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Najafi, Biden discuss Iraq’s security and holding the elections on time

Search House Speaker Osama Najafi in a telephone conversation with U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, the situation in Iraq and the region. (more…)

11:29 06/08/2013

MP member of the state of the MP Adel الشرشاب the law, that the political process in the country is facing major challenges since the beginning of the formation of the current government, and so far, accusing some of the blocks of seeking to make the process of democracy and non-lame advanced. (more…)

04/11/2012 08:03
Sources parliamentary that the meeting of the three presidencies anticipated due to set a date for the convening of the national meeting likely to witness the coming period to hold intensive dialogue between the heads of blocs and political parties to review the attitudes and the results of the political movement and talks to reform committee, while sources confirmed the same for agreement almost first among the parliamentary blocs to vote a bill of infrastructure in session next Tuesday and move passage number of draft laws broken where Parliament will a meeting of heads of political blocs and committees before the start of the meeting to discuss the mechanism to pass laws broken and work of the House of Representatives for the next period. (more…)

Date: 10/20/2012 14:01:48 Saturday

Baghdad (news) .. Search by President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad today, today, with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki all issues and outstanding problems in detail and depth, emphasizing the need to take serious steps and process to resolve differences between the political parties through dialogues and discussions friendly brotherly constructive and frank. (more…)

10/18/2012 11:20:53

BAGHDAD (Iba) … Hussein said Mura’bi MP for the National Alliance bloc that the use of some political blocs to form new alliances or claims to form a political majority government caused by the arrival of the current crisis to the level of the dilemma that does not solve it. (more…)

NOAA Radio – 10/06/2012

According to the MP for the National Alliance victory Hassan Ali, that the political process will witness intensive meetings during the coming period to develop the final results of the meeting of the national reflected results positive role the legislative and executive. (more…)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Baghdad (AIN) –The Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, described the political disputes as “Exceeded what is reasonable”, calling to hold the national meeting to settle them according to the constitution.

In a press statement, received by AIN on Sunday, Maliki stated “The Iraqi people follow up the political conflict and they evaluate according to the disputes in the political process where what is happening among the political blocs is normal in a democratic country.” (more…)

2012-05-12 13:27:36

BAGHDAD (Iba) … MP from the Sadrist movement Jawad Awad Jubouri that the legislative recess of the Parliament and the disruption of his work will not affect the national meeting to be held.

Jubouri said, told the independent press (Iba) members of parliament enjoy the holiday of the legislative council will not affect the national meeting was held, and that the masses watching the developments on the political scene, and follow up consultations and meetings that take place between leaders of political blocs. (more…)

05/10/2012 0:00

Parliament represents the heart of the political process in a democracy. Parliament includes representatives of the people which is the highest authority in the sovereign state. House and exercising their powers under the legislative and regulatory authorization popular that they had received in the general election. (more…)

Political circles agree on the importance of holding the national meeting and enter into a dialogue between the blocks after the best method to resolve disputes which have marred the political process.

In this regard, said a representative for a coalition of state law, the insistence of his coalition to hold a national meeting on Bhlhalh the current political crisis as soon as possible. (more…)

07/04/2012 17:33

Baghdad, April 7 / April (Rn) – The Iraqi National List led by Iyad Allawi on Saturday that the political process and come to a dead end and that the National Congress that can not return it to the track and asked to stay away from the practice of the principle of “procrastination and marginalization” of others.

A member of the coordinating body for the list of Abdul Karim Mahood at a news conference in Baghdad that “the political process and come to a dead end, threaten the unity and the future of Iraq can not be for the National Conference to return it to the track if there were not sincere intentions.” (more…)

Saturday, April 7 / April 2012 15:31

Announced a coalition list Iraqi political process has reached a dead end, threaten the unity and the future of Iraq and can not be the Matmalotunai or else it goes back to the track that were not there sincere intentions based on the basis of true reconciliation and leave the partisan interests and party and go back to the Iraqi people and the fight against the corrupt and the corrupt who went on the ground corrupt. (more…)

On: Tuesday 02/14/2012 12:03

Baghdad (news) .. MP for / coalition in Iraq / Ibrahim al-Mutlaq, said that the continuing political differences will be reflected negatively on the security situation in the country.

Mutlaq said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The continuing political differences between the parties will reflect negatively on the security situation and economic and service in the country, calling the leaders of political resolution of all outstanding differences as soon as possible. (more…)

13 February, 2012 07:47:00

Confirmed its commitment to the Iraqi List, the success of the National Congress in order to correct the course of the political process and to address deviations from the democratic process in order to build a civil state that respects the dignity of the citizen.

The spokeswoman said the name of the list MP Maysoon al in a press release received Fayhaa a copy of “statements made ​​in the speech of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the issue of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, the anniversary of the establishment of the Dawa Party, which coincided with the start of the work of the National Conference constituted an escalation of unacceptable However, if the aim was to thwart the meeting even before it begins, “the statement said.

Confirmed a coalition of state law, the Sabbath, that all outstanding issues will be discussed at the national meeting to be held soon, while stressing that the coalition wants to be a positive participation of the Iraqi and serious this time.

The MP said the coalition of state law Mohammed Sehud for “Twilight News”, “rule of law announced Baerakip welcomed, but is hoping to be the beginning of a return of the existing partnership in a real responsibility.” (more…)

Khuzai: next week will see a meeting to discuss the working papers to be submitted by political blocs
On: Tuesday 02/07/2012 15:14

Baghdad (news) .. Deputy President of the Republic Khodair al for the meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference which was held yesterday at the home of President Jalal Talabani, has been successful has been agreed between all parties involved in the political process such that the Constitution is the sole authority to resolve all disputes and to ensure the independence of the Iraqi judiciary. (more…)

Saturday, 28 December / 2 January 2012 18:53

Search the leader of the Iraqi List of Iyad Allawi with Vice President Joe Biden, the developments of the political process in Iraq, during a telephone conversation on Saturday lasted about half an hour.

During the phone call discussed the political crisis that Taatari the political process and ways to find appropriate solutions, where Biden stressed the need to achieve national partnership in the political process

19/11/2011 15:40

Baghdad, 19 / November (Rn) – The number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Saturday, to work to mitigate the current political crisis in the country and not to launch accusations against others, stressing the need to hold dialogues quiet and stay away from conflicts and political disputes between the blocks.

He attributed the deputies, the crisis experienced by the suffocating political process for many reasons, including near the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, and stuck some of the blocks and their positions not to compromise on its agenda.

In this context, said deputy state law, Kamal Saadi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) to the “importance to hold dialogues maturity and mind between the parties away from retrenchment and stability of the situation” one pointing saying, “We need to dialogue discreet and quiet designed to appease the political arena in Iraq “. (more…)

The Iraqi List, calls for the fourth summit of the leaders of political blocs

Called the Iraqi List, Wednesday, a meeting of leaders of political blocs for the diagnosis and treatment errors, confirming that the agreements Allaltazam Erbil and initiative of President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim will save the political process.

The adviser said the Iraqi List, Hani Ashour said in a statement reported to “Twilight News” The survival of the idea of quotas of political sectarianism and the dimensions of competencies because of that, and the incompatibility of the political blocs on the line of the lowest of the agreement in the crucial decisions and concern for the concerns of the people makes it imperative to review and production of the political process, a new version maintains the unity of Iraq land and people, and the distance the country from crises that seem to have become the strategic control of Iraq and to cover the corruption and failure in the management of files and security services. ” (more…)

Baghdad (news) .. Said President Jalal Talabani that Iraq sought to expanding friendly relations of fruit with the countries of the world because of its positive impact on the overall political process.

and the transfer of the Information Office of the President in a statement received by the Agency (news) a copy of it with him Talabani as saying: During receiving the credentials of Ambassador Czech new ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wrabek Iraq and the Czech Republic share a historical relationship strong and we look forward to strengthen it, and expressed Iraq’s desire to establish better relations between the two countries in all spheres of political, economic, cultural and other fields.


15/10/2011 11:08

Baghdad, October 15 / October (Rn) – was announced on Saturday, the formation of a new political bloc in Iraq called the (mass correct the course of the political process) and consists of members from the various menus to correct its errors, the political process and amend the constitution.

A founding member of the member of a cluster solution Almnzawah the Iraqi List, a full-Dulaimi, told the Kurdish Onabaakaneoz) “We announce today the starting composition of the new block, called a correction of the political process and amend the Constitution, and includes its members, members of the lists a variety of the House of Representatives of Iraq.”


BAGHDAD (Iba) … Adviser to the Iraqi List, said Hani Ashour said the political process is still going without collateral and a state of the atmosphere of mistrust, noting that the Supreme Council policies and share the list Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi will be the guarantee of the political process and rebuild Iraq and promote confidence between the parties.

The Ashorvi a statement received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of Iraq needs to build a partnership be the focus of trust, and partnership building to be standardized to gaze of the political blocs to build Iraq’s future, and to isolate or marginalize any leadership or block Cisash chosen by the people and prevent them from exercising its role in the industry decision and articulate a vision for building the country means we are going in through the grim dictatorship, adding that he proved that in the interest of parties and people to continue the political crises to achieve monopoly power and to cover up the corruption and cover-up of the failure to achieve the achievements.


Thursday July 7, 2011

BAGHDAD – babysit – A member of the Iraqi List, Haidar al-Mulla said the Iraqi List, welcomes any serious initiative and efforts aimed at resolving the fact that the current political crisis.

Mulla said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) on Thursday said: “Iraq welcomes any serious initiative private Initiative President of the Republic, which aims to find a solution to the current crisis taking place in the political process and the positions of the dispute between Iraq and the rule of law.” He pointed out that the last meeting of the Subject to Talabani can be built upon another meeting. ”


Vice chest: the withdrawal of the Iraqi government will not harm the political process
06/14/2011 20:34

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Sadrist lawmaker, Tuesday, that the withdrawal of the coalition, the Iraqi government will not harm the political process, as moved Media Center of the Political Commission of the Sadrist movement.

The Riad al-Zaidi, according to the position that “the suspension of the existing Iraqi participation in the House of Representatives is incorrect and irrational by the list,” he continued, “If the insistence of Iraq to suspend their participation, they will not harm the political process because they will turn to the opposition, and this is what makes the current government strong government and fair. ”

Tuesday June 14, 2011

BAGHDAD – The Feed – The member of a coalition of law Khalid al-Asadi said his coalition would welcome any serious initiative that would resolve the existing differences between the political blocs and entrench the concept of national partnership.


Baghdad / NINA/ The head of the Iraqiya slate D, Iyad Allawi said “to hold early elections, became an urgent need to correct the political process putting it in the right frame.

In an interview with Nina on Tuesday Allawi added “not to resort to correction measures would consequently destroy the political process entirely in Iraq.

Alawi said also“ the political process suffers of a deliberate marginalization and exclusion exercised by those who repudiate agreements reached, including particularly the initiative of the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani. Which led to concluding Erbil agreement and to form the current government .


Deputy Leopard: dialogues between the blocks on the National Council are still ongoing

BAGHDAD – The Feed – The National Alliance MP Adel Fahed said the debate is still ongoing between the blocks on the Law of the National Council for Higher policies enacted in the coming days.


MP for the entire coalition, the Iraqi al-Dulaimi said Iyad Allawi friendly evidence against Iranian interference in the case of the National Council of strategic policy. He pointed out “that Allawi did not accuse Iran if it did not have evidence confirmed. He said.

And al-Dulaimi said in a statement singled out by the correspondent of the Agency for News News (brother): It is not there anyone who is in Iraq that wants to destroy the political process, but there are foreign agendas. Noting “that the government remained eight months until the government shows and everyone was keen to promote the project is real and convergence of views and return to the terms of the agreement and implementation. “There are committees composed of parties and Iraqi National Alliance, performed the bulk of the work they Boutraiqam the end of the agreement in full. pointing out that” procrastination is not reflected negatively on the existing Iraqi or coalition, but the entire political process

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, that everybody should respect the election and brought him, calling to address all of the responsibilities of national and Islamic, humanitarian and continue the process of building and construction, according to a statement issued by his office.

The statement quoted Maliki as saying at a meeting in Baghdad today, the heads of independent bodies, what is happening in Iraq is different from what is happening now in the world of variables, because what is required to change does not exist in our country, because the political process in Iraq came through elections, and here for everyone to respect elections and came out through the will of the people.