Iraq continues its negotiations with WTO for accession

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

The Ministry of Commerce held a meeting with representatives of the World Trade Organization in Baghdad to continue the ongoing negotiations between the parties to Iraq’s accession to the WTO, and discussed at the meeting, which was held yesterday a set of laws and legislation of an economic nature that Iraq must approve in the coming period.

They discussed the subject of updated Memorandum of Iraq’s foreign policy presented in 2004 to the Secretariat of the Organization and to identify the ministries and agencies responsible for the update as well as updated files SPS TBT and file of government support for agriculture ACC4.

meeting reviewed the file initial offer of goods and specify the time period for the Commission Goods completion ceilings tethered BR once and for all in order to be sent to the WTO Secretariat for circulation to the states Members of the organization,

as well as review the file of national commitments primary sectors of the service and determine a period of time to finish this file and set a date to send it to the Secretariat.

meeting discussed also updated plan legislation executive of Iraq and to identify laws and regulations to be completed in the time period the next to be sent to the World Trade Organization, in addition to the Member of the National Committee to form a committee sectoral includes employees working on the file of goods and services and legislation who have the experience and the language in each hand,

or the Ministry would be responsible for the completion of the required files and in coordination with the National Committee member within that ministry, as guidance to re-activate the awareness and publicize the organization and conventions, especially on the the level of the Iraqi private sector.

gave Iraq on February 11 2004, request to join as an observer in the World Trade Organization and won the approval of the General Council to accept Iraq’s request for observer status in the organization.

In June 2004, a committee was formed and a higher national membership of representatives of the ministries and relevant Iraqi WTO Agreements who are rank of director general or above to complete Iraq’s accession to the organization.

to that held in the Romanian capital Bucharest meetings of the thirteenth session of the Commission on Iraq – Romanian joint, said Hashim Mohammed Hatem Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Minister Ahmad Nasser Karbouli was headed the Iraqi delegation at these meetings

included representatives from the Ministries of Trade, Industry and Minerals, Construction and Housing, Transport, Foreign Affairs and a representative of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, while the side was headed by the Romanian Minister of Economy Konstinta Nita.

explained that the meeting discussed ways and means for the development of trade and economic relations In addition to the cooperation between the private sector in both countries and small and medium enterprises.

pointed out that those meetings resulted in the signing of the minutes of the joint cooperation in all fields and agreed to hold the next session of the Joint Committee in Baghdad in 2015.

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