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Posted on 15 January 2013.

By John Lee.
Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari has met with Mr. Martin Kobler, Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UNAMI) in Iraq.

During the meeting they discussed the mandate of the UN Mission in Iraq and its role in helping Iraq, and the role of the Mission to assist in the upcoming electoral processes. They also discussed the developments in the political situation and the country’s need for a mechanism to launch national dialogue to address the crisis. (more…)

Saturday, December 12 2 / January 2013 17:25

The newspaper quoted “opinion” Kuwaiti parliamentary sources confirmed that Kuwaiti parliamentary foreign affairs committee in Kuwait intends to reject the Convention concluded by Kuwait with Iraq to drop lawsuits between KAC and their Iraqi counterparts. (more…)

Activation of Iraqi diplomacy in UN demanded – MP
9/18/2012 2:06 PM

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Free Iraqiya Bloc Alia Nsaif today called to activate Iraqi diplomacy during the UN’s 67th session to relieve Iraq from the Security Council’s Chapter VII. (more…)


Twilight News , a source close to the Iraqi government, on Thursday, as the pursuit of Baghdad to resolve “all” effects with Kuwait before the end of the year, indicating that the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations will return to normal in the eighties of the last century.

The source, who asked not to be identified for ” Twilight News “,” Iraq would end all belongings with Kuwait by early next year and will not be like any commitments. ” He said “the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations took the character of convulsions after the entry of ousted president Saddam Hussein in Kuwait, but this is now of the past.” (more…)

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq during a meeting with EU ambassadors in Iraq need to help him out of Chapter VII.

A source in the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council that “Mr Hakim received in his office on Saturday and the European Union ambassadors were meeting in In Search of the political situation in the country.” (more…)

Iraq: Iraqi expectations decisively files – stuck in the Kuwaiti al-Maliki’s upcoming visit to Kuwait

Baghdad, March 3 (Rn) – The Iraqi politicians on Saturday, their optimism the possibility of resolving many outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait during the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the final after receiving a formal invitation to visit more than two months.

Maliki’s visit to Kuwait and the middle of this month to discuss outstanding issues between the two countries and the possibility of finding solutions to them, especially compensation files the second Gulf War, land borders and sea port and the issue of Mubarak, which created a kind of political tension between Baghdad and Kuwait during the past months.

Rais said Mary Chancellor in the Office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), “Maliki’s visit to Kuwait will be the middle of this month that precedes the time of the Arab summit in Baghdad on 29 this month, too.”

Rayes explained that “al-Maliki will visit Kuwait at the official invitation addressed to him to discuss all outstanding issues between the parties and find solutions to them.”

And currently resides in Kuwait House Speaker Osama Najafi, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation to participate in the activities of the eighteenth meeting of the Conference of the Arab Parliamentary Union meeting in Kuwait with the participation of heads of parliaments of the 18 Arab countries.

And expressed Makharcoidahma Iraq and Kuwait to resolve the differences between the two countries, which lasted since the nineties of the last century, during Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

Kuwait and declared their readiness to turn the page past and start a new page of its foreign relations with Iraq on the basis of mutual respect, a position which Hatrha Iraq through the statements of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

A member of the Committee Mohammad Jamshid (Rn), “We in the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary believe that the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait will be important and different from previous visits to the mind preceded Bmekdmat including interviews and the statements between the parties willingness to resolve outstanding differences.”

He explained that Jamshid “Iraq is seeking to get out of the pain of the previous item, which puts restrictions on Iraq in his dealings with other countries,” noting that “the Kuwaiti side in recent days showed the possibility of flexibility in resolving the outstanding issues from Iraq.”

He added that “the Baghdad summit to be held later this month will have a significant impact in the development of Iraq’s relations with its Arab environment.”

And discusses the UN Security Council in June next possibility of withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, after making sure of its obligations to Kuwait three files are the issue of missing Kuwaitis and archives, as well as the issue of border demarcation between the two countries.

Political analysts say that Maliki can succeed in persuading them to Kuwaiti investments in Iraq to meet the debt owed by Baghdad, which exceed $ 20 billion, while difficult to persuade Kuwait to stop construction of a port Mubarak.

The teaching of political science at the Faculty of Law at the University of Baghdad Iyad Hussein’s (Rn), “Maliki’s visit to Kuwait, he is to hold talks with Kuwaiti officials would aim to break the stalemate that relations soured recently against the backdrop of political statements between the parties on the port of Mubarak.”

Hussein said that “al-Maliki if what has been agreed with the Kuwaiti side to identify contentious issues and methods of accomplishing whatever is resolved during his upcoming visit,” pointing out that “some of the controversial issues it considers Kuwait rights and can not be waived.”

And placed Kuwait in April last the foundation stone for the construction of the port, “Mubarak Al-Kabeer” in Bubiyan Island, which lies in the far north-west Persian Gulf. Is the second biggest island in the Gulf (890 square kilometers) after the Iranian island of Qeshm.

01 March, 2012 01:10:00

Advisor to the Iraqi List, said Hani Ashour said the list to consider carefully the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki expected to Kuwait and hopes to contribute to the flourishing relations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and the resolution of all differences between the two subjects. (more…)

Confirmed a coalition of state law, Wednesday, that the current political crisis will not prevent the country’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s visit to Kuwait, noting that the Kuwaiti side is serious in resolving the outstanding issues between him and Iraq.

The MP for the State of Law coalition Batoul Farouk in an interview with ” Twilight News “that” the current political crisis between blocs will not prevent the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait, “indicating that” the political crisis in the country related to the judiciary and legislative branch, and has no relationship government and the country’s foreign policy, “in reference to the charges against them to wave to the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, and asked the Prime Minister made ​​by parliament to sack his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq.


Jaafari, “in a joint conference with the Kubler”: must save Iraq from Chapter VII as a fingerprint injustice and undue prejudice

Baghdad (news) .. Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, head of the Iraqi National Alliance with the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler, in his office in Baghdad, the UN’s role in the post after the withdrawal of U.S. troops and remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

A statement by Jaafari’s office has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Saturday: it was discussed during the meeting in the most important issues on the political arena and the role of the United Nations, especially in the post after the withdrawal of U.S. troops and get Iraq out of Chapter VII. (more…)

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Monday to build the confidence of the documented relationship between Iraq and Kuwait “does not vibrate to any change,” asserting that “the adventure is over time and will not allow any attack on Iraq from any point on Kuwait,” he said.

According to the official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that al-Maliki made the remarks when he received the delegation of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association in Baghdad. He was quoted as saying “We want to restore mutual trust between the two countries and peoples of Kuwait and Iraq and that does not come adventurer like Saddam, worsening of relations between the two countries,”

On Tuesday December 6th 2011 This morning, the Security Council will receive a briefing and hold consultations on the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).

The quarterly update report was received prior to November 28th 2011

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Kuwait hopes Tarasov succeeds in ending Kuwaiti missing, property issue


Kuwait hopes UN Secretary General High-Level Coordinator for the Kuwaiti missing and property, Gennady Tarasov, succeeds in urging Iraq fully cooperate to disclose remains of Kuwaitis to speed up solution of this humane file, a senior government official said Tuesday.

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, during a meeting with Tarasov, affirmed Kuwait’s backing to renewal of the UN official’s mandate to continue his efforts to addressing issues of missing Kuwaitis and secure return of Kuwaiti properties and national archive. Sheikh Sabah was meet with Tarasov on sidelines of the 8th Forum of the Future, which was concluded earlier today.

Sheikh Sabah hoped Tarasov would reach a “comprehensive solution” to pave way for the “closure of this humane file” by urging Iraq to “speed up and start full cooperation to disclose remains of Kuwaitis,” a foreign ministry statement said.

They also discussed Tarasov’s endeavors to return the Kuwaiti properties and archive.

UN Iraq’s representative visits Kuwait next week
Politics 11/21/2011

BAGHDAD, Nov 21 — UN Secretary General’s special representative in Iraq Martin Kobler said Monday he would visit Kuwait soon to discuss outstanding issues between Baghdad and Kuwait.

At a news conference after a meeting with Iraqi senior Shiite cleric Ali Sistani in An-Najaf, Kobler said he “will visit the State of Kuwait next week to discuss Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII” of the UN Charter.

Iraq is yet to address sticky issues like the missing Kuwaiti and third country nationals, return of national archive, paying compensations and maintenance of border signs. (more…)

Kubler: We will focus on the issues of Kirkuk and Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and the Iraqi Constitution

Kubler: We will focus on the issues of Kirkuk and Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and the Iraqi Constitution

16/11/2011 04:37
Uncovered head of the United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler, there are three priorities for the work of his organization’s International in Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. forces later this year.


Reach Baghdad tomorrow, Lady Amat Al Aleem Ali Alsoswa] Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations in a visit to Iraq for the active United Nations Development Programme.

It is scheduled to be held Alsoswa a press conference on Wednesday at the headquarters of the United Nations Mission to help Iraq [UNAMI] in the Green Zone to talk about its mission.

It is noted that Alsoswa is a citizen of Yemen occupies the post of Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations since 2005 and occupies the post of Regional Director of the Office of the Arab States of the United Nations Development Programme [UNDP], and leads the nation Alim Alsoswa through this website eighteen country offices in the Arab countries seeking to strengthen support of national capacities in those countries to eliminate poverty and establish democratic governance and the empowerment of women.


United Nations confirmed in a report that Iraq has oil reserves, stressing more than 143 billion barrels and potential reserves exceeding 200 billion barrels, placing the country among a small group of countries that have a high potential for oil production and influence in global oil markets. The unit of information and analysis of inter-agency United Nations and UNDP for the organization (Yu said DBS) prepared a report on the reality of the oil and gas in Iraq, which included a complete analysis of this sector. (more…)

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 9 (KUNA) — Kuwait called on the international community to step up efforts to boost and reactivate the UN Security Council’s role in overcoming challenges.

Addressing a UN General Assembly meeting on fair representation at the UNSC and potential expansion late Tuesday, Kuwait’s Permanent Representative at the UN Abdulaziz Al-Jarallah said the UNSC needs to play a more active role in facing and meeting the current challenges and issues. (more…)

On: Wed, 11/03/2011 11:16

Baghdad (news) .. called MP / Iraqi bloc white / high Nassif, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler to report to the UN on the issue of removing Iraq from Chapter VII and ask Kuwait to stop construction of the port of Mubarak.

and she told him the office media for a block received the Agency (news) on Thursday: “We must be the priority of tasks Kubler in Iraq to report to the United Nations calling for the implementation of the will of the Iraqi people in line with international conventions by addressing a border with Kuwait and remove Iraq from Chapter VII . ” (more…)

BAGHDAD – Iraq faces a “very critical time” as US forces leave, the United Nations envoy to Baghdad said on Monday, calling on Iraqis to work together to address the myriad challenges the country faces.

“We are in a very critical time, a very important period and phase of the history of Iraq, after the announcement of President (Barack) Obama … to withdraw troops completely,” Martin Kobler, the UN secretary general’s special representative for Iraq, told a news conference.


The Currency Newshound Commentary: In recent days there have been articles referring to Joe Biden and the Strategic Framework Agreement (Example  1 / Example 2). For those who are not familiar with this document the following post will bring you up to date. Section V places emphasis on Iraq’s economy…

Strategic Framework Agreement for a Relationship of Friendship and Cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq

The United States of America and the Republic of Iraq:

1. Affirming the genuine desire of the two countries to establish a long- term relationship of cooperation and friendship, based on the principle of equality in sovereignty and the rights and principles that are enshrined in the United Nations Charter and their common interests;


BAGHDAD (Nasser Hussain): UN official said the highest political and head of the United Nations Department for Political Affairs, Under-Secretary-General (Lynn Pascoe), “Iraq is still the top priority on the agenda of the United Nations and we will do everything in our power to help this country and his people to ensure a better future and more secure and prosperous world for all people who salute and pay tribute to the courage and steadfastness in the face of most attempts to disrupt Iraq’s progress toward stable democracy to meet the aspirations of its people. ”


A cropped image of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri ...

PM Maliki

Iraq’s PM confers with UN Delegation on suspended issues with Kuwait

BAGHDAD: Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has discussed in Baghdad on Sunday with a United Nations Delegation, the suspended issues with the State of Kuwait, along with the strengthening of the UN role in all development fields in Iraq.

“Maliki has received in Baghdad today (Sunday) the Acting UN Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Len Pasko and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Iraq, Ad Melkert, with whom he discussed the UN role in Iraq,” a statement by the Prime Minister’s office reported, adding that “the Prime Minister had highly assessed the role of the UN Secretary-General for his supporting positions for Iraq.


HH Premier meets UN envoy on Iraq

KUWAIT, June 6 — His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah met here Monday visiting UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq Ad Melkert and his accompanying delegation.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, Amiri Diwan’s Advisor Mohammad Abu Al-Hassan and Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry Khalid Al-Jarallah were present in the meeting.

MP calls for Mahma Khalil Kuwait Baitefa Endowment of the debts on Iraq

BAGHDAD (Iba) … Student member of the House of Representatives of the Alliance of Kurdistan forces Mahma Khalil Kuwait turning off the remaining of the debts on Iraq, calling on the government and the Kuwaiti nation exemption from deductions imposed on Iraq from its oil exports.

Khalil said in a statement received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of that percentage withheld from Iraqi oil exports, amounting to 5% which goes to the Compensation Fund Kuwaiti weigh Iraq’s budget in each financial year.