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Saturday 28 December 2013

witnessed the 2013 events, economic prominent left a clear imprint on the level of the national economy, starting from the start of initial production fields Garraf and crazy petroleum giants and rising oil exports, through the rise back up Iraq’s hard currency, and the development and the largest federal budget in the history of Iraq, down to the the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding with one of the Swiss companies to set up a refinery in Missan. (more…)


14 October 2013
Committee called on the parliamentary oil and energy to speed up enactment of a law of the Federal Council for Oil and Gas decode the interactions between the ministries of oil and electricity and problems with the provinces and the Kurdistan region, telltale important positive role to be undertaken by the Council in the development of strategic policies for energy.

Rapporteur of the Committee MP Mohammad Qasim, subject to the feasibility of the plans adopted by the ministries of oil and electricity in the area of ​​investment formation of this Council, which is located on himself the functions of the agreements and sign contracts and file management under the supervision of the ministries of energy together. (more…)

September 30, 2013
Amounted to a source in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance announced today that his ministry has completed the preparation of the draft budget for the country, and sent it to the government as a prelude to discuss the clauses at a future meeting, and forwarded to the House of Representatives for discussion and approval.

He pointed to the size of this budget, which are described above in the history of Iraq between previous budgets, will reach 174.6 trillion Iraqi dinars (150.1 billion dollars) on the basis of calculating an oil price of 90 dollars per barrel, as it is expected that the volume of oil exports for next year to 3.4 million barrels daily. He explained that the next budget than its predecessor in 2013 at about 36 trillion dinars (30 billion dollars). It is noteworthy that the U.S. dollar is equal to 1160 dinars. (more…)

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The Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, on Wednesday, that Iraq is the only country in the Middle East and OPEC, which gets full membership in the Initiative Extractive Industries Transparency, while revealed quest completed monument 5000 meter at various stages of the oil industry by the end of 2013 the current, Initiative showed that there is a “strict conformity” between the companies and government data extraction on the amounts paid and received in 2010 the last of $ 52 billion. (more…)

Date: Sunday 03/03/2013 07:35 pm

Hours before the deadline to vote on the state budget for 2013 in the House of Representatives there are no definitive figures of what will be the budget, which is said to have the largest budget in the history of Iraq.

Figure announced by the Council of Ministers when approved budget on 23 October last year before 4 months and 14 days was 138 trillion dinars, equivalent to more than 118 billion dollars and over the past months conducted parliamentary committees and negotiations between the political blocs several amendments to the budget figures but has yet to reach a final formula for approval amid popular Discontent of damage to the citizens due to the delay of the budget. (more…)

1/24/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) Term central bank attributed the high rate of overall inflation to rise in rents for the role, citing the deteriorating housing sector in the light of the increasing demand for housing, which exceeded three million housing units in addition to other factors internal and external.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Baghdadi News that the rate of inflation estimated at 6.5% and four years ago was about 34% and decreased at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 to 3%. The added benefit is that Iraq in 2011, influenced by two factors, the first high Rental of residential buildings and lists of the new power which was organized by the Ministry of Electricity, stressing that this paragraph constitutes 31% of the consumer basket, which is measured inflation based. (more…)

Private banks demanding equal application of the decisions of the banks, government

Called on the Iraqi private banks to adopt as a competitor for the banks that the government of Iraq is now going through the open horizon of the private sector.

The economists emphasized that the role of the central bank supports those banks, they look at it as a restriction to limit its role. The economist said Dr. Issam Mahouelle’s (citizen) that the banks now is to deposit funds with the central bank and obtain the benefits of this process.

He explained that the role of banks in general is doing real banking operations of the granting of loans and advances granted various credit facilities for traders and investors, because of the economic benefit achieved for the country. (more…)

BAGHDAD – Abbas Zaidi
A source leading parliamentarian said in an interview with the “world”, said the Commission on oil and energy in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, which oversees the largest oil reserves in the world, working in conditions of miserable too, because they do not have sufficiently familiar with the reports of oil produced by news agencies, research centers, prestigious, and it derives its information from only the Oil Ministry, while a monopoly on recent data. (more…)

Baghdad: Naseer Ahmed
Called the new Iraqi Minister of Electricity Karim Al Aftan U.S. banks financing the electricity sector projects through the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The Minister of Electricity Karim Aftan engineer, he made a covenant at the same rate of advancement of electric power system in the country, expressing optimism about the future of the electricity sector.

This came during a meeting Aftan Ambassador James Jeffrey and his accompanying delegation, expressing his happiness on the cooperation of the U.S. side and support for the electricity sector through the American manufacturing companies like General Electric, which promise to his best interface for the United States of America, as well as praising the banks the U.S., calling on them finance sector projects electricity through the U.S. ambassador.


Baghdad (NINA) – US ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, announced the US specialized companies’ willingness to build power stations in Iraq and equip them on the installment payment system if guarantees from the Iraqi government were available.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Electricity quoted Jeffrey as saying, during a meeting with Minister of Electricity Karim Aftan “the U.S. companies are willing to work on projects of the Ministry of Electricity under all forms of cooperation, whether direct payment or in installment,” noting that the issue of payment in installment needs to be supported by the Iraqi government, to provide adequate guarantees to assure the companies on their dues in Iraq.


On: Wed, 10/26/2011 17:22

Baghdad (news) .. Search and Electricity Minister Karim Aftan with U.S. Ambassador James Jeffrey, ways of cooperation in projects of the electricity sector and the entry of U.S. companies to work in Iraq.

According to a statement of the Ministry of Electricity has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Wednesday: that Aftan praised the corporate U.S. manufacturer of power plants, electric, in particular the General Electric Company, which promised the best interface to the U.S. as well as praising the banks the U.S., calling on them to finance projects of the electricity sector.


Contract for the Economic Affairs Committee at its twenty-seventh and took a number of important economic decisions.

Chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Dr example, has typically Nuri Shaways in the presence of ministers (oil, trade and industry, minerals and agriculture) and President of the Office of Financial Supervision and Central Bank Governor and Chairman of the National Investment Commission and a member of advisory board and Associate Secretary General of the Council of Ministers.


Committee decided to senior government keep the pricing power of past and not to adopt new rates that citizens complained about their wages high.

Presided over Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis of the session twenty-seventh of the Committee on Economic Affairs yesterday, the presence of the ministers of oil, trade and industry, minerals, agriculture, and the President of Supreme Audit and the Governor Central Bank and Chairman of the National Investment and advisory board member and assistant secretary-general of the Council of Ministers.


A source in the information department of the Council of Representatives that the hearing on Monday (10-10-2011), would be complementary to the Saturday session, which filed for lack of quorum.

The source told the correspondent of news agency future (and) said: “The agenda of the meeting of the Council for the day will be the same agenda for the meeting on Saturday, which was postponed for lack of quorum.”


Baghdad / Basra / Najaf / Babylon 9 September / October (Rn) – swept through a number of Iraqi cities on Friday, demonstrations called for by activists and civil society organizations through social networking sites on the Internet calling for the provision of services and reforms in the country, as some called for a legislative election early.

The demonstrators came out in the capital, Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Babylon and other cities, denouncing the poor public services provided to citizens.


House of Representatives held its 25-Najafi and headed by the presence of 164 deputies

The Council of Representatives, Thursday, its 25-year second legislative headed by President of the Council Osama Najafi and the presence of 164 deputies, with parliamentary source that the meeting will discuss the government program and the first reading of draft law on the Second Amendment to the Law of the Ministry of Water Resources No. 50 of 2008.

A parliamentary source said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “the House of Representatives held on Thursday, its 25-year second legislative headed by President of the Council Osama Najafi and his two deputies, and the presence of 164 deputies,” noting that “the meeting will discuss the government program with the ministers of planning, trade and Displacement and Migration. ”


Baghdad, August 17 / Aguetstus (Rn) – The Iraqi Council of Representatives to hold its 24-day Wednesday, led by Osama Najafi and the presence (217) deputies, to hold the first reading of a proposed oil and gas law, and hosting of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Electricity Minister resigned.

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Ashwaq dry Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that “today’s session will read the first of a proposed oil and gas law, and hosting of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani, Minister of Electricity Raad waterfall, on the contracts of electricity with two Canadian and German.”

She added that the dry “The session will discuss the government program, hosted by the Minister of Agriculture, Izz al-Din of State, Minister of Water Resources Muhannad Al Saadi, and Health Minister Mohammad Amin Majid, Minister of Environment Salioh Sargon.”


On: Tuesday 08/09/2011 12:14

Baghdad (news) .. detect and Planning Minister Ali Shukri, the launch of two new ideas in the framework of the state budget for the year 2012.

Shukri said while attending the ministerial meeting of the coordination on the prioritization of the budget for the year 2012, that the idea include the first federal budget submitted by the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and dividing the sum of the various ministries and provinces.


Working of the oil, energy, the parliamentary review the final contracts rounds Turatejes oil three concluded by the Ministry of Oil in the absence of a law on oil and gas.

Said Rep. Susan Saad said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary stage of completion of the review of contracts for tours the first and second and third licenses foreign companies to keep holding company Shell, which signed the letters with the first.

She Saad, according to the independent press (Iba) to the existence of reservations among members of the committee to hold Shell because he did not pass the House of Representatives did not receive the vote.


Iraqi bank assets not sufficient for major foreign investment projects
Baghdad, July 12 (AKnews) – The assets of Iraqi backs are not large enough to make their use by international companies realistic, resulting in major investment projects being impeded, the Iraqi Electricity Ministry said today.

Spokesman Musab al-Mudarres told AKnews: “Iraqi banks cannot provide financial guarantees to foreign companies because their capital is below the guarantees expected by corporations.”

“The Ministry of Electricity has submitted a request to the Council of Ministers about the need to facilitate banking transactions and involving well-known foreign banks in the guarantees.”

Baghdad, July 12 (Rn) – The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity Federal, Tuesday, that the bank controls impede contracting with international companies, which would require parliamentary legislation.

The teacher told Musab al-Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the Federal Ministry of Electricity and facing the problem of banking transactions with international companies, as the controls are required to provide letters of guarantee in government banks, raising fears of those companies.”

“The Ministry of Electricity rose to the presidency of the Council of Ministers the need to facilitate banking procedures and the involvement of foreign banks approved and well known in the letters of guarantee.”


Minister of Finance:’ll put pressure on the Council of Ministers, Hasib citizens to government debt

Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi that he will be asked to extinguish the debt from the government on the Iraqis, which is for electricity, real estate and agricultural bank.

Al-Issawi stating that he would ask the Council of Ministers and in person to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to extinguish the debt claimed by the Iraqi government, which will reach a whole to 900 billion Iraqi dinars.

Issawi said that the fire may be limited to the bank wanted the real estate and small amounts of agricultural and wanted the Ministry of Electricity wages of electric power, indicating that he had received assurances from some ministers, to vote on this issue.

Friday, 13 May 2011
The Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, Friday, the first of next July, the date for the flow of oil humpback in Wasit to global markets, confirmed that the end of this year will see a flow of 120 thousand barrels per day of production of the field, as promised by the government and Wasit local address the Prime Minister directly for the establishment of stations gas to generate electricity conservation depending on the gas associated with oil extracted, rather than burned.

The Director of the Division Ahdab oil field in Wasit, Ahmed Abd al-Rida in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “first of next July, will see the commencement of pumping oil from the field Humpback by 60 thousand barrels per day, instead of 25 thousand barrels had planned to inject previously at the end of the year. “


BAGHDAD (Inas Tariq): source revealed the presence of a representative of more than 189 files financial and administrative corruption, proving Involvement of senior officials in the State concerning the conclusion of contracts and suspicious transactions, mostly in the Ministry of Electricity, trade, interior and defense.

The sources for the “long” to views and blocks Political block the opening of these files in the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, at the time of detection of 65 waste Million by the Ministry of Trade to import materials will be expired Burning .


Office of the Vice President

Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

As part of his outreach to U.S. allies and partners, the Vice President spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today to consult on developments in Egypt.


Prime Minister of Iraq Nuri al-Maliki listens ...


The Member of Parliament for the Iraqi List, led by Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on Sunday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki pledged to the House of Representatives to meet the demands of Iraqi demonstrators through inter Corrections in the coming days, are excluded in At the same time that the events in Iraq lead to regime change because of political pluralism.

The Jalp Alinvtji of Kurdistan News Agency (Rn), “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed today in the House of Representatives to meet the demands of Iraqi demonstrators in the coming days,” indicating that “Council is waiting for promises al-Maliki.”


House of Representatives voted in its regular Thirty-second, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Osama al-Chairman of the Board of Deputies today, Sunday, 13 22011, and the presence of Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, the prime ministers of eight candidates to fill the vacant ministries.

At the beginning of the meeting was called to order any of the above, Mr. Hakim, President of the Council condolences to the Deputy Alhurcab just the death of his brother and read Surat Al-Fatiha of the death of former MP Mahmoud al-Azzawi.youth revolution in Egypt, changed the system being the largest country in the region without spilling a drop of blood Insurgents one or havoc on their land and their institutions.


A cropped image of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri ...


The Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense Council of Representatives, Sunday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will attend to the House of Representatives for the purpose of providing nine of the names of candidates for service ministries for a vote at today’s meeting and denied that security ministries, including the.

He said MP Hasan al for the National Alliance, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) announced today that “the will of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said the names of nine ministers for the ministries of service for the purpose of voting upon by the Council in its session today, stressing that the names do not include the ministers of security.

It was a media adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Ali al-Moussawi said to (Rn) earlier today that “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki presented the names of several candidates for the Ministry of Electricity and service ministries and ministries of the State to the Iraqi Council of Representatives to vote on them.”