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I would like to thank each person who follows Currency Newshound / IQD News via the blog, Twitter, and Facebook.Thank you and soon we will all have a pocket full of blessings,

– Just Hopin

Like always I will caveat this by saying we are dealing with Iraq. Anything can happen that can cause delays or postponements – as we have witnessed so many times before.While I do not foresee anything delaying this forward movement at this time I reserve the right to downgrade the RV-O-Meter as needed based upon my personal opinion.

Rumors and Intel:

I can’t emphasize enough the facts and headlines alone are encouraging alone without the need of rumors! As we grow closer and closer to actual events that lead us to the revaluation of the dinar rumors will begin to churn out on a daily basis. Unfortunately good news brings IQD holders a great deal of rumors and intel to discern. Please use caution and refrain from jumping at every rumor that surfaces.

The past has revealed 9 out of 10 times the rumor(s) are not true…so therefore use your best judgment.

Each rumor and bit of intel should be taken lightly until events begin to evolve that lend credence to the statement. No rumor or intel is better than the next unless the statement begins to show validity. I remind you to use your own logic and common sense when reading rumors and intel statements including those opinions expressed in the RV-O-Meter update.  I encourage you to develop your own opinions and react using your own instincts.

I would also like to add that as rumors become more intense and often believable it should not make you dig deeper into your pocket and savings.

Investing or trading in currency is a wonderful plan however buying more dinar outside of your budget or beyond your means all in anticipation of the rv to take place based on rumor/intel is not smart. Always use your best judgment and never put yourself or family in jeopardy.

The Currency Newshound and its feed on Facebookwill not spread or propagate rumors / intel statements.

The Currency Newshound simply follows the news and facts.

The Currency Newshound is an advertising/revenue free site, never collects money, fees, or promotions, nor does it endorse other companies. Therefore the reader can feel assured any opinion offered is not influenced by ad or support revenue.