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Baghdad, Mustafa Habib
At the door of the Rafidain Bank, the government stands hundreds of people in a long queue to buy the dollar after the bank allowed every Iraqi intended to travel to purchase 5,000 dollars at a subsidized price from the Central Bank of Iraq and the value of 1900 dinars per dollar.

Iraqi dinar is witnessing weeks ago marked decline against the dollar value returned by economists and Vice specialists in the matter of financial factors political, security and other financial because of the growing phenomenon of smuggling dollar outside the country. (more…)


68fe62d3ba13150344af7fcbd5be6891_XLAdel Abdul-Mahdi – 10/28/2013 – 10:36 pm

Could the central bank since 2003, raising precautions from bankruptcy and debt to more than 80 billion dollars. And was able to achieve the objectives assigned to it and essentially constant currency and control inflation ..

Dropped the price of the dollar from 1500 dinars to the dollar in the (2003) to (1166) .. Any citizen achieved (23%) Zaardh on income that was received by .. Inflation fell foundation year and inflation of about (75%) .. And (46%), respectively, to the number of individual spins between (4-8%) .. With reminders at the Millennium inflation rates, to the end of the eighties and nineties. (more…)

Smart answer: open branches of Iraqi banks abroad will boost the economy and investment

21-10-2013 12:50 PM
Baghdad (newsletter). She is a member of the Finance Committee, a Deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance//smart Najeeb, Iraqi banks to open branches in the world, saying that such a step would open the field of investment and banking transactions in other States.

Najib said (News Agency): the Iraqi banking system continued to improve, and that opening of branches of banks in foreign countries will serve the sector and expanding investment opportunities, inviting private banks to open branches to support and strengthen its supplier. (more…)


Revealed the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives for an expanded meeting will be held during the next few days to develop a new mechanism serves the work of banks in the country, indicating it is waiting for a bill from the government outlining dealing with the banking system in the future in a manner consistent with the methods adopted in developed countries.

A member of the Finance Committee secretary Hadi said in a statement singled out by the (New Morning) We «the process of holding an expanded meeting brings together representatives of government and private banks in 22 of the current month to discuss the work of the banking system in the country», adding that «the mechanisms currently approved not consistent with the development of the World countries. (more…)

Finance parliamentary: convert 5 thousand dollars per passenger raises the value of the dinar


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the conversion of $ 5,000 per passenger helps raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, to be the advocate of the dollar before the government banks instead of exchange in illegal ways. (more…)

23-06-2013 01:38 PM

Baghdad (News)/report/bahtik/… Islamic banks important strides made in promoting activity in the Iraqi market, and now compete with commercial banks through a broad audience and increase the size of their capital, prompting the Government to open Windows in the Rafidain and Rasheed Bank aims to finance projects such as buying homes and cars by citizens in accordance with certain guarantees and repay in monthly installments. (more…)

Baghdad (newsletter).Member of the Finance Committee, said MP//abdolhossein Al-yasiri, the Rafidain Bank restructuring plan and rational by International Monetary Fund includes four main paragraphs will help to support and develop the country’s banking sector.

He said Al-yasiri (News Agency): the restructuring plan of Government banks and put in good (2007), which formed a Committee headed by the Governor of the Central Bank and Finance Minister and head of the Office of financial supervision, in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund. (more…)

Date: 2012/12/02 12: 42: 24 Sunday

Baghdad (News)/report/Hussein Faleh/… A number of experts and specialists to Iraqi banks with government branches are not sufficient to contribute to the economic development of the country, indicating that each (50) people need one bank for banking needs, no boundaries (640) banks.

He interviews (News Agency news) on the need to encourage global banks discreet to open branches at home to strengthen banking and to stimulate the national economy. (more…)

Iraq Finance 2012 will facilitate constructive dialogue and exchanges between all the key players to rebuild a world-class banking and financial services industry in Iraq.


Rasheed Bank intends to finance housing projects exclusively within the plan of 2012 through the banking and lending an amount equal to 100 salary for public sector employees and 30 million Iraqi dinars for the non-staff for the purpose of purchasing homes.


Central Bank are required to “foreign” banks register the names of Iraqi

08.01.2012 0:00

Central Bank of Iraq, Tuesday, on its requirement on foreign banks wishing to open branches in the country register the names of companies, Iraqi bank, noting that he preferred to deal with these banks because of their high level in the banking business. (more…)

BAGHDAD – News Network Iraq – blamed the Iraqi Ministry of Finance Saturday reasons to stop granting housing loans to employees to the scarcity of cash, noting that the main reasons for the scarcity of liquidity delay deducting departments of accounting in the country’s ministries of loan installments and receive from those with high grades while confirming that the premiums that reached the bank Rivers of those loans did not reach 5%. (more…)

03/07/2012 2:54

pay most of the economists of the banking sector much attention for his role in the development and there is a consensus that the banking sector has seen some shifts in its direction according to the shift in economic philosophy of the country in order to keep up with current developments in the world, and with the central bank and Ministry of Finance are working on improving tracks monetary and banking, but the reality of the situation and in general reflects the indicators hinder and limit the activity of this device with all its components. (more…)

21/06/2012 0:00

General Manager at the Central Bank’s (morning):

select banking expert glitches which impede the development of the work of the banking system, pointing to the efforts made by the Central Bank of Iraq in this regard. (more…)

Date: Monday 06/11/2012 22:33

A member of the Economic Commission Deputy Amer Jassim Al-Fayez, the presence of external pressures exerted on the federal government to stop working tariff, asserting the insistence of his committee to apply them in a timely manner. (more…)

BAGHDAD, June 11 (AKnews) – The Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) stated today that the country is suffering from a low share per capita of banking services at an average of one bank per 40,000 people.

The ICB added that this is a big difference from what is found in neighboring countries, where every 10,000 people have a branch. (more…)

23-05-2012 08:00 AM

Denied the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, a money-laundering and dealing with banks that are in accordance with the law, pointing out that the sale of more than three billion dollars in the past month of April is normal .

Saleh said in a statement to ‘Twilight News’ The rate of sales of the month of April if more than three billion dollars, it may take the form Moderate rates compared to last year, adding that the situation this year is different from the past in relation to the terms and conditions set by the central bank for traders Iraqis in purchase of foreign currency ‘. (more…)

The Director of Rafidain Bank Alckheon Zia, that the continued survival of Iraq under Chapter VII and the accumulation of external financial debt restricted the participation of the bank with global banks, pointing to the existence of a single post to the bank with a French Arab banks the amount of shareholder (30) million dollars.

He said Alckheon (of the Agency news) on Saturday: All the posts of Foreign Affairs of the Rafidain Bank is almost over, except to participate only with a group of Arab banks of France in Paris, the contribution of (30) million dollars, pointing to the existence of other participating with Bank of Africa, but shares a financial low. (more…)

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 / APRIL 2012 12:19

Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, for the adoption of instruments of government, private banks in its departments and institutions, pointing out that the amount of the instrument up to five million Iraqi dinars certified maximum.

Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with ” Twilight News “The” Committee for Economic Affairs of the Council of Ministers decided to adopt the instruments of private banks in government departments and institutions that were not supported in the past. ” (more…)

On: Wednesday 04/18/2012 19:20

Government instruments based private banks five million Iraqi dinars, confirming a maximum

Supports the CBI plans will support the mission of private banks operating in Iraq for the advancement of private banks and the sector which is witnessing a clear reluctance in their work. (more…)

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 / APRIL 2012 12:19

Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, for the adoption of instruments of government, private banks in its departments and institutions, pointing out that the amount of the instrument up to five million Iraqi dinars certified maximum.

Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with ” Twilight News “The” Committee for Economic Affairs of the Council of Ministers decided to adopt the instruments of private banks in government departments and institutions that were not supported in the past. ” (more…)

Committee announced the economy and investment representative, on Friday, held for an extended conference to address the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, indicating that the conference will address the possibility of reforming the banking system in the country.

The Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment Ahmed Alwani, in an interview with ” Twilight News “that his committee” will hold a conference to reform the country’s banking system as a system of date in addition to the loss of the private sector role, which could compete with the public sector, “adding that” the conference will be held with the resumption of House of Representatives for its presence and specialists concerned with this matter. ” (more…)

On: Tuesday 3/4/2012 9:26

Word Central Bank of the Rafidain and good government, an obstacle to the development of the banking system who has to keep pace with the country headed towards a market economy, revealing a crucial meeting to be held today for the restructuring of State-owned banks.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed’s “Twilight News” that “the Rafidain and Rasheed in spite of solemn services which Ikdmanha, but they shift to a serious obstacle to the development of the banking system in the country and they dominate 85% of the banking operations. (more…)


Baghdad – Reuters
Complain Iraqi businessman is trying to gain billions of dollars flowing into the country from the oil contracts profitable that most bother him not bomb attacks or political sectarianism, but the banking system primitive., Says the businessman who represents car company foreign in Iraq and refuse to be identified because of his handling of with the government, “where credit card?” Pointing out that it is used widely in other Gulf countries.

“The extent to which we are immune to this development?”


07/03/2012 8:47

At the time decided the Iraqi Central Bank to impose guardianship on the Warka Bank, described the members of Parliament in the Economic and Financial Committee and officials in the banking sector this step b (destroyer) of the banking sector, which is the main gate in the process of attracting foreign investment, among bankers that the decision to trust is not justified especially that of Warka, which was founded in 1999 still has the financial strength did not declare bankruptcy.

Central Bank of Iraq admitted in a report released by the Directorate of banking and credit control department inspection, that the reason for the lack of liquidity to the Warka Bank and also the rest of the private banks is the decision of the Ministry of Finance 402 on 15/1/2009 and ordered by all ministries and government departments to withdraw their deposits from private banks, Warka and do it and returned $ 800 billion dinars during the period of one month. (more…)

THURSDAY, 08 MARCH / MARCH 2012 13:28

the central bank, on Thursday, for that private banks are transfers of $ 40 billion per year have achieved large profits, indicating that the private banks Tnesb hostility to the central because they want to work without legal controls.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed’s “Twilight News” that “the private banks that the 45 Iraqi banks and some branches of foreign based transfers an annual $ 40 Mllardolar have achieved large profits, and are such transfers a third of what turns Iraq’s foreign currency.” (more…)

WEDNESDAY, 07 MARCH / MARCH 2012 18:31

detection Deputy for the parliamentary Economic Committee, Wednesday, on his quest to provide a proposed law to regulate private banks with public and private sectors, pointing out that failure to address the state’s departments and the private sector with the banks because of the failure and lack of ownership by law.

A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Amer winner in an interview with “Twilight News” that “private banks and private does not have a law regulating its work but it does have instructions from the Central Bank is working under,” noting that “it must be the enactment of the domestic banks in accordance with specific controls to guarantee the rights citizens and government departments and those banks. ” (more…)

26/02/2012 13:45
A number of economists that the state-owned banks need to further develop and modernize the regulatory framework for the full banking dealings.

In this regard, stressed the President of the Institute of Economic and Monetary former Minister of Planning Mahdi Al-Hafiz’s News} {Euphrates that “there is a need to evaluate the reforms taken on the performance of the gravity of the financial sector as well as to assess their contribution in raising the country’s economic growth.” (more…)

Wed, 15 Feb 2012
Announced branch of the Rafidain Bank in the province of Dhi Qar stopped granting loans from the 15 of February, running until further notice, at the direction of the Ministry of Finance in the federal government.

He said the branch manager Hussein Abadi Nasiriyah News Network that the decision excluded the commercial loans, credit facilities and loans that have obtained the official approvals before this date. (more…)

2012-02-15 10:32:02

Iraq (Iba) Follow-up / – The number of specialists in the economic and banking on the government to modify some brought by the law of private banks and consistent with the nature of the economic transformation of Iraq into the open market, noting that during the interviews that some of these decisions can not be meets the requirements of the current stage in Iraq to move to the steps of the local economy more.

The newspaper quoted the morning semi-official president of the Association of Iraqi banks Halawi appearance: The Banking Law No. (94) for the year 2004 needs to be reviewed in full, there are many variables that occurred in the country and in the work of private banks. (more…)