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05/09/2012 14:35

Arbil September 5 / September (Rn) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi the need for arbitration Constitution to solve internal differences and named defense minister as soon as. (more…)

Wednesday, 05 September / September 2012 14:04

Agreed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with House Speaker Osama Nujaifi to resolve named defense minister.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday that “al-Maliki discussed during a meeting in his office Najafi and views on various domestic issues and the status of the region, especially relations with neighboring countries, and emphasized the need for cooperation and coordination between the executive and legislative branches including accelerates process development services and reconstruction in the country. ” (more…)

BAGHDAD (Agencies) said the Second Deputy Speaker Arif Tayfur, the “The political process in Iraq, will see next week intensive activities may lead to Liberalization process of the current deadlock. “Tayfur added that” the meetings of the Council of Representatives will resume Next week and continue for 10 days, “noting that” the most important consideration is the potential points Hold the first reading of the draft law of the Supreme Council for the strategic policy, after Is referred to the Council by the President of the Republic of Iraq “.


Close to Talabani: Iraqi Minister of Defense and to fill the agency

Uncovered close to President Jalal Talabani, on Thursday, that the portfolio of the Ministry of Interior will be filled by someone chosen by the National Alliance supported the Iraqi List, stressing at the same time that the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense will be filled temporarily by the Minister of the Iraqi .

The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance Raundozi in an interview (twilight) that “some of the meetings and consultations that took place between the political blocs, resulted in the kind of understanding about the status of a final solution to the issue of the security ministries vacant,” asserting “the existence of alternative solutions and breakthrough of the crisis that hit this issue “.


Maliki calls for the inclusion of a list of national security Limbering Ministerial

Baghdad, July 20 (Rn) – The deputy of the State of Law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives to request calls for the drawer of the Ministry of National Security in the list of Limbering ministry and transferred to the device as an intelligence.

The Prime Minister has sent a message last Sunday, to parliament Petrhik to 29 ministries and ministry.

Shaker said Darraji told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the Iraqi Council of Representatives to submit a request to the Prime Minister to include the Ministry of National Security in the list of Limbering Ministerial and turn it into a device similar to the intelligence service,” explaining “If coverage Baltrchiq the issue of the security ministries can resolve the  name “.


National Alliance to resolve the Ministry of National Security and postpone the issue to the Commission next week

Resolution of the National Alliance at its meeting Tuesday evening debate on the Homeland Security Department after it was scheduled to be transferred to a device for security and not the Ministry.

A source in the alliance from within the meeting room of the reporter and the agency all of Iraq [where] that “the leaders and representatives of the blocks were part of the National Alliance agreed at their meeting today to keep the Homeland Security Department and not transferred to the security apparatus.”

“The House debate on the ministry during a meeting today after launching the theme of conversion to a national security and not the Ministry, but it would resolve to keep in place such as the Ministry.”


Following the deepening political crisis between blocs of the rule of law and Iraqi List claims of parliamentary and popular cutting ministries that burdened the state budget and the resolution of the security ministries, Iraqi political circles speculated that al-Maliki’s national security advisers will be integrated into the Ministry of National Security headed by Faleh Al-Fayad, who served as national security adviser.


Early detection, a political source, on Thursday, that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has settled heavily on the two names submitted by the Iraqi List to choose one to fill the bag and the Ministry of Defence.

According to the agreement of the political blocs according to the initiative of the President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, the Iraqi position has been allocated the Ministry of Defence, which gave him more than one candidate, but did not reach to the conviction of al-Maliki.


BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: First Deputy of Parliament Speaker Qusai Al-Suhail said today that the proposed names for the security and military posts are acceptable by political blocks.
He added that” these names are acceptable except for the Iraqiyah political bloc.”

The objection of Iraqiyah bloc is “non-selection of its candidate for the post of Defence Ministry.

Parliament Speaker announced the names of the nominees for the posts.

The names were Saadoun Al-Dulaimi, current Minister of Culture, as Minister of Defence, Tawfeeq Al-Yassiri for the Ministry of interior, and Riyadh Ghareeb for the Ministry of National Security.

Expected to ratify the candidates of the security ministries, despite differences

Posted 09/05/2011 07:00 AM

Baghdad (Omar Star): suggested block «coalition rule of law», led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s approval of the Candidates for security ministries vacant before the end of this week, even with the continuing disagreement The names of the candidates, saying «ensure the required percentage of the vote in parliament ».

The «Iraqi List», led by Iyad Allawi, Maliki was considered by subtracting the filter Ministry of Defence of mass outside the «red line» and threatened to suspend its membership in the parliament .


BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi MP from the coalition, Zuhair al-Araji, Thursday, it was resolved the names of the security ministries, and expected to vote next week.

The Araji told (Voices of Iraq) that “the names of ministers decided security had been sent their resumes to members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives”, following that “next week will vote on the names within the Council.”


Palms – The MP said the National Alliance member block Block martyr Qasim Araji niche that there is a near agreement on the 3 candidates to fill the bags security ministries.

Araji said in a press statement that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki will present the names of candidates to fill the security Wazzarap bag of defense, interior and national security.


Baghdad, 16 March (Rn) – The deputy of the National Alliance, on Wednesday, the alliance agreement between the parties on the nomination of the commander of border troops Working Mohsen Al Kaabi, Minister of the Interior, stating that his coalition also agreed to nominate two characters for the office of the Ministry of National Security.


BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Parliamentarians unanimously, Tuesday, that there were signs of easing crisis nomination of candidates to take over the security ministries within a few days, noting that the intensive efforts being made ​​by all parties to end the crisis.

The MP said the coalition, the Iraqi Arshad Al-Salhi told (Voices of Iraq) that “the next few days will resolve the issue of choosing the right men for the positions the security ministries,” noting that “there are agreements between the leaders of the blocks have reached everyone to believe we need to end it and reached the final stage.”


BAGHDAD (Agencies): A source in the National Alliance, that the negotiations within the bloc on candidates for security ministries are still facing a major obstacle raised split between both sides regulars, because Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki wants a “monopoly” 3 positions of important security for a coalition of state law and to keep the “National Coalition “away from her.

It seems that it’s come to a “threat” launched by the Sadrists not to vote for candidates of al-Maliki, if put up candidates in parliament, away from the harmony within the Shiite bloc.


Jawad al-Maliki meets with Secretary of State ...

PM Nuri al-Maliki

Baghdad, 15 March (Rn)

A deputy from the coalition of law and a candidate for one of the security ministries on Tuesday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will present the names of security ministers on Thursday, indicating that it is among the candidates to the Ministry of National Security.

He said Sherwan Waili told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki would attend the House of Representatives Thursday to introduce Ministers security,” adding that “the names of candidates for these ministries exist, but that could change everything in the last hours.”


Source’s (et al): National Alliance to meet today to resolve the interior and national security and the closest to Chalabi, an internal

A source familiar with the National Alliance will meet this evening under the chairmanship of Deputy Ibrahim al-Jaafari to resolve the question of security ministries.