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Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 1.52.07 PMBy Nawzad Mahmoud and Miran Hussein

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – The lifting of the United Nations’ Chapter 7 sanctions against Iraq is receiving mixed reaction among Iraqis, with some welcoming the move and others worried about its impact, given existing ethnic, sectarian and political tensions.

Minorities have been especially concerned, apprehensive that the Iraqi government — without a leash – could turn into yet another threat, paving the way to renewed dictatorship. (more…)

06/04/2013 21:54:00

Baghdad (NINA) – Leader of Iraqiya slate, Iyad Allawi, said that the situation in Iraq is going through dangerous period that requires implementing the Erbil Agreement.

In his speech announcing the slate of United Iraqiya National Alliance, Allawi said that the campaigns of intimidation and exclusion are continuing in Iraq, since many Iraqi political forces (he did not name) are subjected to insemination and exclusion and been denied to express their opinion in many forums.

Allawi added that it is clear evidence that who runs Iraq is running it in an insufficient way.

23/01/2013 13:25:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the Iraqiya, Ibrahim al-Mutlaq asked the House of Representatives to intervene to pressure on the United Nations to replace its representative in Iraq Martin Kobler.

He said in a news conference today 23, Jan: “I call on the House of Representatives to intervene to put pressure on the UN to replace the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler immediately as he became a negative factor in Iraq.” (more…)

BAGHDAD, Aug. 15 (AKnews) – Iraqiya List led by former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi stated Wednesday that it is not optimistic that the project adopted by the National Alliance (NA) will resolve the current crisis through reforms in the Iraqi state.

Last month the NA sent an official invitation to all the political blocs to start dialogue about a group of reforms to resolve the current political crisis. (more…)

7/22/2012 12:54 PM

BAGHDAD/ Aswat l-Iraq: State of Law MP Yassir al-Yassiri disclosed today a sort of nearness is expected to be reached between the National Alliance and Iraqiya bloc on the reforms paper, pointing that the paper will take note of all comments and will work on time-table basis. (more…)

21/06/2012 13:24
ERBIL, June 21 (AKnews)- The speaker of the Iraqi House of Representatives, Osama al-Nujaifi, said that in two days the MPs are expected to submit an official demand to interrogate Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki inside the House. (more…)

ERBIL, June 17 (AKnews) – The first committee in charge of questioning Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will meet today along with the three parties from the Najaf and Erbil meetings, said a member of Iraqiya List.

Talal Hussein Zawbaye confirmed that Iraqiya List, the Sadrist Movement and the Kurdish Blocs Coalition will be meeting today to make a legal and constitutional mechanism for questioning al-Maliki. (more…)

BAGHDAD, June 17 (AKnews) – Iraqiya List stated today that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is clear that he does not want to hear any criticism or opposition or exercise peaceful democracy in the framework of the law and the constitution. (more…)

Kuwaiti leaks: the positions of al-Maliki of Syria and Iran might oust him outside the walls of the Green Zone

Kuwaiti newspaper revealed on Saturday that the United States and the U.S. reached the conviction of the necessity of changing the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

She was a Kuwaiti newspaper, and I followed ” Twilight News “, that” the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived conviction that the exclusion of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from office because of his support for the Syrian regime and queued with Iran. ” (more…)

6/15/2012 6:02 PM

BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Ahrar Bloc MP Abdul Hussein Raisan described the visit of US Biden’s advisor to Iraq aims at follow-up the American project in Iraq, in reference to the division project of the country into three federalisms.

In a press statement, Raisan predicted that “crises could be continued to complete the division plan, which was proposed by Vice-President Biden”. (more…)

BAGHDAD, May 24 (AKnews) – The National Coalition (NC) which belongs to the National Alliance (NA) has failed to agree on a common position about the request to replace Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki with a candidate from within the NA. (more…)

BAGHDAD, May 12 (AKnews) – Iraqiya List will soon declare it will join forces with the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition to counter the “unilateralist” rule, said an Iraqiya MP.

“The coming days will witness the announcement of a new alliance. Iraqiya is heading towards a strategic alliance with the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC),” said Talal al-Zubayee. (more…)

05/05/2012 10:28
BAGHDAD, May 5 (AKnews) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has been given only two weeks to implement the demands raised in the meeting of five Iraqi and Kurdistan leaders in Erbil on Saturday.

A week ago Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani and his Iraqi counterpart Jalal Talabani met with Iraqiya List leaders Ayad Allawi and Osama al-Nujaifi as well as Sadrist Movement leader Muqtada Sadr in Erbil. (more…)

BAGHDAD, May 4 (AKnews)- Iraqiya List, led by former prime minister Ayad Allawi, expects President Jalal Talabani to give them guarantees to enter the national conference of the political leaders.

“Iraqiya is waiting for Talabani’s return [from the Kurdistan Region] to decide whether to participate in the national conference or not,” said Hadi al-Dhalemi, spokesperson for Accord Front led by Allawi. (more…)

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:44 | | |
Baghdad (AIN) –The cousin of the head of the Iraqiya Slate, Ayad Allawi, was assassinated in western Baghdad on Wednesday.

Security source stated to AIN “Unidentified gunmen shot, Sabah Allawi, in front of his house in Harthiya area of western Baghdad,” without giving further details.

BAGHDAD, April 18 (AKnews) – There is a secret agreement between the Kurdish Blocs Coalition (KBC), Iraqiya List and the Ahrar bloc to nominate the first deputy chairman of the Council of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail to replace Nouri al-Maliki as prime minister, according to a political source.

The source, who requested anonymity, told AKnews that a delegation from Iraqiya and Ahrar bloc belonging to the Sadrist movement will head to the Kurdistan Region during the next few days to decide about this issue. (more…)

BAGHDAD, April 7 (AKnews) – The long-delayed national conference for Iraqi leaders will revolve around four major subjects, said a State of Law Coalition (SLC) MP.

The issues include the Erbil agreement, relations between the federal and Kurdistan government, naming ministers for the security posts and drafting the internal regulations for the Council of Ministers, and lastly allegations of politicizing the Iraqi courts, along with representation of the Iraqi public in all governmental agencies. (more…)

BAGHDAD, April 6 (AKnews)- United Nation’s Special Representative to Iraq Martin Kobler will release a report about the human rights violations in Iraq after Iraqiya List informed him about such violations, said an Iraqiya official.

A delegation from Iraqiya, led by Ayad Allawi, met with Kobler in Amman yesterday and discussed the reality of the human rights situation with him for two hours, said Hadi al-Dhalemi, the spokesperson for National Accord Front (a rank in Iraqiya alliance.) (more…)

Sunday, 01 April 2012 12:41

Baghdad (AIN) –The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, will hold a press conference described as “Crucial.”

The Iraqiya media outlet reported that “Maliki will hold a crucial press conference later on Sunday,” without mentioning the issues that will be discussed in the conference.

19/03/2012 22:41:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Informed source said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has agreed on a nominee presented by Iraqiya slate for the post of Minister of Defence.

The source, who refused to be identified, told NINA on Monday, Mar. 19, that Maliki has agreed on one of the nominees presented earlier by Iraqiya slate to hold the post of Minister of Defence and he will sent his name to Parliament to be voted on in its next. (more…)

BAGHDAD, Feb.14 (AKnews)- Iraqiya List (led by Ayad Allawi) will not offer any apologies for the remarks the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Mutlag made against PM Nouri al-Maliki, said an Iraqiya representative.

Dhafer Ani said “We [Iraqiya] refuse to apologize … but personal reconciliation between Mutlag and Maliki is feasible.”

In some media statements Iraqiya deputy Mutlag described PM like “a destructive dictator” which led Maliki sack him. (more…)

10/02/2012 11:52

ERBIL, Feb.10 (AKnews)- All the political parties have voiced readiness to attend the expected emergency national congress, called by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

Speaking to AKnews, Aref Tayfur, second deputy to the speaker of the House of Representatives, said that the presence of all the parties in the meeting will positively affect the results of the summit “but it is not clear if the summit will end the current crisis.”

The organizing committee for the national summit is due to meet on Sunday to set the date of the meeting.

The summit was called after tensions between two major blocs, Iraqiya List of Ayad Allawi and State of Law Coalition of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, deteriorated. (more…)

06/02/2012 12:50
BAGHDAD, Feb. 6 (AKnews) – Iraqiya List has ended its boycott of the Council of Ministers following party talks yesterday.

Iraqiya member Hamid al-Mutlaq said the party made the decision due to the goodwill of fellow political parties to resolve the ongoing disputes.

“The return of the President of the Republic to Iraq [Jalal Talabani] and adopting the convergence of views between the political parties encouraged us to take the decision,” said Mutlaq. (more…)

03/02/2012 10:36BAGHDAD, Feb.3 (AKnews)- The largest Shiite bloc, the National Alliance, has indicated a nominee for the Interior Ministry and Iraqiya List should also nominate “acceptable” candidates for Defense Ministry, an NA deputy said.

Speaking to AKnews Mohammed al-Sayhud, said that all the components of the NA have agreed on a single candidate to run the Interior Ministry.

He declined to disclose the names saying now the NA is waiting to receive the names of the Iraqiya List candidates for Defense Ministry so that it can also announce the name of Interior Ministry candidate. (more…)

27/01/2012 11:46
BAGHDAD, Jan,27 (AKnews)- All the components of the Iraqiya List, led by Ayad Allawi, will meet Sunday to decide whether or not end a boycott of the House of Representatives and Council of Ministers.

Mohammed al-Khaledi, an Iraqiya deputy told AKnews that during a meeting yesterday it was decided that the final decision over the boycott be taken on Sunday.

Iraqiya boycotted the sessions after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki refused the regional autonomy demands by Diyala and Salahaddin provincial councils. (more…)

ERBIL, Jan. 19 (AKnews) – Iraq is at a crossroads according to Iraqiya list leader Ayad Allawi.

He believes there are three options to end the political crisis in the country: a new government should be formed in preparation for early elections, the National Coalition chooses a new Prime Minister with a strong parliamentary opposition to evaluate performance, or a national partnership government that depends on the Erbil Agreements. (more…)

02/01/2012 12:02

BAGHDAD, Jan.2 (AKnews)- A member of the State of Law Coalition (led by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki) advised Iraqiya List leaders to reconsider their policies towards their members instead of accusing others.

Recently some members of the Iraqiya List (led by Maliki’s elections’ rival Ayad Allawi) in Wasit, Basra, Najaf and Babel provinces withdrew from the List on the ground that “the List has deviated from its original political agenda.”

Iraqiya held SLC for the splits, accusing SLC of putting pressure on Iraqiya members. (more…)

01/01/2012 12:52

BAGHDAD, Jan.1 (AKnews)- Iraqiya List lawmakers and ministers will not end their boycott unless the Iraqi government fulfills the demands of the List, an Iraqiya leader said today.

It is almost two weeks that Iraqiya deputies have staged the boycott in protest to lack of “real” partnership in political process and what they described as “unilateral ruling.”

Hamed Mutlag told AKnews that Iraqiya List decided to boycott sessions of the House of Representatives and Council of Ministers over a host of issues which will be resolved in the expected meeting of political blocs’ leaders.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has called for an emergency national conference which will be held soon. In the meeting the political blocs are to find resolutions for the crisis created by recent tensions. (more…)

BAGHDAD, Dec. 29 (AKnews) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s office revealed Wednesday that the PM will broach the subject of the absent Iraqiya from the Council of Ministers within the next few days.

Former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi’s Iraqiya List decided to boycott cabinet meetings and the Council of Representatives’ sessions because of the escalating political differences with the State of Law Coalition.

Last week Maliki threatened to sack any minister who boycotted the meetings in accordance with article 78 of the constitution. (more…)

28/12/2011 14:10

Since the middle of December 2011, Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has targeted leading members of the rival list, the Iraqi National Movement (INM). This has included an arrest warrant for Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, and a move to hold a no confidence vote against Deputy Premier Saleh al-Mutlaq. Now there are reports that Finance Minister Rafi Issawi may be Maliki’s next target.

Finance Minister Rafi Issawi was signaled out right from the beginning of Prime Minister Maliki’s crackdown. On December 15, Issawi’s and Vice President’s Hashemi’s residences in Baghdad’s Green Zone were surrounded by the security forces, with the former placed under temporary house arrest. (more…)