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Securities Commission

12/10/2013 0:00

BAGHDAD – morning
preparing the Securities Commission in collaboration with the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) provide Mlakatha smart card (Ki) for the disbursement of monthly salaries beginning of next year. (more…)

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq acting Abdel Basset Turki, all efforts to radically change the laws in the banking sector, under the guidance of the International Monetary Fund, stressing that «the new laws that advance economic reality». (more…)

Mana: private banks move to amend their laws restricting

11/09/2013 12:00 AM

He stressed that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII chance her

called the director of the International Centre for Consulting and studies to the need to reconsider, revise and amend the law on banks, leading to the liberation from the constraints in order to be launched towards the strengthening of the capacity of the national economy and rise to the level of performance and giving banks developed in the world. (more…)

10/24/2013 12:00 AM

varied views of specialists in economic affairs around the central bank’s decision excluding 12 out of 32 banks waged from the auction currency for not achieving increased their capital to 250 billion dinars within the period set by the Bank For those banks, regarding an economist believes that this decision will impact on the reputation of banks, both domestic and external.


10/07/2013 12:00 AM

Yasser incumbent
success of Iraqi banks to earn and gain reputation and international confidence is very important in promoting economic relations between Iraq and the world, and this success, passed by the Prime Minister in his speech at the ceremony held by the Trade Bank of Iraq on the occasion of celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation but involves realizing the government of the importance of banks in the development What is required of banks to maintain this international assessment and associated recognition and support of government? (more…)


Preparing JP Morgan Bank (JPMorgan) American enter the Iraqi market as the second largest oil exporter in the OPEC countries and through specific access to the Convention for one year with the Trade Bank of Iraq to finance shipments of imported goods and services to Iraq.

And the transfer of the site Sachs stock and investment statement issued by the bank and seen it, (Presse term), “The Bank (JPMorgan) will be in a position to provide assistance to the Commercial Bank of Iraq to open the adoption of more books in the country. (more…)

Maliki: We seek to increase the wealth and production

08/07/2013 12:00 AM

Praised the success of Iraqi banks in a vote of confidence and the international reputation of the big

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki: We urge the pace after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII to achieve two main issues, the first increase in wealth, production and diversify sources of income such as tourism, industry, agriculture, and the second employ these resources to provide services and construction and reconstruction as befitting citizens of Iraq. (more…)

Sunday, July 7, 2013 12:16

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq is seeking to find a window for the financial support of the private sector after leaving the international sanctions within the provisions of Chapter VII.

The UN Security Council voted on June 27 of last year to remove Iraq from the international sanctions imposed on it since 1990 to the former regime’s invasion of Kuwait. (more…)

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Turki: You must open the Iraqi market after the departure of Chapter VII

Confirmed Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki, Sunday, Iraq’s economic future will surprise friends, noting that after coming out of Chapter VII must be the Iraqi market is open to anyone who wants to contribute in accordance with the laws applicable investment.

This came during a speech in the Turkish celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of TBI. (more…)

12:28 07/07/2013
Maliki: a sound banking system one of the key factors in the success of the construction and reconstruction

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the banking system is sound and the actor is one of the main factors in the success of the process of construction and reconstruction.

He said in a speech during the ceremony of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Trade Bank of Iraq today, “that there is a case of correlation and interdependence between the construction and the banking system.” (more…)


Date posted 02/04/2013 07:51 PM

Baghdad: a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee MP Abdul Hussain abtan, the problem of deterioration of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the greenback due to reasons including: lack of a clear economic vision for the country in General, and the lack of reference to the economic file, and the absence of economic plans, the absence of independence of the Central Bank of Iraq and to keep certain officials in their positions, the fifth and final thing and more importantly, it is that the Central Bank’s brothers tend to maintain currency reserves than the Iraqi dinar strengthened so that the reserve The Central Bank up to $ 70 billion. (more…)

Monday January 28, 2013

Received MP Najiba Najib member of the Finance Committee on Monday, 28/1/2013, at the headquarters of the Commission and a delegation from the Iraqi Central Bank and government banks included Mr. Mustafa Ghalib scary Director of Legal Affairs at the CBI and Acanutormagd Mohammed Hassan Suri unit manager restructuring of government banks and Mr. Walid Idi Abdul Nabi, head of statistics and research at the Central Bank of Iraq. (more…)

Orr News Agency

Announced TBI intention to issue a card (Infinity) credit soon and that represent the highest credit card financial world in terms of value of 100 thousand dollars. (more…)

Date: Monday 08/06/2012 12:00:59

Baghdad (news) .. Said banking expert Mohsen Ali, the importance of using credit cards to citizens in banking transactions for ease of disposition of funds, calling for universal work in all government and private banks.

Ali (of the Agency news) said on Monday: The credit card (Alvezacard) and (Mastercard) are necessary very in banking, because they dispense with the use of the money supply moving to the citizen Ptaamlath in the local market. He pointed to: that the financial system in Iraq is about to start a financial electronic art called “divided the national will” help to promote credit cards and expands the spread, indicating that the card services credit will make the dealers in the local market, obviating the use of the money supply because it has become a phenomenon tiring and expensive. (more…)

30/07/2012 0:00

examine experts, bankers and are interested in the reality of the banking sector in Iraq during the work session breakfast attended by deputy central bank governor d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh organized by the Association of private banks in Iraq and hosted by the Bank of the UNESCO and the Hall Sands Hotel in central Baghdad and the reality of banking and ways to promote it. (more…)


Central Bank of Iraq confirmed its support for the direction of private banks to open branches abroad and opening documentary credits of Foreign Affairs.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the central bank support and encourage this trend because it is the correct procedure, which gives the guarantee for the arrival of goods to Iraq (more…)

12/07/2012 0:00

Most notably the lifting of the capital of the TBI to a trillion dinars

recommended to the Committee on Economic Affairs in the Council of Ministers to increase the capital of the Trade Bank of Iraq of 500 billion dinars to the trillion dinars in addition to the four important decisions the other. (more…)

MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012 11:11
Announced the Trade Bank of Iraq, Monday, the start issuing Visa Card Gold Visa Debit Gold Card privileged world, and while noting that it allows the holder to enjoy discounts of international purchases and hotel reservations granted to customers of the bank and the currency of the dollar, he stressed that it allows the Iraqis to use in all over the world. (more…)

19-06-2012 08:30 AM
Called on the Trade Bank of Iraq, Tuesday, all private banks to be under the banking system and one in the country through the establishment of electronic payments is divided, indicating that the adherence of Iraqi banks, as well as the private sector to draft divider is in the development of the banking sector.

The Director of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry in a press statement, said that ‘the aim of developing the banking and lift it for the best banking services, called on the Bank of IraqTrade Association of Banks Special to contribute to the establishment is divided electronic payments within Iraq to be all private banks under the system, one in banking and one in the country ‘. According to the site News Twilight

She emphasized that the ‘Trade Bank of Iraq has all the supplies that will direct Created (PBX electronic payments), but the spirit of community requires work as a bloc banking and one for success and development of the banking sector in Iraq and keep pace with technology developments in the regional countries and the World ‘. (more…)


During the seminar discussed the report of the World Bank on Iraq,

called experts and specialists in the economic aspect to the importance of formulating a future vision and constructive development of the challenges and priorities, objectives of financial reform in Iraq, stressing the need for Iraq seeks to provide further support to the banking sector, financial, and including lets move it toward the ranks of Almenkdma, pointing out that the World Bank report on the financial situation in Iraq, issued in June 2011 called for strengthening the role of state-owned banks and modernization of the regulatory framework complete them, which makes it imperative for the government show more flexibility in order to revive the financial realities in Iraq correctly according to specialists. (more…)

26/02/2012 13:45
A number of economists that the state-owned banks need to further develop and modernize the regulatory framework for the full banking dealings.

In this regard, stressed the President of the Institute of Economic and Monetary former Minister of Planning Mahdi Al-Hafiz’s News} {Euphrates that “there is a need to evaluate the reforms taken on the performance of the gravity of the financial sector as well as to assess their contribution in raising the country’s economic growth.” (more…)


Billions of dollars they have frozen

D expect. Sami al-Araji said there are between billions of dollars frozen in citizens and non-invested and private Iraqi banks can benefit from them in case proceeded to a profitable investment, especially in the housing sector because of the urgent need for housing compared to demand it.

He said in a statement to the (morning) on the sidelines of the banks, which was sponsored by Trade Bank of Iraq recently: that these figures almost certain, and derived from sources and confirmed information also as president of the National Commission for Investment, expressed the readiness of the assistance in this area in order to activate the private banks on the one hand and resolve part of the housing crisis and to make profits for those who invest their money in this vital sector. (more…)


detection Trade Bank of Iraq, Sunday, for his open 180 depending of the Ministry of Industry in 2011, attributed the delay in the appropriations in general to convert foreign currency to the dinar and error in filling out forms.

The Director of the Trade Bank of Iraq agency Hamdiya dry in a statement to “Twilight News”, “Trade Bank of Iraq issued in 2011, more of 610 credits for the benefit of the country’s ministries and the value exceeded 13 billion U.S. dollars, and the share of the Ministry of Industry and configurations 180, depending,” adding that “Trade Bank of Iraq received 44 depending more and the value of 208 million U.S. dollars, and depending on the deployment of the 136 private banks and the value of more than U.S. $ 98 million.” (more…)

Efforts to activate the role of private sector in development

Escalate calls to the need to create a banking sector has a global services, after concerted efforts of private and public sector, where the imposing reality of the situation need to access from the current environment that do not fit and ambitious global investment and local communities with quick fixes and long-alike to the problems of the Iraqi economy, and services that must be provided to the citizen, most bankers today claim to the importance of amending the laws and regulations that lead to the granting of private banks more flexibility in the banking and services provided by the fact the investment.

The Conference banks operating in Iraq, organized by the Trade Bank of Iraq to discuss the requirements for the Advancement of reality the banking and the most important determinants of growth . (more…)

2012-01-25 12:43:13

BAGHDAD (Iba) … bank said the Iraqi Trade Ministry of Finance’s, Tuesday, for a profit of $ 475 billion dinars in 2011 the past, while between that recovered already 50 Palmiah of debt distressed, he seeks to develop its work and provide new banking services to its customers .

The bank said in a statement that the total profits earned in the year 2011 reached the last 475 billion dinars, of which 237 billion during the second half of it, pointing out that he is seeking to restructure the organization to keep pace with development work, including the banking and reflect positively on his work. (more…)

Confirms the specialists in the economic importance of trade credit card, such as “Visa Card” and “MasterCard”, during the trading day by the citizens for several reasons, stands in the forefront of the future development of the banking industry in the country, and optimal cooperation with international banks, as well as that dealing Credit cards will reduce the risk of exposure to theft of money, or exposure to fraud counterfeit money.

And is still trading process credit card is limited in Iraq, despite the fact that a bank official Iraqi member since 2005, while the spread in the countries surrounding Iraq are widely, and rarely deals with interests liquidity in those countries, the prevalence of banking transactions online. (more…)

Monday, 23 January 2012 12:40

Decided Trade Bank of Iraq to reduce the amount of cash allocated to the insurance issue cards [Visa] to 250 thousand dinars instead of the amount the previous 500 thousand dinars.

A statement of the bank received by all of Iraq [where] that “the Trade Bank of Iraq has decided to reduce the amount of insurance money allocated to the issue price of the card [Visa Card – Master Card] to 250 thousand dinars instead of the price of the old 500 thousand dinars and to promote the use of credit cards for the largest slice of Iraqi society. ” (more…)

On: Sun 01/22/2012 12:01

Baghdad (news) .. Called a board member Rasheed Bank Hussein Kazaz need to use modern technology in the work of Iraqi banks linking of banks communication network among themselves, or activation of the system banks, telephones and the Internet to facilitate the banking business in Iraq.

He Kazaz in a statement to the Agency (news) on Sunday: The Iraqi banks two branches of government and private sectors lack the techniques technological modern and enjoyed by most of the banks, the World Central Bank of Iraq has a desire to enter the banking systems of the world in the work of Iraqi banks, but faces obstacles in the implementation process as a result of difficulty in adapting these banks on these new technologies. (more…)

Chairman of the General Economy Bank Husam Obeid importance remove Iraq from Chapter VII as a grant to the Iraqi banks to deal with the international banks.

Obaid said in a statement quoted (newsletter) that Iraq is still bound to item VII of the United Nations has an effect on the work of Iraqi banks being given a bad reputation in its external and international, causing thus rejected international banks to deal with Iraqi banks.

The slaves to remove Iraq from Chapter the seventh is very important because it gives freedom to deal with international banks, particularly the States represented the UN Security Council, calling for a move to lift in order to promote the Iraqi economy and develop the work of Iraqi banks. (more…)

House of Representatives discusses Saturday 19 read law and completed the General Budget for 2012

Parliamentary source, Sunday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives will be completed during its 14-second chapter of the second legislative year, which will be held next Saturday, read the General Budget Law for 2012, in addition to first and second readings of 19 law.

The source said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “House of Representatives will be completed during its meeting of 43 of the second semester of the year the second legislative session next Saturday (21/1/2012), the second reading the draft law to the federal budget for fiscal year 2012″, noting that “The session will also discuss the lending staff, and the first reading the draft law to amend the law on seizure of contraband No. (18) for the year 2008, the draft law on ratification of the provisions of the Convention on the Regulation of electronic signature in the field of electronic transactions between the Arab countries.” (more…)