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Iraq, Kuwait provides a list of [30] a former officer believed possession of information for the remains of their nationals
Tuesday, October 12 2 / November 2013 19:39

Supplied by the Iraqi government of the State of Kuwait list of [30] officers were working in the security services during the former regime are believed to have information on the remains of Kuwaiti citizens were executed mass graves in Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait in 1990. (more…)

Revealed to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Tuesday, as having four drafts of oil and gas law awaiting the arrival of a fifth to be released from mini-committee between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, as noted that the continued dispute over the law is structured with five points, cautioned that the committee Baghdad – Erbil mini did not meet 8 months ago. (more…)

Announced the Ambassador of Kuwait to the insured that the Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak will visit Baghdad next month to discuss the talks to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

said the believer, “the Kuwaiti Prime Minister Jaber Al-Mubarak will visit Iraq during the next April to discuss cooperation between the two countries as well as the demarcation of the border and work The Joint Commission, “pointing out that” the visit will address progress in talks to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. ” (more…)

12/02/2012 12:00 am

revealed Kuwaiti sources for “Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network” that Iraq and Kuwait are moving towards the preparation of a partnership agreement strategy during the next term. comes at a time when the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Kuwaiti Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah said relations between the two countries witnessed great progress. (more…)

Monday, 03 September / September 2012 13:12

[Baghdad – where]

Announced the U.S. State Department for a planned visit to a number of U.S. Almsaoliyn to Iraq to activate Convention Alstratjah between the two countries.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones at a press conference building the U.S. embassy in Baghdad attended by the correspondent all of Iraq [where] on Monday that “a number of Almsaoliyn Americans would visit Iraq in the coming days to activate the work of the Joint Commission within the strategic framework agreement between the two countries will reach During the next two days the first agent in the U.S. State Department and is responsible for energy Ambassador file [Adaptin Cowell. ” (more…)

Baghdad / Orr News

A source high-level political deal that the demarcation of the Iraq-Kuwait border was $ 16 million was distributed to four major parliamentary blocs, and said there was “a deliberate intention to remain quiet on any formula out by the Joint Commission for the demarcation of the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border.” (more…)

Political sources revealed that the prime minister still refuses to publish items that have been signed with the Kuwaiti government, considering that the duties of the government and its responsibility to safeguard the interests of Iraq. (more…)

18/4/2012 12: 00 am

The sacrifice: don’t dispute over port Mubarak

At the time of disclosure the Director General of the environment public authority of Kuwait Dr. Salah the sacrifice revealed that the Kuwaiti side of the Iraqi side submitted a picture of what we are ‘ in the construction phase, in addition to studies on drilling» Kabeer port, in the meetings of the Joint Commission between Kuwait and Iraq at the end of this month, the politicians that the next joint meeting between both sides is important and will terminate outstanding paving the way to eject Iraq from pain of Chapter VII. (more…)

Revealed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a forthcoming meeting of the Joint Commission between Iraq and Kuwait to discuss the implications of the draft Port Mubarak known Boubyan, and discuss its impact on the Iraqi economy.

Said Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, however, Abbawi in the “press statement”, said the ministry had not taken any position on what was raised on the port of Mubarak, who hosted by Kuwait in the Persian Gulf, and may cause the project of the damage Iraq’s economy, noting that the issue of the port will be discussed through Committee set up by the Council of Ministers headed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, membership of a number of ministers concerned.

The Abawi said the committee set up by the government had not met yet, but the Joint Commission between the two countries will begin meeting next month to discuss the issue.