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Economist: delete the zeros from the currency less risky

30/12/2013 04:56 PM

The head of economic studies at the University of Kufa Economist Thunder Twigg, to delete two zeros off the market value of the Iraqi currency would be less risky than delete the three zeros. (more…)


12.12.2013 0:00

Committees of Economy and Finance the parliamentary, ruled out the implementation of the project to delete the zeros from the currency, during the current legislative session, attributed the reason to the existence of objections by the Council of Ministers on the implementation of the resolution, as well as demanding the central bank to postpone the process of starting the project . (more…)

07/10/2013 15:24:00
Baghdad / NINA /– House of Representatives decided to agree on the date the thirtieth of April of the next year as the date for parliamentary elections.

On: Saturday 16/06/2012 14:59

Baghdad (news) .. Said economist Maytham and coffee, that the proposal to replace the currency with another, “demilitarized” zeros and switch symbols fee (ziggurat) is the culmination of the efforts of the monetary authority to stabilize the Iraqi dinar exchange rate. (more…)

Central Bank: Delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency in the process of study and debate, but will take a long time
Sunday, 13 October

The Central Bank of Iraq’s need for Iraq to the process of administrative reform of the currency cash.

The central bank adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where] that “the proposed change the currency in Iraq is a step comes as part of the country’s needs to the process of administrative reform of the currency in order to reduce the cost of cash transactions in the economic process as well as the need for coins of categories of small used in the circulation of small transactions daily. ” (more…)

Tries to the Iraqi Central Bank to maintain levels of inflation, current, amounting according to latest reports 7.6%. and the Deputy Governor of the Bank Mazhar Mohammad Saleh said in a statement made ​​by the Radio Free Iraq that the bank monitors continuously levels of inflation, and will not hesitate to intervene strongly in the event of a rise of two places decimal places or more over the monetary policy tools of Baharta exchange rate and interest of the Iraqi dinar.

Saleh explained that the continuing high rates of inflation below the 3% earlier this year to 7.6% currently, due to import sub-total for food products, which are bourse down to a wave of speculation, What led to the high rate of prices of these materials by 140% since 2000 until now, has led to what is termed the “imported inflation”, which reflected negatively on the economy of Iraq, he creates what is called the “state of inflationary expectations,” which is more dangerous than inflation up the same on the budgets of states in general, because it is accelerating the pace of rising price index. (more…)

Central Bank: Aqrarrf zeros from the currency maker .. and needs to work in the fields of

Baghdad (news) .. Central Bank of Iraq that the decision to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency maker, but he needs to work in a field.

And said Mstcharalpennek appearance of the central Mohammed Saleh in a statement to correspondent Agency (news) on Wednesday: “The decision to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency maker But he needs to work convicts at the level of banks and international accounts in addition to the withdrawal of old currency. “