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Erbil – the birth of spring .. Baghdad and Erbil reached a joint decision to spend deposit money Kurdish oil exports account for Iraq in the United States instead of depositing them in the bank Turkish government, contrary to Ankara’s insistence on deposit in the Bank of Turkish government.

The Anatolia news agency that Baghdad and Erbil Atngueta to deposit the proceeds in the Kurdish oil exports account opened in a bank JP Morgan in the United States, in spite of Ankara’s insistence on depositing money in a bank Halk Bank of the Turkish government. (more…)


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Stressed the importance of increased security cooperation, economic and political

marked by official visits made ​​by the Prime Minister recently, many of the pros, which is able to bring Iraq back to normal in the international map, especially as the objective of such visits, according to parliamentarians, is the activation of many aspects of economic, political and security, which is able to have tremendous benefits for the country, as well as the ability to remove the misconceptions about Iraq, which is seeking several actors to consolidate intentionally. (more…)

Oil: Kurdistan agrees to put its oil revenues in the account for the benefit of checks on Iraq
12/06/2013 –

revealed the Iraqi Oil Ministry, on Friday, for the approval of the Kurdistan region put its oil revenues at the expense of the United Nations in favor of Iraqi oil revenues, with the supervision of the central government on the quantity and quality of raw and management of revenues collected, while expected to testify this month to sign a formal agreement is on impact of the resumption of exports of the region through a pipeline Kirkuk Ceyhan. (more…)

Oil: did not hear anything about the agreement, Erbil and Baghdad on oil exports from the region

06-12-2013 11:33 AM
Baghdad (newsletter).The Committee on oil and energy parliamentary it support any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil to export oil region crisis, indicating that the recent agreement between the parties was not offered as not in the ‘ core ‘ work.

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy Awad Al-Awadi (News Agency news): ‘ we believe the parties and the Centre are seeking to resolve the dispute over the export of oil and revenues and develops its solutions ‘. (more…)

Deputy for the citizen: raise zeros reflects the image of the development of the Iraqi economy

December 3, 2013,

A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Abdul-Hussein Abtan said Tuesday that the “lifting of zeros from the Iraqi currency will not affect the economy, but it will reflect the evolution of the economy and the ability of Iraq cash. (more…)

despite sought by the Iraqi government to throw the ball in the stadiums Turkish and Kurdish on the issue of export of oil from the Kurdistan region through a special tube, the recriminations still persists between the two parties.

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, who concluded an agreement with Baghdad necessary government not to conclude any agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government on the export of oil without the knowledge of the Iraqi government, announced yesterday that from Erbil «Kurdistan region of Iraq has come to an agreement on energy with the central government in Baghdad this month». (more…)

Editor: AF, RS 12/02/2013 6:54 p.m.
Showed Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Rose Nuri Shaways, on Monday, optimism about the future of Iraq in the field of natural resources, and among that Iraq is among the largest energy producing countries in the world with imports up to 93% of the annual budget, called for negotiations between the province Kurdistan and the center and the rest of the provinces in the field of oil and speed up the enactment of laws related to this area. (more…)


Federal Government predicted Sunday the completion of the federal budget for the year 2014 within the next two weeks.

The most controversial point of the draft next year’s budget dues Kurdistan Region of Finance after the federal government sought to reduce the ratio to 10% instead of 17% compensation for financial losses she stopped by the region for the export of oil.

The Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs purity of net debt for “Twilight News”, “The committee in charge of the follow-up file federal budget is still far from work did not end Manmha.” (more…)


Turkish government announced on Thursday it was in talks with the Iraqi government on the proposal provides for opening an account for the Kurdistan Region’s oil revenues, while hinted that talks are continuing to put the proposal into effect.

alt Kurd leader revealed on Tuesday the first U.S. proposal for a Turkish province’s oil revenue-sharing between the Kurdistan region and the central government in Baghdad, as It is hoped that the Kurdistan Region begins pumping oil to world markets via Turkey through a new pipeline. (more…)

U.S. newspaper: Kurds seeking independence with the help of Turkey and Baghdad and Washington Mtchwican the national conflict
Sunday, November 10 2 / November 2013 13:23

The newspaper said Washington Post of America said that “the Kurdistan region is looking forward to realizing the dream of the long-awaited independence with the help of Turkey, at a time when the rest of Iraq a wave of violence and bombings.” (more…)

30/09/2013 15:18
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: chaired the Minister of Construction and Housing Mohammad Darraji, on Monday, the delegation of the ministry participating in the meetings of the projects the World Bank in Turkey, indicating that there is a joint cooperation between the Ministry and the World Bank. (more…)

Baghdad / Baghdadi news / .. Denied the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, on Monday, the resignation of central bank governor and Abdul Basit Turki agency from office. (more…)

Source: Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and submit his resignation and agency experts in economy Hdhuroa of a combination between the two positions


He informed source close to the “Iraqi Central Bank Governor agency Abdul Basit Turki he submitted his resignation today,” to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, due to not being able to manage work at the Central Bank and the Office of Financial Supervision, (more…)

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Inferred from a study published by the site Americans known to Labhat Strategy, is the site of “Project Sindikaat” New York-based, that Iraq is the most Thaaa to achieve greater growth rates in the region, in the remaining years of this decade, if it succeeded in doubling its oil production, and taking him to 6 million barrel, at least, in the year 2020. (more…)

SUNDAY, 25 AUGUST 2013 11: 07

Turkish newspaper, revealed that, in conjunction with the ongoing preparations for the Kurdish National Conference in Erbil, Kurdistan will declare “Grand” which will include four parts of Kurdistan “and refers to the Kurdish-majority regions in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.


Maliki planned declaration of an interim government and dissolve parliament
Iraqi Al-Mustaqbal – 08/06/2013

Revealed a senior political source, on Monday, the approach of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced his new plan intended to be applied in the next stage and include the formation of an interim government and dissolve parliament and the exclusion of his opponents in the political process. (more…)

08/01/2013 08:39

The Secretary-General of the coalition of the Sons of Iraq fervent Sheikh Abbas Muhammadawi, said on Thursday that “most of the criminals escaped from the prison of Abu Ghraib had been arrested by the security services, and still some of them are hiding in different parts of Baghdad and its outskirts.” (more…)


Predicted the parliamentary economic committee member Abdul Hussein Abtan, Sunday, that does not affect the political problems on the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency, pointing out that Chapter VII was largest Maroqat the implementation of the project in terms of demand مدخري currency damages.

Abtan said in a statement to “Awan”, that “the central bank introduced an integrated project to the government and parliament, and held long discussions about it with experts and specialists, as shares ease the caveats of the deletion process.” (more…)


Economic Commission: Deleting zeros from the currency and restructuring is necessary to support the country’s economic identity,especially after CH 7

Saturday, 06 July 2013 17: 15 | | |

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} the parliamentary Economic Committee pointed out that the deletion of zeros from the currency and restructuring is necessary to support the country’s economic identity, especially after the end of Chapter VII.

Committee members said mehma Khalil and Abdul Hussein abtan told a press conference in the Parliament building attended by correspondent {forat news} we are “on the parliamentary Economic Committee feel that the time is appropriate to start deleting zeros from the currency and restructured to support the country’s economic identity and for the benefit of the people.”

Khalil said that “after Iraq from Chapter VII, there are stations and many promising and substantial benefits to the country’s economy to support economic identity, Iraqi dinar, this case is purely economic objective of maintaining currency.”

Khalil called “Central Bank of Iraq to start deleting zeros of the Iraqi currency and restructured, adding that the project is an old Central Bank has demanded that the Government should wait until the appropriate time and today we see that the time has come to start this project.”

“As there is a clear constitutional provision provides for the issuance of coins and currency for economic purpose and benefit of the people, and today the Commission considers that the time is appropriate, given that there are promising the Iraqi economy to support economic identity, Iraqi dinar, the currency did not know her and promising future quotas.”

He said that “in light of the country’s great potential and promising economic stations, we hope to be the next financial budgets.”

The parliamentary Economic Committee member Khalil mehma “current currency large bloated latlik of the country and the people a strong desire to keep the Iraqi dinar to the dollar and other currencies compete.”

Member of the parliamentary Economic Committee on citizen Abdul Hussein abtan block has indicated that “the Central Bank said the reserves reached $ 76 billion and have Iraqi dinar befitting the country and these deposits and payments it is delete zeros and structuring currency has become an urgent necessity.”

“It is not reasonable to have Iraq reserve has reached $ 76 billion, and we are still dealing with 1,300 dinars to the dollar, then what is the benefit of these stocks and funds if not reflected positively on our citizens, where the unemployment rate is 7% and over 20% and the edge of the poverty line when more than 30%.

Abtan said “we believe that the Iraqi dinar must improve against the dollar as it is not true that the reserve of the country today has reached $ 76 billion Iraqi dinar at 1280 for aldollar”.

“The improvement in the status of the Iraqi dinar is reflected on the lives of citizens and the purchasing power and everything is in the country of goods is imported, so when the improved purchasing power will be reflected positively on his life and that’s what we expect from the Central Bank of Iraq”.

The “multiple revenue growth in the country is modest and simple compared to existing privileges and the evolution of the Iraqi economy depends on vision and management economic profile better than the current situation.”

He is a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Abdul Hussein abtan said that “Turkey and Lebanon were zeros from their currencies, so how about Iraq that owns this alahitati great argument was chapter VII and now has gone and removed, why keep the zeros”.

Abtan concluded that “an increase in the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is very vital to the citizen, which is not enough to have deposits of billions at the Central Bank against poverty and unemployment, weak purchasing power.”

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Economic parliamentary calls for the central bank need to delete the zeros

Demanded economic and investment commission parliamentary CBI, the need to delete the zeros from the currency after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.

And MP Khalil Mahma said in a joint conference with members of the economic and investment commission he was “on the central bank to start a restructuring currency being a purely economic issue.”

He added that “Iraq is not the only country that deletion of zeros from its currency Previously Turkey and Lebanon has succeeded the stability of the economic situation.”

He said the “Constitution between the need to change the currency and delete as required by the economic situation for people Btmnfh”.


The parliamentary economic demands the Central Bank need to delete zeros
06-07-2013 01:14 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). The Commission has called parliamentary economy and investment of the Central Bank of Iraq, the need to delete zeros from the currency, after the ground had exit Iraq from Chapter VII.

Mehma Khalil said in a joint conference with members of the Committee on economy and investment Deputy Abd al-Husayn abtan and Abdul Salam Al-Maliki: Central Bank start a currency structure as a purely economic issue, stating that the Iraqi economy is coming out of Chapter VII masaya at the economy.

He added: that Iraq is not the only country to delete zeros from its currency it was Turkey and Lebanon have succeeded in stabilizing the economic situation sometimes deleted zeros from their currency. ‘

Drew: that old and zeros deleted the objections of the Central Bank and the Government of Iraq requested that wait till an appropriate time and after she tumbled out of Chapter VII all justifications for the implementation of this project.

And: that the Iraqi Constitution between the need to change and delete the currency required by the economic situation of the country, and for the benefit of the Iraqi people, Parliament and Government to support the country’s economic identity is expected to be the next budgets increase and prosperity after the investment companies to Iraq

17/06/2013 12:00 AM

Amer Rajab *
included a national strategy for energy integrated in Iraq, the electricity sector as one of the basic pillars and the task upon which the development of infrastructure, community and industrial, which in turn lead to the advancement of reforms multifaceted cultural and targeted access to the national economy prosperous and integrated aspects for the period between 2030 – 2013. (more…)

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 1.41.50 PM05/16/2013 06:50
Confirmed Ford and Lincoln that the Iraqi market has achieved higher growth rate in sales of Ford during the first quarter of this year by nearly 200 percent with the high demand for cars Taurus, Edge and Explorer and Expedition. Said Larry Bryan, Executive Director, Ford Middle East,

said: “There is no doubt that the sales for this year has seen the start of an extraordinary and powerful; The results we have achieved so far point to the success of the strategy Ford in Iraq and the countries of the region, which leads us to expand our business in these areas and one One Ford in achieving our goals., and we will continue to focus on business development in cooperation with our dealers, and strive to create models of high-quality sought by customers quotation Ford, Lincoln, includes creations and unique technologies add to the value (more…)

29/04/2013 12:53 AM

central problems and the fluctuation of currency exchange rates and efforts to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar stand again placed the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar and characterized by differing views around between the Finance Committee representative on the one hand and the Central Bank on the other, the former demanding the implementation of the project in the second calls for lingered despite the fact that the previous administration have been enthusiastic for this project. (more…)

Published on Saturday, April 27 / April 2013 10:11

expressed the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Saudi Arabia’s willingness to provide funding and technical support to a project that aims to make Iraq a strategic corridor for trade with neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Nahar in its Saturday edition, the Minister of Construction and Housing, Mohammed al Darraji reached with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Saudi Arabia to common understandings about the project. (more…)

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Gradually turns attention to the affairs of Iraq, and now has become a focus in the newspapers and research centers on the amount of the steadfastness of the democratic experiment and the relationship of Baghdad, Arbil and the level of living and economic development.

And published CNN that American article within these frameworks entitled »Is it possible for Iraq to reach its oil» which she said: the debate about whether the war in Iraq for oil, or else did not reach the result, but one thing is for certain that the money began to flow profusely on Iraq.

GDP has risen to several times after the war. Nevertheless, the Iraqi per capita income is lagging behind that of the oil-rich neighboring countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, but also underdeveloped countries start-ups in the economic development including Botswana, Turkmenistan and Albania. This is despite the fact that Iraq sits on the fourth largest oil reserves in the world and could double its production in the next few years.

The question is: Will Iraq be able to access his abilities?

Iraq is currently pumping about 3 million barrels per day, but the International Energy Agency said recently: that Iraq could be pumping
more than any other product of oil if the main dilemmas has been resolved – governance, deteriorating infrastructure and inadequate water supply -.

In order to exceed Iraq, Russia and even Saudi Arabia, it would need to invest about $ 530 billion in the infrastructure of the country, according to the International Energy Agency. But even if Baghdad was able to mobilize this level of investment from oil revenues, they face some of the political challenges unique and that can also be disabled, including the tensions between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq. (more…)

10/04/2013 21:18:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Minister of Oil, Abdul Karim Luaibi, announce increase in Iraq’s oil reserve up to 150 billion barrels.

In a statement to the press on Wednesday, Apr. 10, spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, quoted Luaibi saying, “Iraq’s oil reserve increased up from 143.1 billion barrels to more than 150 billion barrels, as a result of new discoveries; it is expected to increase even more. (more…)

He said, “Wadih Nuri Handal,” Bank Chairman “Assyria” Private International in Iraq, that the financial and economic situation in his country very solid, where beyond the country’s budget of $ 120 billion, for a country with a population of up to 30 million, noting that there are large reserves the Central Bank of Iraq, more than $ 70 billion.

He explained, “Handal,” in an interview he conducted with the Anatolia correspondent in Istanbul, on the sidelines of the Turkish-Arab Economic Forum, that “Iraqi private banks sober, and enjoying a high financial solvency, but these things need to manage real, to manage the economic rudder.” (more…)

15-03-2013 08:00 PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for a secret meeting with the U.S. and Iranian ambassadors to one its mission headquarters inside the heavily Fortified Green Zone, on how to resolve the conflict in Syria.

According to site said the Arab world, the meeting gathering the Iranian ambassador Hassan Danaii and Stephen Beecroft Baghdad, came at the request of Iran to formulate what he considers a triangle ‘Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad’ deals the final accounts for the period after Bashar al-Assad, and to reduce areas of conflict is expected to be extended to Syrian areas under the influence of Shiite Iran. (more…)

Date: 13/02/24 12: 42: 06 Sunday

Baghdad (newsletter). Economist Kristina suggested, use of foreign expertise and economically developed States to promote national economic sectors, particularly through investment sector how to amend investment laws to attract companies to invest in the country.

He said Al-shammari (News Agency): the investment process in the country is still not encouraging for a number of reasons including expelling investment legislation and banking system. (more…)

14-02-2013 08:00 AM

Amazed expert in the field of management of the Iraqi border ports Arslan Salim Abbasi, the big difference between the revenues declared by the Directorate General of Customs and those announced by the Government within the draft general budget.

He said in a press statement that «the General Administration of Customs announced officially that the proceeds of duties on goods last year exceeded $ 400 million has doubled in the event of the application of tariff law frozen three years ago. (more…)