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12/18/2013 0:00

Nasraoui visit Saudi Arabia after Kuwait .. Basra is seeking to attract investment
Basra – Saad Al-Sammak

revealed the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui closely conference for the demarcation of the maritime border and set up buoys with both Kuwait and Iran, according to the laws of the hybrid. comes at a time when it was announced Nasraoui closely to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss the prospects of investment after the visit was described as ” Successful “of Kuwait. said the governor of Basra in a statement the” morning “, that” the conference will be held a special demarcation of the border and set up buoys marine accordance with the laws internationalism to end stage Altharb and tension in the North Arabian Gulf and to strengthen the national economy. ” (more…)

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Committee warned the economy and investment representative of wasting money the federal fiscal budget for next year in case of staying on the old style in running things, and stressed the need to go to a market economy and dependence on investment and the private sector.

A member of the Committee MP Salman al-Moussawi told {Euphrates News} that “all things conducive to the economic renaissance in the country, but we just need to develop a clear strategy, especially as the country is rich in human and natural expertise and market promising, and we just need to put our feet on the road correct, the answer to the question .. Are we with the economy the former totalitarian or a market economy, which we call him, the Constitution is clear in this regard. ” (more…)

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Stressed the importance of increased security cooperation, economic and political

marked by official visits made ​​by the Prime Minister recently, many of the pros, which is able to bring Iraq back to normal in the international map, especially as the objective of such visits, according to parliamentarians, is the activation of many aspects of economic, political and security, which is able to have tremendous benefits for the country, as well as the ability to remove the misconceptions about Iraq, which is seeking several actors to consolidate intentionally. (more…)

The effects of lifting the sanctions on Iran on Iraq’s economy

Decides to lift the sanctions imposed on Iran a few years ago because of a dispute between them and the international community to the real purpose (more…)

IRBIL, Oct 28 (KUNA) — The 6th International Exhibition for Construction and Environmental Technology, Materials and Equipment for Iraq (Project Iraq 2013) opened at the fairgrounds on Monday, Under aegis of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government.

Eighteen Kuwaiti firms showcase their products at the exhibition which lasts until October 31, said Zainab Hussein, director of the Export Promotion Division of Kuwait’s Public Authority for Industry (PAI). (more…)

Said an adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Iraq played a significant role in the convergence of views between the United States and Iran, noting that the dial between President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rohani will be the start of a positive in enhancing security in the Middle East region, and expressed Iraq’s readiness to provide more initiatives to support the rapprochement between the two countries.

The adviser Ali al-Moussawi said in an exclusive interview with “New Morning” that “Baghdad welcomed the dial-up collection Obama Brohani”, following that “Iraq was constantly seeks to find a balance in the region between the United States on the one hand and Iran on the other hand.” (more…)

16-09-2013 12:39 PM
Baghdad (newsletter). Vice-Chairman of the Committee, said the Deputy of the Kurdistan blocs Coalition/Ahmed Faizullah, Neil Iraq ranked fourth on the world level in terms of its known oil reserves, with more than 140 billion barrels, and the proportion (11%), to the third place after exploring new oil fields.

He said Faizullah (News Agency): the International Energy Agency issued a report on oil reserves in the world, noted that Venezuela was ranked first with an estimated reserve (297) and 715 million barrels, and a percentage (23%). (more…)

Magrec: Washington supports the role of Baghdad in the Syrian crisis

Called on Vice-President of the republic Khodair al United States to provide more support for Iraq in all fields and activating the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries. (more…)


30-08-2013 10:38 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Economic Committee said the National Alliance MP Hussein almerapi, the events in Syria and the region will affect the Iraqi economy and Central Bank reserves. (more…)


Received the Senior Adviser to the President of the Republic d. Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid in Baghdad Monday, the U.S. economic delegation. (more…)

SUNDAY, 25 AUGUST 2013 11: 07

Turkish newspaper, revealed that, in conjunction with the ongoing preparations for the Kurdish National Conference in Erbil, Kurdistan will declare “Grand” which will include four parts of Kurdistan “and refers to the Kurdish-majority regions in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.


State law: Maliki’s visit to America has nothing to do with the renewal of the mandate of leadership Vcefath confirmed previous years

24/08/2013 14:54

Counting coalition of state law, on Saturday, realize the big players كأميركا and Iran civil Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the management of Iraq “a good thing”, and as pointed out that there is no relationship between the travel-Maliki to America or India or Iran, the subject of renewal of the mandate to him, pointed out that the past seven years was enough to know America and other “personal-Maliki and his leadership qualities. (more…)

described the political parliamentary economic committee the central bank to maintain the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies as “failed.”

The central bank has promised to take measures to raise and stabilize the price of the Iraqi dinar, as it was in the past, but the impairment and the exchange rate of the dinar continues.

He said the Commission’s decision Mahma Khalil said “the central bank demands to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, and determine a fixed price against the foreign currencies, as may or unreasonable that there is a balance of a sovereign Iraqi exceed seventy billion dollars, and it remains the Iraqi dinar rate over 1200mm] dinars to the dollar, and sometimes brings about this price on the black market. ” (more…)

Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Monday, with the Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, Iraq’s relations with the United Nations and its mission in Iraq UNAMI ‘

According to a statement of Foreign Affairs: The meeting included discussed the activities of the UN mission in Iraq and the keenness of the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate the task and work internationalist mission within its mandate and in coordination with the Government. (more…)

Said Mohammed Ziod of the National Alliance on he is scheduled to visit Nuri al-Maliki Prime Minister of Iraq the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, said Alziod that the goal of this trip is not to support al-Maliki in his candidacy again for a third term. (more…)

13-08-2013 01:13 PM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Economic Committee of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Jassem shankali, counterfeit currency has a great influence on the Iraqi economy, which will affect the value of the Iraqi dinar.

Said shankali (News Agency): that counterfeiting increased recently and you because of the deteriorating security situation and rampant corruption in all parts of the State, as well as open borders with Iran, Turkey and Syria. (more…)

D. Sinan Shabibi Mohammad Reza *: determine the exchange rate .. Initiatives banks is good, but monetary policy is the foundation
– POSTED ON 07/21/2013

The central bank faced some problems at the beginning of 2012 represented an increase demand for the dollar as a result of the withdrawal of U.S. forces and increasing regional demand, especially by Syria and Iran. Has such a sense of economic shock led to a large increase in demand for the dollar and thus rising amount of foreign currency auction. The phenomenon of external shocks is not strange in developing countries, it is a fundamental property of their properties because of the openness of their economies to the outside. The face of these shocks take a long time which fluctuates affected by the exchange rate and other economic variables. (more…)

19/06/2013 12:00 AM

Iraq seeks to solve the dilemmas facing file joint oil fields with neighboring countries. urged the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives on the need to speed up in finding logical solutions on this file, especially with Iran and Kuwait.

lies shapes in the desire of Iraq’s efforts that there would be exaggerated compensation for crude oil extracted from these fields, by those countries, and retroactively, while those countries still refuses to do so. Committee member Rep. (more…)

Central Bank of Iraq, on Friday, he decided to transform the compensation government for Iraqis living outside Iraq and issued in their favor decisions judicial deterministic, while stressing that the conversion will exclusively Iraqis who have residences permanent and not temporary, pointed out that the conversion will be the currency Alognih According to the pricing in banks approved by him.


Iraq prepares for the exchange and delivery of the remains of soldiers killed in the wars of the previous regime with Kuwait and Iran

The Director of the Office of Human Rights in Basra, Mahdi al-Tamimi, the readiness of the Ministry of Human Rights to undertake an exchange of remains of soldiers killed in the eight-year war between Iraq and Iran.

He said al-Tamimi told {to Firat News} that “the exchange remains between the two sides came to process the fourteenth,” adding that “work is continuing on the stage {11} to search for human remains in the Faw area salted specifically, and is hoped to be completed in {20} of the month June current “. (more…)

gcc02/06/2013 | 10:57 PM | World News
JEDDAH, June 2 (KUNA) ­­ GCC foreign ministers have commended an understanding between Kuwait and Iraq over a mechanism to follow up the issue of prisoners and missing people from Kuwait and other countries, as well as returning the State of Kuwait’s properties and national archive.

The foreign ministers, in a statement at the end of their one­day meeting here, welcomed Iraq’s cooperation to implementing UN Security Council’s (UNSC) resolutions, namely those related to the completion of maintenance of border signs with Kuwait.


Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 8.45.15 AMTalks took place between the United Nations and Iraq, on Sunday, about the recent efforts directed from Chapter VII solving the problem of the presence of the “MKO” Iran on Iraqi territory.

A statement issued by the office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, informed the “News of Moscow” it, that “al-Maliki keep getting today, Martin Kobler, Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, and discussed with him during the meeting, various domestic issues. (more…)

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Baghdad (AIN) –The price of the US dollar in the local markets reached 1,300 Iraqi dinars, compared to 1220 dinars in mid-March and represents a significant reduction of the Iraqi dinar’s value since the two last years.

It is known that the official price of the USD until this day, according to the Central Bank of Iraq is IQD 1166 and that means that the value of the Iraqi dinar has reduced more than 11%.

According to representatives of All Iraq News Agency (AIN), this decline has led to increasing prices for a lot of goods in local markets and especially the imported ones. (more…)

Baghdad (newsletter). Commission decision ruled out oil and energy Deputy/Kurdistan blocs Coalition/Kassim Mohamed Kassim, affecting oil prices in OPEC revenue budget, saying its impact on the abundance of financial income and reliable projects.

Kassim (News Agency): budget (2013) developed on the basis of the price of a barrel of oil (90), world oil prices drop below the 90 dollar unlikely, due to the increasing world petroleum needed. (more…)

10/04/2013 21:18:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Minister of Oil, Abdul Karim Luaibi, announce increase in Iraq’s oil reserve up to 150 billion barrels.

In a statement to the press on Wednesday, Apr. 10, spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, quoted Luaibi saying, “Iraq’s oil reserve increased up from 143.1 billion barrels to more than 150 billion barrels, as a result of new discoveries; it is expected to increase even more. (more…)

02/04/2013 09: 03

Facing the Iraqi dinar fell rapidly in value, rising US dollar registered 1,270 dinars per dollar, versus 1,220 euros in mid-March. And ascribe to this worsening mainly to smuggle hard currency (the dollar) to Syria and Iran, which suffer from economic sanctions, have caused shortages of hard currency, and this is one of the main reasons for the increase in demand for dollars by Iraq, so declining Iraqi dinar exchange rate. (more…)

17:26 2013-03-31
Justice confirms the issuance of the official Iraqi Gazette and including the current year’s budget law

The Justice Ministry confirmed the release of the latest issue of the Iraqi Gazette your federal financial budget for 2013 on time, denying non-publication of the preparation of the newspaper, because targeting the ministry earlier. (more…)

Saturday, 30 March 2013 12:59 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) -German called the Iraqi government to explain the political situation in Iraq before discussing the mutual cooperation agreement between Iraq and the European Union in the next EU meeting.

Diplomatic source told All Iraq News Agency “The German Foreign Ministry called the Iraqi Ambassador to German to convey to the Iraqi officials, German’s concerns over three points which affected the discussions conducted in the recent EU meeting about activating the mutual cooperation agreement between Iraq and the EU, calling Iraq to resolve these points before the next meeting of the EU.” (more…)

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BAGHDAD (Iba) said economic analyst Qais al-Mulla, the political and economic crises that hit the neighboring countries led to the rise in the dollar withdrawal from Iraq, which caused high dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar. (more…)

15-03-2013 08:00 PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a secret meeting with the U.S. and Iranian ambassadors to one its mission headquarters inside the heavily Fortified Green Zone, on how to resolve the conflict in Syria.

According to site said the Arab world, the meeting gathering the Iranian ambassador Hassan Danaii and Stephen Beecroft Baghdad, came at the request of Iran to formulate what he considers a triangle ‘Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad’ deals the final accounts for the period after Bashar al-Assad, and to reduce areas of conflict is expected to be extended to Syrian areas under the influence of Shiite Iran. (more…)