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  • الأسواق العالمية تنتظرها خسائر قياسيةConfirmed that the global economy threatened to collapse .. And the dollar is no longer a safe haven
  • Experts call quickly revalue the riyal and the diversification of Saudi investments

August 7, 2011

World markets await record losses
Saudi economists emphasized that the world lost a dollar as a safe haven assuring dealt with over the decades as well as gold in the event of any economic turmoil, and after agencies cut credit ratings mark the public debt of the United States yesterday.

Economists said that the positive results achieved by the Saudi riyal and the national economy over the decades by its association with the dollar is no longer available today, calling for the rapid re-evaluation of the riyal exchange rate, and proceed immediately in the distribution of Saudi investments in more than a basket rather than in one basket is a basket of America “worn”.