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27 Dec 2013
The Iraqi Higher Electoral Commission (IHEC) is keen to develop a new method for easing the process of voting for people in the forthcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections as well as for the provincial elections in Kurdistan. (more…)

Securities Commission

12/10/2013 0:00

BAGHDAD – morning
preparing the Securities Commission in collaboration with the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) provide Mlakatha smart card (Ki) for the disbursement of monthly salaries beginning of next year. (more…)

Confirmed a member of the Economic Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Nora Bijari, that the spread of the culture of dealing with money-mail rather than cash contribute significantly to improving the system of payments and strengthen it.

said Bijari (of the Agency news): The activation of the payment system by ironing card and the balance of Mobile maintains liquidity in the bank accounts and reduced cost transportation and protection money from one place to another. (more…)

Digitization of information to facilitate procedures for the transition to a market economy

10/09/2013 12:00 AM

longer handle the systems and electronic transition from recording the information on paper to digitized in the computer of the important factors that achieve viability within the projects of economic development as it facilitates the procedures for the transition to a market economy and attracting foreign investment.

In this regard, confirmed the researcher economic verse just that the adoption of electronic systems and digitization in the completion of transactions of citizens would improve the performance of government departments and service major economic of the country as well as being considered one of the factors attracting foreign companies to directly invest in Iraq. (more…)

11:37 22/06/2013Most likely a member of the Finance Committee MP Abdul Amir Mayahi, the success of the smart card project, when used in the ration card because it will ensure the equitable distribution of the ration card to the people and will contribute to reducing the incidence of poverty in the country. (more…)

Government announced the inclusion of all citizens to draft new smart ration card among them of their old card blocked for various reasons.

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways: that the government has paid special attention to addressing the problems and challenges facing the process of distribution of vocabulary items, as the focus was on how to provide this service to the people smoothly and efficiently, but the process of work over the past years were stalled and faced Many families of trouble in order to get food to achieve food security.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 1.21.23 PMThe end of the seventh .. International smart card will be


BAGHDAD / JD / .. company announced global smart card for activation of roaming service in conjunction with global mustard Card company for use outside of Iraq, starting this service confirmed the end of the seventh month of the current year.

The Managing Director of the company smart card Bahaa Abdel Hadi told / JD / company will activate the roaming service for the smart card in conjunction with mustard Card International for use outside Iraq, the end of the seventh month of the current year, explaining: Through this service will be able to card holders the (Key Card) Shopping outside and inside Iraq.


26 February 2013 12:13 GMT

Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced global smart card, Tuesday announced the launch of its services to the second generation of card holders the “Ki Card” in Iraq, while indicated that they will in the coming months to activate the roaming service for the smart card to be used outside the country, as well as service and mobile Internet. (more…)

2013-02-26 20:44:50
Iraqi company announced global smart card for launching services of the second generation of card holders the “Ki Card” in Iraq, while indicated that they will in the coming months to activate the roaming service for the smart card to be used outside the country, as well as service and mobile Internet. (more…)

Ki Card put its strategy for the year 2013 and announces the launch / MasterCard / in the middle of the year
Friday, February 22 / February 2013 12:32

The company announced global smart card / Ki Card / for that mid-2013 will see the beginning of starting service to international / MasterCard / granted feature international roaming.

announced managing director of the company Baha Abdul Hussein Abdul Hadi new strategy in the annual forum first organized by the company at the Hall Semiramis Hotel Ishtar in Baghdad., which will be adopted / Ki Card / for the current year, especially services related to second generation and increase the number of outlets receiving and release and the granting of licenses for moles major and shops as well as hotels and wishing Bmcunninh selling business and shopping. (more…)

Launch electronic shopping service early 2013

09/12/2012 10:08
Company calls global smart card mixed service shopping mail by card so smart early 2013. (more…)

He economist Majid picture, that “a referendum was conducted soon, between that about 95 percent of the citizens in the provinces, they demanded not to replace the ration card with funds distributed to individuals as stipulated in the final decision, what makes this decision contrary to the people’s desire to obtain food ration card. ”


On: Wednesday 18/1/2012 8:50

Baghdad (news) .. Called on the Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz al-Hassoun to launch credit cards variety Kalmastr Card and Alvezacard after the successful use of the smart card in the delivery of pensions.

said Hassoun (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: that this process will facilitate a lot of financial matters and reduce the bloc’s monetary market local, calling for awareness of citizens and encouragement to deal with these cards. (more…)

Chief executive of the Association of Iraqi banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, a success rate of the experience of the smart card containing high, despite the mistakes were the result of simple negligence.

Hassoun said in a press statement: that the entry of the experience of the smart card into Iraq from experiments that have achieved a high success rate although they contain a few problems in dealing with the devices because they need to change the switch and the development and improvement.