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Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 9.26.27 AM16 Aug 2013

The lifting of the international sanctions from the Iraq government has taken place recently. This led as a chance for the Iraqi government to reduce the difference between Iraqi dinar and other foreign currencies.

There are so many discussions taking place of late and most of the economists favor Iraq to omit zeros from its currencies. The Central Bank of Iraq is looking at this matter with high concern and due to building process of strategies, there are some delays. However, there is a threat that has been clouded around the Iraqi economic scenario, regarding this delay from the end of the Central Bank of Iraq authority. It is assumed that Iraq may lose billions of dollars due to this delay. (more…)


16-08-2013 11:47 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Finance Committee ruled out MP//Secretary Hadi, the security situation on the work of foreign companies operating in Iraq, likely improved national economy and increase its growth in the coming period.

He said Hadi (News Agency): despite the security breaches that occur now and then in the country, it did not affect the work of foreign companies, there are a lot of companies work and conclude contracts with ministries and governorates, stressing that the situation in Iraq is not new to the world but there are States worse security situation of Iraq. (more…)

Thursday, 15 August 2013 20:52
Baghdad (AIN) -MP, Mohamed al-Lakash, of the Citizen bloc held the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, and those who flattered for him for the failure in establishing the modern State in Iraq.

He stated to AIN “Maliki and other officials who supported him like the head of Badr Organization hold the legitimate responsibility for the failure in establishing the modern State that Iraqis wish.”

“The nation will punish them and the Iraqi National Alliance will be better without them,” he concluded

confirmed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, it’s the process of an amendment the second law on private investment in the field of oil to encourage domestic and foreign companies to invest in the oil sector.

Said decision of the Commission on oil MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Qassim Mohammed Qassem: that his committee had conducted an amendment to a preliminary law on private investment in the oil field, and now the process of an amendment the second out format agreed by the parliamentary blocs to be passed to the presidency of the Council for the purpose of voting. (more…)