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Haider Ali Jawad – 11/07/2013
Saw the official spokesman for “Iraqi National Accord Movement” led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to talk about re-nominate the President of the current government Nuri al-Maliki for a third term: “a blow to the foundations of democracy fragile, and does not help to support the stability which is a political consensus and one of the most important Mrtkzach, puts the frenzied quest to arm the army at this time, questionable and dubious. ”



05/11/2013 – 17:07

was Vice President, for his country’s welcome to pass Iraq’s election law, saying that the consensus that happened today showed the power of democratic institutions in Iraq, praising led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani.

said Joseph Biden In a statement posted on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, seen by “Alsumaria News”, “The United States welcomes passes the law governing parliamentary elections, the Iraqi Council of Representatives,” adding that the issuance of this law is “the result of several weeks of negotiation and compromise among all political blocs Home in Iraq. ” (more…)

30-10-2013 11:33 AM
Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the capital of the United States and Washington on an official visit lasting five days. An informed source (of the Agency news): that al-Maliki arrived in Washington at the head of a government delegation, noting that he would meet with Vice President Joseph Biden. (more…)

Allawi And Barzani And Najafi In Washington By Al-Maliki
On October 21, 2013

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq – visiting head of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, Washington, DC, in response to a formal invitation to him, to discuss the situation in Iraq and the region. According to a source familiar with the “Allawi is visiting Washington in response to an official invitation addressed to him from U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to discuss the situation in Iraq and the region . (more…)

Allawi “is visiting America for treatment of an old knee injury”?!

Expressed close to the Iraqi leader surprised at the statements that addressed some of the media for that Ayad Allawi’s visit to Washington, an official came to meet the U.S. government’s invitation.

Indicating that Allawi, currently lying in a U.S. hospital for treatment of an old knee injury. (more…)

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Previous meeting between Obama and Maliki

06:41 PM

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki beginning of the twenty-ninth of the month visit to the United States in response to an official invitation from U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

The Information Office of the Prime Minister in a press statement: “The al-Maliki will be held during the visit, meetings with U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and senior officials in the United States, focused on ways to strengthen the ties of friendship and partnership in the light of the strategic framework agreement between the two countries.”

And added: “It is scheduled to address the talks are also ongoing developments in the region, particularly the Syrian crisis, and the prospects of cooperation between the two sides to install regional security and stability.”

also will deliver Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a lecture on the situation in Iraq and the region in one of the U.S. research centers.

Najafi, Biden discuss Iraq’s security and holding the elections on time

Search House Speaker Osama Najafi in a telephone conversation with U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, the situation in Iraq and the region. (more…)

welcomed U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, U.S., on Thursday, the positions of Iraq in strengthening its relationship with neighboring countries, especially with Kuwait and address their problems.

This came during a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and Deputy Prime Minister Khudair Alkhozai.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement obtained “obelisk”, a copy of that “During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, including the emphasis on the importance of exchanging visits at the level of senior officials and to activate the agreement strategic framework between the two countries, and cooperation and coordination in the fight against terrorism.” (more…)

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 14:40

Baghdad (AIN) -The US embassy in Iraq announced that the US Vice President, Joe Biden discussed with the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, the recent security developments in Iraq as well as the need to stick to the Strategic Framework Agreement to chase the perpetrators of the last bombings.

A statement by the US embassy received by AIN cited “Biden and Maliki stressed during a phone call, the necessity to upgrade the mutual cooperation between Baghdad and Washington.” (more…)

The White House confirmed his commitment to the security and stability of Iraq, denying that “Biden has returned again and put an earlier project to divide Iraq into three federal regions.”

The newspaper quoted the Middle East, an informed source in the White House today that “Biden had contacted last week by telephone with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and through his concern about the escalating violence in Iraq, particularly bombings and sectarian it through also to the owners about U.S. support for the unity, security and stability in Iraq and that the United States is eager to continue cooperation with the Government of Iraq to confront terrorism. ” (more…)

27-05-2013 11:05 AM

Deliberated parliamentary circles leaks about the fact telephony closed conducted by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden recently with leaders and Iraqi politicians in Baghdad.

According to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the Biden search through its connection dial with Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and over the full hour files demonstrations and the escalation of violence in the country and the return of Finance Minister resigned Rafie al-Issawi to the government and the formation of local governments new. (more…)

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 5.29.23 AMSaturday, 25 May 2013 10:22 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) –The US Vice-President, Joseph Biden phoned the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki on Friday where they discussed the political updates in Iraq.

A statement by the White House received by AIN cited “Vice President Biden spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today. Discussion focused on Syria, and both leaders agreed on the importance of a negotiated end to the conflict. (more…)

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 5.28.43 AMFriday, 24 May 2013 13:41 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) –The parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, discussed in a phone call with the US Vice-President, Joseph Biden, the political crisis in Iraq and the region.

A statement by Nijaifi’s office received by AIN cited “Nijaifi received a phone call from the Biden where they discussed the political situation and the crisis in Iraq,” noting that “Biden showed concern over the disturbed security situation in Iraq and Syria stressing the necessity of having an Iraqi settlement to the current crisis.”


23/05/2013 22:54:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi, discussed in a telephone call, with US Vice President, Joe Biden, political developments in Iraq and current crisis.

A statement to the press issued on Thursday, May 23, by Parliament’s Media Bureau, said that Nijaife received a phone call from US Vice President, Joe Biden, discussing Iraq’s political situation and current crisis. (more…)

Iraqi delegation that met Biden in Washington
Biden is Fayad that next year will be the year “in order to save many opportunities to expand and deepen cooperation” between Baghdad and Washington

2.28.2013 12:13

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s commitment to the United States partnership agreement signed Bouapnha and between Iraq and promised the Iraqi National Security Advisor Faleh al-Fayad that next year would witness more opportunities that will “broaden and deepen relations between the two countries.” (more…)

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said his country is determined to be the next four years will see a steady growth of bilateral relations in all fields.

A statement issued by the Information Office of the Prime Minister today received news agency public opinion a copy of “al-Maliki received on Tuesday evening phone call from U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.” (more…)

Published 04/09/2012 09:45 AM

Babinaoz – agencies: agency said (UR) it’s got a very important information about the details of the upcoming visit of the U.S. delegation to Iraq.

The sources said the task in the Prime Minister’s Office said that “al-Maliki briefed on an electronic message sent by the U.S. government this morning indicates the work program of the U.S. delegation, which will be headed by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden.” (more…)

Monday, 03 September / September 2012 13:12

[Baghdad – where]

Announced the U.S. State Department for a planned visit to a number of U.S. Almsaoliyn to Iraq to activate Convention Alstratjah between the two countries.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones at a press conference building the U.S. embassy in Baghdad attended by the correspondent all of Iraq [where] on Monday that “a number of Almsaoliyn Americans would visit Iraq in the coming days to activate the work of the Joint Commission within the strategic framework agreement between the two countries will reach During the next two days the first agent in the U.S. State Department and is responsible for energy Ambassador file [Adaptin Cowell. ” (more…)

Said Ali Moussawi, an adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the US delegation will arrive in Baghdad on Monday.

Moussawi said, “The U.S. delegation will arrive in Baghdad in the third of this month”, without mentioning of this delegation will be headed. (more…)

Military reveals visiting U.S. delegation headed by Biden to Baghdad tomorrow centered foundation Syrian issue
Saturday, 01 September / September 2012 15:51

Baghdad Wayne

Revealed a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary visit U.S. delegation high level delegation headed by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden will arrive on Sunday to Baghdad, explaining that axis the foundation of the visit is to coordinate the positions of Washington and the UN Security Council and Iraq direction Syrian crisis and search initiative Iraq to solve the Syrian issue. (more…)

Date: 2012-08-23 13: 38: 08 Thursday

Baghdad (News) … Detection of a senior Iraqi Government official, on a visit by us Vice-President Joe Biden to Iraq in the coming period.

The source (News Agency news) on Thursday that u.s. Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Iraq in the coming days to discuss developments in the region, the political crisis in Iraq, without specifying the source on the visit. (more…)

Monday, 20 August / August 2012 13:31

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced the chief of staff of the American military Gen. Martin Dempsey, who will visit Iraq later that “Iraq told us of his intention to strengthen military ties with the United States, eight months after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from that country.” (more…)

01/08/2012 13:03

ERBIL, August 1 (AKnews) – The Kurdistan Region’s Presidency revealed details of a telephone call between the region’s President Massoud Barzani and US Vice President Joe Biden about Iraq’s current political crisis. (more…)

Kuwaiti leaks: the positions of al-Maliki of Syria and Iran might oust him outside the walls of the Green Zone

Kuwaiti newspaper revealed on Saturday that the United States and the U.S. reached the conviction of the necessity of changing the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

She was a Kuwaiti newspaper, and I followed ” Twilight News “, that” the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived conviction that the exclusion of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from office because of his support for the Syrian regime and queued with Iran. ” (more…)

6/15/2012 6:02 PM

BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Ahrar Bloc MP Abdul Hussein Raisan described the visit of US Biden’s advisor to Iraq aims at follow-up the American project in Iraq, in reference to the division project of the country into three federalisms.

In a press statement, Raisan predicted that “crises could be continued to complete the division plan, which was proposed by Vice-President Biden”. (more…)

On: Friday 6/15/2012 2:57

Citizen / follow-up phone, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to discuss the most important developments in the political crisis in Iraq and how to get out as soon as possible .. Vice President Biden, who heads the cell crisis in Iraq, which was scheduled to visit Baghdad in the past few days (more…)

Thursday, June 14, 2012 14:59

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq, with its democratic system is capable of solving all the problems and overcome all challenges to his way. (more…)

Date: Thursday, 14-06-2012 01: 45 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) … Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Adviser Vice President Joe Biden the security situation in the region and ways to strengthen inter-agency coordination.

Statement said the Prime Minister received (News Agency news) on Thursday: Al-Maliki confirmed during the meeting to continue its work and coordination with the United States to strengthen security and stability in the region.

Intends to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visit Baghdad on Tuesday, and meet with government officials and leaders of blocs to discuss a number of files. (more…)

Date: Monday, 04-06-2012 02: 35 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) … A senior government source ruled out by u.s. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Iraq on Tuesday.

Source is close to the Prime Minister in particular (News Agency news) Monday: the Iraqi Government so far has not received any notice or communication from the u.s. Embassy in Baghdad, the structure of u.s. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Iraq on Tuesday. (more…)