Legal Committee: Adoption of the Iraqi budget this month

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

5/4/2014 0:00
Baghdad morning suggested the parliamentary legal committee approve the general budget bill this month, excluded used as in the formation of political alliances after the elections. Vice President of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Committee member Mohsen al-Sadoun stressed that “file the budget in 2014 would not fall within the papers pressure for the formation of political alliances to form the next government.

“Sadoun said:” The budget must be approved during this month and be out of the history of political. “He told him,” Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, “” The budget maturity of the people of Iraq have nothing to do alliances , and no one can make it a condition for the formation of the next government. “also said a member of a coalition of state law on Alfalh that the draft federal budget law inactivated will not be a party in the dialogues, which will begin after the announcement of the results to form a government.

said Alfalh: “The State of Law bloc will keep the project file the federal budget away from the talks on forming the next government, “noting that” the Kurds blocked the budget, and they have to reconsider their positions. “and called on” all other political parties to keep file federal budget of any special accounts form the next government.

“In the part of the Post, said member parliamentary legal committee gentle Mustafa Omar House of Representatives will extend until the adoption of the general budget, according to the article «56» of the Constitution. Mustafa said in a press statement: “It is due to expire Omar House of Representatives in the 14 next June, is not entitled to hold any meeting after , on the basis of the text of Article 56 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the parliament election cycle standing four calendar years starting from the first meeting to be held. ”

It also pointed out that “Article 57 of the Constitution, came to restricting the general text in Article 56, as it stipulates that chapter parliamentarian who was its budget does not end until approval by, so the interpretation of this provision indicates that the age of the parliament will extend until the adoption of the budget.” in turn, MP for the Democratic Party of the Iraqi Salman Sharif that there would be a serious agreement on the approval of the budget law that has been delayed due to preoccupation with the election blocs.

Salman said in a press statement: “The parliamentary elections weighed heavily in the course of events in the whole of Iraq, including the General Budget Law,” pointing out that “there is a consensus and seriousness by the political parties need to approve the law because it is a service for the benefit of the Iraqi people.”

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