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Member of the Committee expected the economy and investment representative Aziz Sharif al-mayahi project raise zeros from the local currency early 2015.

The Central Bank of Iraq more than two years studying the issue of lifting the zeros of the Iraqi currency but until now did not take firm decision on this matter. (more…)


21-12-2013 10:30 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of Committee on oil and energy Deputy//ULI Al-Shara, the oil and gas Act will enhance transparency in oil dealings between the Government and the territory, will the good clear oil policy without any doubts.

Shara said (News Agency): the oil law is due to differences in economic and political and legislative status and territory governments where both explain the article 112 of the Constitution as his advantage. (more…)

Parliament to raise its day [4] from next month
Thursday, 19 November / 1 December 2013 16:19

Lifting of the House of Representatives to its day [4] of the next month.

According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that “Parliament has decided to raise its [4] from January 2014, which falls on Saturday.” (more…)

Financial representative calls for the Central Bank to wait with its decision a (50) thousand dinars

26-11-2013 10:25 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). The parliamentary Finance Committee, called on the Central Bank to wait with the decision of the Iraqi currency (50) thousand dinars, stressing the importance of issuing coins with small groups to support the balance of Exchange in the country.

Committee member Rep. Jimmy capable (News Agency): he was the first Central Bank in consultation with the Government and the Parliament before deciding to release the Iraqi currency class (50) thousand dinars and small metal categories. (more…)

oil and gas law’s absence would increase the differences between local governments and the Centre on the oil

25-11-2013 08:07 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Oil and Energy Committee, warned of the increasing differences between the Federal and provincial governments for the Kurdistan region and the provinces regarding the oil as a result of the absence of the oil and gas law. (more…)

Financial budget for 2014 is within the electoral propaganda of the political blocs with chronic problems

16-11-2013 11:46 AM

Baghdad (News)/report/… Soon federal financial budget up to 2014, the House and the balance will differ from its predecessors, so confirm with towards the end of the current parliamentary session and upcoming parliamentary elections, each political bloc sought to provide their interests or the interest of their constituents in the financial budget, it will be loaded with the chronic problems that come with it every year. (more…)

Parliament cancels its meeting next week to the government not to send the budget bill [Extended]
Wednesday, October 13 2 / November 2013 19:19

Canceled the Presidency of the Council of Representatives its meeting scheduled for next Sunday.

A parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] on Wednesday that “the presidency of the parliament decided to cancel a meeting Sunday, the next entry in the legislative recess, which will begin next Friday and ends on 15 January next year.” (more…)

An expected budget deficit next year to low oil production

09-11-2013 12:47 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). Excluded Economist Mohammed dargham, a financial abundance in the current year’s budget for the implementation of projects stalled, indicating a lack of financial income due to lack of oil production. (more…)

Shukri looking with the World Bank stages of completion of project restructuring of State-owned banks.
07/11/2013 16:22:00
BAGHDAD / Nina /– Finance Minister Ali Yousef Shukri by interim discussed with a representative of the World Bank the mechanisms and controls the restructuring of State-owned banks in Iraq. (more…)

03-11-2013 10:04 AM

Baghdad (News)/report/bahtik/… Although Iraq has immense natural wealth and human and material potential high economic policy still floundering and not specific to any trend going, they turn towards a free market economy or a totalitarian centralized economy.

Where a number of economists and competent that Iraq lacks a clear economic policy, although the State claims that the economy has turned into open market however remained under the totalitarian regime works. (more…)

Urgent .. Parliament rejects economic reform bill and return it to the government
Saturday, October 02, 2 / November 2013 14:22

A parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that “the House of Representatives rejected a bill of economic reform and decided to take him back to the government to amend it.”

The Council of Ministers agreed on 13 of the last month of August on economic reform bill and submit it to the Federal House of Representatives. (more…)

Economy: the need to overcome differences between Arbil and Baghdad regarding oil prior to the approval of the federal budget

22-10-2013 10:37 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Committee for economy and investment Deputy//ÚÈÏ çáúèçó sheyaa, the importance of overcoming all the differences between the Governments of the region and the Centre for oil in next year’s budget, noting that committees formed between Arbil and Baghdad failed for solutions to end the disputes. (more…)

28-09-2013 10:28 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). The Economist described Majid mock, inflation to acceptable security conditions and political and economic Iraq.

Mock said (News Agency): there are many factors leading to the uniforms of the inflation and high wages, prices of consumer goods and durables, but the height is high normal and acceptable. (more…)

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} posted a high-level Iraqi delegation headed by Vice President Khodair al discussions of the General Assembly of the United Nations at its fifty {68} in the presence of heads of state and government and foreign ministers of the member states of the United Nations. (more…)

Parliament: the process of deleting zeros of currency state budget

By: Newspaper electronic Iraq | Date: Sunday 15/09/2013 10:38 pm

Counting a member of the parliamentary economic committee Hussein the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency as the state budget.

said in a press statement that urgency in the issue of deletion of zeros from the currency will lead to a major embarrassment for the government. (more…)

16/09/2013 12:00 AM

Committee expected economic parliamentary approval of the general budget for 2014 in early this year compared to budgets in previous years.

Committee member Rep. Nora Bijari said in a statement (morning) that the draft budget next year be found at the Ministry of Finance a budget large, as amounting to nearly 146 trillion dinars, and the ministry will send a copy of the budget to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of voting on them. (more…)

09/11/2013 12:00 AM

Is still a work in progress in which

seeks the House of Representatives to work to abolish the 11 thousand law had been initiated during the former regime are still working out so far.

A member of the National Alliance MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki member of the economic and investment commission in parliament in a statement singled out (morning): that the parliament that the speed up to cancel the laws of the previous regime, which still works out so far in the judicial institutions and the political, economic and other shares of 11 thousand law. (more…)


05-09-2013 10:55 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee, criticized the Attorney for the Kurdistan blocs Coalition/Ahmed Faizullah, a policy the Central Bank to the banking sector as it did work to support and develop its work.

He said Faizullah (News Agency): the Iraqi banking sector is underdeveloped and lacks a lot of things modern tech, which made the work of obliging local banks. (more…)

PostDateIconSunday, 01 September / September 2013 12:43

Finance Minister Ali Yusuf agency Shukri completeness of the federal budget for the year 2014. (more…)

Finance Committee: budget 2014 “election” .. Baghdad and Erbil to resolve their differences before reaching the Parliament
Range – 08/20/2013 – 2:03 pm

Warned the deputies and members of the Finance Committee, the parliamentary repeat the scenario of political debates which they are subject budget at the end of each year, and drew out that the differences that existed in last year’s budget between Baghdad and Erbil special allocations oil companies operating in the region and the allocation of the Peshmerga and the share of the regions of the budget subject to repeat this year not to hold the committees formed between the two parties any meeting so far, and accused the government of covering up the final accounts for the last four budgets. (more…)

10-08-2013 12:21 PM
Baghdad (newsletter). Economic Affairs Specialist, said Ghazi al-kinani, said Iraq does not need the global experts in the field of investment, stressing that Iraq possesses high competencies of specialists the best you can.

He drew (News Agency): that Iraq needs a secure environment and political stability and economic and social development, in addition to investment possibilities you can eliminate administrative and financial corruption, stressing that Iraq doesn’t need to bring a global investment expertise. (more…)

Expert: Most government decisions ‘improvisational’ and is supportive of the Iraqi economy

Said economic expert, Abdul-Hassan al-Shammari, the importance of governmental plans clear economic vision to support and activate the vital sectors in the country, especially the manufacturing sector.

Al-Shammari said in a statement quoted by the Agency (news): that the decline in the growth of the Iraqi economy is due to government decisions is supportive of the economy, as it launches in and dependent on special interests and not based on correct bases and the vision of a clear economic. (more…)

Financial lift parliamentary draft budget of the House of Representatives in 2014 to the Presidency of the parliament
07/25/2013 – 12:30 am

Of the Finance Committee ended a number of the latest draft of the budget estimates for the House of Representatives for the year 2014 with the final report prepared by the Committee on the budget in accordance with legally defined deadlines.

It was submitted to the Presidency of the Council for inclusion on the agenda of the meeting for a vote, and after informing of Representatives and discussed have been voted by the majority. (more…)

16-07-2013 11:32 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Economist predicted Majid mock, high rates of inflation in the country over the coming months, urging the Government to pursue real economic development in the country.

Mock said (News Agency): there are obvious reasons may lead to rising inflation because of the fluctuation in the price of gold, oil and the dollar exchange rate, and this will lead to KULLA rise in price leads to higher inflation in the future. (more…)

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.41.48 AM70,000 jobs by 2014

13/7/13, 12: 00 am

At the Finance Committee in the House of the number of jobs to be allocated in the budget for 2014 by 70 thousand degrees after adding 30,000 more, according to parliamentary sources for “News Center for Iraqi media network”.

Committee member Hassan aozmn Al-Bayati: “budget next year will be a priority to install contracts, while there will be degrees of functional critical needs.” (more…)

12:31 07/13/2013
Economic parliamentary: the process of deleting zeros of ستربك currency state budget

counting a member of the parliamentary economic committee Hussein the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency as the state budget.

said in a press statement that “the urgency on the subject of deletion of zeros from the currency will lead to a major embarrassment for the government.”

He continued, “We as members of the parliamentary economic committee advised the central bank to wait and lack of urgency and to clarify the dimensions of this issue to the Parliament as well as to the government.” (more…)

Economic Commission: Iraq is seeking to implement plans to strengthen the Iraqi dinar

Said a member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Abdul Salam al-Maliki said the government tends to take urgent steps to strengthen the Iraqi dinar.

Maliki said that the government would take steps to transform the Iraqi market to a promising market, (more…)

10/07/2013 12:00 AM

Yasser incumbent
success of Iraqi banks to earn and gain reputation and international confidence is very important in promoting economic relations between Iraq and the world, and this success, passed by the Prime Minister in his speech at the ceremony held by the Trade Bank of Iraq on the occasion of celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation but involves realizing the government of the importance of banks in the development What is required of banks to maintain this international assessment and associated recognition and support of government? (more…)

Revealed to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Tuesday, as having four drafts of oil and gas law awaiting the arrival of a fifth to be released from mini-committee between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, as noted that the continued dispute over the law is structured with five points, cautioned that the committee Baghdad – Erbil mini did not meet 8 months ago. (more…)

11:19 07/08/2013

The member of the Commission services and reconstruction MP Ihsan al-Awadi, that the amendment to the Iraqi Investment Law No. 13 of 2006, will address the errors that occurred before it. (more…)