

Date: 13/11/2012 12:36:13 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. Exclude a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Salman al-Bayati, retrieval budget year (2013) to the government under the pretext of freedom from the final accounts of the past years, likely approval prior to the date (31/12/2012). (more…)

Last Updated: Thursday, November 01, 2012 03:10:00

Frugality may allow Vietnam to raise the minimum wage for state employees by VND100,000 (US$4.8) per month beginning next July, the Finance Ministry said in a Wednesday report.

The report released at a session of the National Assembly said the ministry has gone over the state budget again, and having considered opinions from various legislators, decided that the budget can afford a small increase to the minimum wage. (more…)

Date: Monday 05/11/2012 07:28 pm

The chief of the Economic Commission MP Ahmed al-Alwani, to postpone the vote on the public budget for 2013 because of objections from some political blocs for political purposes especially, explaining: The postponement of the vote came to incomplete reports relevant committees and objections to the proportion of the operating budget. (more…)

01/08/2012 09:16

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network – revealed the Finance Committee parliamentary she will submit a proposal to reset the fiscal deficit in the budget of 2012 through deducting the amount of the supplementary budget. (more…)

Date: Monday, 09-07-2012 01: 05 pm

Baghdad (News) … Ibrahim Al-Mashhadani confirmed Economist, that the continuing low oil prices will Add Newimpact directly on the State budget and would cause a significant deficit.

He said Al-Mashhadani (Agency alakhbarihllanbaa) Monday: continuing low oil prices will lead to Government austerity policy to resort to considerable harm to the poor in society. (more…)

Warned a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Susan Saad government economic disaster the country has suffered as a result of continued low oil prices in world markets, especially as it represents the sole supplier of the general budget of the state. (more…)

On: Sun 26/02/2012 13:26

Baghdad (news) .. Ruled out by the Economic Commission deputy / coalition in Iraq / Nora Salem high rates of inflation in the country to coincide with the launch of the financial allocations of the general budget in spite of reaching the proportion of the operating budget (79%).

said Salem (of the Agency news) said on Sunday: There are no substantive changes to whole paragraphs of the general budget when it was approved only a few paragraphs, especially in the operating budget as it hit rate (79%), despite the lack of increase in salaries of employees and retirees. (more…)

Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided Thursday to postpone the vote on the budget of the state to three o’clock in the afternoon.

The National Alliance MP for the Susan Saad, “The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to postpone the vote on the budget bill to the third hour of this afternoon m for the purpose of completing all the items and adjustments.”

Began before noon on Thursday for the meeting under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi and the presence of 220 deputies.

Is due to vote in the House of Representatives today’s session on the state budget for 2012 after the Committee submitted a financial report containing some of the proposed amendments to the budget of the political blocs.

On: Tuesday 21/02/2012 14:45

Baghdad (news) .. A source at the Ministry of Finance said that the Ministers of Finance and Planning will hold a news conference on Wednesday, about the federal budget for 2012.

The source (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday: that the two ministers Issawi and Shukri will hold a conference press Ciodhan where everything related to the budget of the Federal, and directions of the government on the budget. (more…)


revealed the parliamentary finance committee, on Saturday, that all requests for increased allocations will be included in the budget at rates less than required, emphasizing the continuing adjustments and transfers on the bill this year’s budget.

A member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib in an interview with “Twilight News” that “there are a lot of requests for the allocation of money from the budget of which increase the salaries of retirees, and grades, and the network of social protection, and support for women, and to compensate victims of terrorism, and increase grades, and increasing specialization Ministry of Displacement and Migration, and many other applications. ” (more…)

Saturday, February 18, 2012 14:03

Student member of the parliamentary economic committee to be Qusay Ebadi closing statements for previous years Mozna ready before approving the financial for the current year as well as learn the fate of [7] JD trillion spent by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the budget in 2011.

The servants told all of Iraq [where] today, “is supposed to form an investigative committee to determine the fate [7] trillion dinars and how it was spent and will be investigated without collecting signatures for members of Parliament.” (more…)

Baghdad, February 17 (Rn) – The parliamentary Finance Committee, said Friday that the House of Representatives discussions of the draft federal budget has been completed, while confirming that it will be completed during the next two days to present observations on the project to a vote next Monday.

And the opening of the House of Representatives debate on the paragraphs of the federal budget for 2012 last month with political blocs announced that they will not vote on the project unless it includes demands.

And demands that the Sadrist movement include a paragraph in the budget enables the distribution of the budget on the part of citizens, directly, while demanding Kurdish Alliance include increasing the allocation of Article 140 of the Constitution, and the financing of the border guard forces (Peshmerga) of the federal budget. (more…)